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Well, we can safely (and whole heartedly) REJOICE as we've made it through one of the toughest winters in recent memory.  Bring on those April showers because lots of good things will follow - from May flowers to warmer temps, mouth-watering BBQs, graduation parties, and more! The Hudson Valley is MORE than ready for some outdoor fun.  

As we go into the warm season, have you given much thought to washing your ... house? driveway? deck? business? It might sound peculiar, but sprucing up these items by DIY powerwashing can get them "summer ready" and restore your home or business to its pre-winter shine! Check out our "Time to Shine" section for further details about how EPS can help YOU shine. 

As always, we thank you for reading this month's issue. We look forward to hearing from you whenever we are needed for further support and service!     


Mike & Barbara Gromwaldt

Congratulations to our 10 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' package recipients. Enjoy the game! 

PS:  Breaking news:  Generac has released its brand new  Mobile Link app!
April Tip - A Lightbulb Moment...about lightbulbs!
If you've recently gone to the store to purchase lightbulbs, you may have been surprised by the myriad choices for types and sizes of lightbulbs...and even the amount of illumination.
Choosing the right type and size lightbulb is important for both functionality AND utility. In fact, homes and businesses with appropriate lighting & placement experience increased comfort and energy efficiency.  Research has proven that having the right lighting makes us feel better & saves us money. 
So let Essential Power Systems help shed some light on these bulbs! 
  • For information about the different types of light emitted by various bulbs, click here.
  • Check out this helpful reference chart for size and type.
  • Learn about the American Lighting Association's new packaging facts to help make the right choice here.
Is this YOUR time to shine?
With longer days ahead, it's the perfect time to shine!  Essential Power Systems can help you get "photo-ready" for the season with our newest product offering - Generac Pressure Washers.  To help you choose the right product for your needs, check out Generac's reference chart

For our customers, EPS offers a value added package including delivery, set up, and demonstration to get you started! 

Pre-orders now being accepted.  Mention this newsletter for a special $35 promotion off our Generac Pressure Washer Package.  (Includes equipment, delivery, set up, demonstration.  Offer expires 5/15/14.)  

Click here for more information.
Getting a Generator Just Got A Little Easier...

To provide a convenient budgeting alternative for our new Generac customers, we are proud to announce expanded payment options:  

  1. Generac's GE Consumer Credit - With 4 rates including the NO MONEY DOWN 0% "365 Same as Cash" plan.  Apply now via our web site
  2. All Major Credit Cards Accepted 
  3. Direct Payment via Cash or Check

In This Month's Issue:
On our April to-do list...
SPRING is here!
Now that our days are longer, warmer, and sunnier, there's no better time than this spring for a walk on the historic Walkway.  Visit for further information.    
Essential Power Systems, LLC...did you know?
Did you know that we have over 40 years of electrical contracting experience?

Essential Power Systems, LLC, provides the same award-winning service and expertise that have earned us Generac� PowerPro Elite status to all of your home and commercial electrical contracting upgrades and repairs. From initial consultation to final sign off, we make it our business to provide industry-leading service and expertise -- ON BUDGET, ON TIME and with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM.

Call us at 845-227-0514 to schedule an appointment or consultation/estimate.


Not sure you need a licensed electrician?
This Old House website sheds some light (pun intended!) on the reasons why you should hire  a professional, licensed and insured electrician.  
Click here to read.
Referrals are the best compliments we can receive! EPS proudly participates in the Generac� Refer A Friend program.  If you refer friends, family or colleagues our way and they purchase and install a Generac� standby from us, you can both earn a $50 rebate. Details are found on the referral rebate form.
Real Generac Stories of The Hudson Valley...
pencil.jpg Has your generator come to the rescue for you? 

We'd love to hear your favorite Generac story!!  The first 10 storytellers will receive an EPS Tshirt. If we use your story on our website, company facebook page or future newsletter (names withheld, of course, in respect of your privacy), we'll give you $25 off your next routine maintenance.

Email your stories to us... we love to hear from you!

Here's a Generac generator story from Anna Quindlen, originally published in the Wall Street Journal, and written by the author of Still Life With Breadcrumbs and A Short Guide to a Happy here to read.

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