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Inaugural Edition: March 2019
A Message from Ursula Hess, President of SPR
Dear Fellow SPR Member:
It is my great pleasure to write the traditional mid-winter Presidential Letter, which this year will be part of our new and exciting newsletter. The newsletter will be...
SPR Deadlines for
Annual Meeting & Awards
2019 Annual Meeting - Washington, D.C.
Come join us on Capitol Hill for the 2019 Annual Meeting of SPR, to be held September 25-29, 2019 , in Washington, D.C.! In addition to the symposia, panel discussions, and high-quality poster sessions that are hallmarks of our Annual Meeting, here are some other highlights to expect at this Meeting:

  • Our invited Speakers:
  • Mara Mather, University of Southern California
  • Betsy Murray, National Institute of Mental Health
  • Tor Wager, University of Colorado at Boulder

  • Pre-conferences on:
  • Ambulatory Psychophysiology, organized by Greg Siegle
  • Open Science in Psychophysiology, organized by Eric Vanman
  • Time-Frequency Principle Components Analysis, organized by Ed Bernat

  • A Memorial Symposium for Emanuel Donchin hosted on Saturday afternoon after the Business Luncheon

  • Plus events organized by the Diversity and Women in Science Committees, Early Career Development events (including the ever-popular Early Career Luncheon), student poster awards, family-friendly programs such as grants to facilitate attendance, an appearance by the SPR Blues Band, and much more!
Big Question Sessions
Our Meeting will be full of BIG IDEAS, including a new initiative this year introducing the Big Question Sessions! These sessions (structured like symposia) will be accepting individual talk submissions for three separate “big topics” in our field.The Program Committee will be choosing among submissions to construct symposia that present different perspectives, methods, and answers. (Contact Cat Norris or click below for more information!)
What SPR is All About: The Psychophysiology!
The heart and soul of SPR – in addition to the SPR Blues Band, of course – is our knowledge of and rigorous approach to psychophysiology!

Psychophysiology is an interdisciplinary science at the interface of brain, body, and behavior.

Sharing Our Impact:

--In addition to doing good service, we aim to be more proactive in translating what we have to offer from a societal perspective.

--In cooperation with the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences , an organization based in Washington, D.C. that encourages funding for the behavioral sciences, we ask you to consider: How are you using psychophysiology in your work to answer important societal questions and solve important societal problems?

--SPR members are front-runners not only in promoting an understanding of the brain and body, but also in applying this understanding to address important issues regarding, for example, cardiovascular health, neurodegenerative disorders, addiction, social relationships, racial bias, learning and memory, decision-making, emotional understanding and communication, and the impact of human-machine interactions, just to name a few!

Sharing our Expertise:

--We are implementing initiatives to maintain the methodological rigor that has been one of our Society's hallmarks. Our goal is to make SPR's long-standing and ever-evolving expertise even more accessible to members.

--In the planning stages: A Q&A listserv for posting and addressing specific methodological or technical questions.

--Webinars! See information on SPR's first webinar below.
ERP Workshop Webinar Series: Coming Soon
Want to learn more about human electrophysiology? This webinar offers two videos (about 1.5 hours each) describing (1) background about the electroencephalogram (EEG) signal and the technology used to record it and (2) how to design event-related potential (ERP) experiments and measure ERP signals. Watch the videos at your own pace, submit questions and topics of interest, and then join Dr. Kara Federmeier and Dr. Brennan Payne for a discussion and question answering session on April 29 (two times offered, 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CDT to try to accommodate as many time zones as possible).

Members can register at no cost! Keep an eye out for an upcoming email announcement with registration information.
Our Journal: Psychophysiology is Making an Impact
Special Topic Issues:
Take a look at the below in-press articles in early view for two upcoming special issues of the Journal .

THE PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY OF TRAUMA EXPOSURE Guest edited by Brigitte Rockstroh and Lisa McTeague

FIFTY YEARS OF P300: WHERE ARE WE NOW? Guest edited by John Polich
The 2017 impact factor for our Journal was 3.118. Continue to support this high-quality product by submitting your best work! We also very much appreciate all the SPR members who have been gracious reviewers, including our wonderful Associate and Consulting Editors. 

The e-TOC of Psychophysiology you receive via email every month will soon include brief highlights for each article. Also, up-to-date journal news is advertised on the SPR website, and via Twitter and Facebook. If you have not done this already please like SPR's Facebook account and follow SPR's Twitter account .
Student/Trainee Connection
SPR has a strong commitment to mentorship. Passing along the tricks of the trade in psychophysiology often requires an “apprenticeship” model. Even more, Society members are committed to the scientific and professional development of trainees at all levels.

From student poster awards to grants for psychophysiology-related training experiences, and from early career development panels to social events, SPR offers many opportunities for interaction among members at all stages. It is this continuity -- even with mentoring up through the transition to tenure and ultimately Full Professor -- that is one of the Society’s hallmarks.
Trainee-specific Opportunities
SPR Early Career Luncheon : This event will be featured at the 2019 SPR Meeting. It is a terrific opportunity for trainees of all stages (post-bac, grad student, and post-doc) to network with one another and to discuss early career issues with invited speakers from the field. Registration for the luncheon will be available on the conference registration form. Keep an eye out for more details!

SPR Student Poster Award : This award requires submission of a poster abstract by April 1, 2019. The eligibility requirements are that the presenter be a student and a current member of SPR. Recipients of the Student Poster Awards will receive $300. Winners are announced at the Saturday Business Luncheon.

Research Fellowship Training Awards : These awards allow students/postdocs to obtain training in psychophysiological methods with experts in the field, which they could not get at their home institution. Awards may be for up to $5,000 each, and applications are due on May 1st.

Family Care Grant : This is a relatively new opportunity to help defray the costs of family care responsibilities for SPR attendees (up to $400 per family).

Student SPR Travel Awards : New! Student SPR Travel Awards will no longer be lottery-based. The new program’s goal is to facilitate preparation and training of new generations of psychophysiologists through attendance at the SPR Annual Meeting. The SPR Travel Awards are specifically aimed at assisting predoctoral student members (which includes undergraduate, post-bac, and Master’s students) who would not be able to attend the meeting without funding from the Travel Awards program. While the program is open to all predoctoral students, we are committed to supporting students traditionally underrepresented in academic contexts, which can include dimensions such as race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, first generation status, and nationality. Each year a designated number of awards will be allotted to those from such underrepresented backgrounds.
Up to 20 awards will be made each year, 10 from the same continent as the meeting location and 10 from continents other than that of the meeting location. The award amount includes funds to defray additional travel costs ($400 for those traveling from the same continent as the meeting location and $800 for those traveling from a different continent), waived registration fee for the Meeting, Saturday business luncheon, and WISE or Diversity & Outreach Luncheon, and waived registration for one additional meeting during the two years following this meeting (e.g., if awarded for 2019 meeting, free registration for either the 2020 or 2021 meeting, regardless of student status). This brings the total award value to approximately $800 for travelers from the same continent, and $1200 for travelers from a different continent. Applications will be due by May 15 and awardees will be notified by July 1, 2019.

Refer to the Committee to Promote Student Interests (CPSI) newsletter for events for students and trainees! (CPSI Newsletter Chair: Grace Clements )
Spreading the SPR Word
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