Spring Newsletter and Annual Report

Michael & Beth
From the desk of our  
Executive Director

Two points in a person's life that change the world more than any; birth and death.   For most, these days are honored by family and friends in the most appropriate and celebratory ways.  But for some, these are both days of great stress and loneliness.  For those with HIV/AIDS and limited means in San Francisco, there is a place that takes the stress of one's last days away- Maitri.

The HIV epidemic is fueled by stigma, discrimination, and ignorance and continues to impact gay men, trans women, people of color, and the poor disproportionately. Our annual service census shows this well.  For 30 years, Maitri has worked to bring hope to at the end of life and more recently, respite to those whose prognosis is not so bleak. No one should die alone.  And no one with the potential to become whole should be denied this opportunity.

As I begin my service at Maitri, I am grateful to inherit a team of dedicated staff, well trained volunteers, a board that knows what it means to give time, talent and treasure, and a history of compassionate care that inspires all who enter our doors. 

As you will read, our audit is clean, our service targeted, and the difference we make evident in the numbers and stories listed herein.  As we navigate a year of new political realities and a path that is new, we find the support of Issan Dorsey even more relevant, "the (right) path is always right beneath your feet."  For details, please view our  Fiscal Audited Financial
Statements and 990 Tax Form.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Maitri. Together, we will keep the promise that, no one should have to die alone.  We count on gifts from folks like you and we look forward to your gifts and showing you we are good stewards of each dollar given.  

Michael Sorensen, MPA
Executive Director 

Here's what we have for you in this issue :  
Please consider forwarding this newsletter to a friend who may not yet know us. As always, thank you so much for your generous support of Maitri's programs benefiting our residents who struggle every day with advanced AIDS.


Financial and Program Results for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016 

Board Spotlight
Board Spotlight

Patrick Williams,
New Board Member

Patrick Williams is a new member to Maitri's Board of Directors. Patrick, a Registered Nurse, works in the Medical/Cardiac ICU at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital serving as liaison to the IT department.  He sits on several leadership committees and plays a collaborative role in nursing education and process improvement.  He also provides direct patient care and serves as a charge nurse.  He grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and received his BA from NYU before moving to San Francisco in 1990.  In their spare time, he and his husband enjoy gardening and beekeeping.

New Face at Maitri

Debra Christian,  CNA

Board Spotlight
Vol unteer Update

Spring 2017 Volunteer Class
Maitri would like to welcome the new volunteers to the Maitri family. Volunteers are at the heart and soul of Maitri.  We are so thankful for volunteers that assist our residents and bring cheer to our community.
Volunteers help with all facets of life at Maitri, including taking residents on outings and to medical appointments, sitting with ill or dying residents, helping with administrative projects or fundraising events, and volunteering in our community garden.
Please consider becoming more deeply engaged with Maitri as a volunteer. Our next training weekend for new volunteers is April 15-17. For more information about volunteering, or to get started sooner, please contact Volunteer and Activities Coordinator, Madeleine Mulderrig, (415)558-3004.


Maitri is having our first annual rummage sale on  Saturday, March 25, 9 am - 3 pm .
Donations are welcomed and appreciated and can be delivered to Maitri through Helga before March 24th
Helga@maitrisf.org or (415)558-3014.
Please come out and support Maitri and buy a wonderful treasure.

BLISS 2017

Marga Gomez tours nationally as a stand up comedian and is known for being one of the first openly lesbian performers in show business. She appeared on LOGO's "One Night Stand Up," Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival," Comedy Central's "Out There" and HBO's "Comic Relief" at the invitations of Robin Williams who called her "Amazing...a lesbian Lenny Bruce." Her website is http://margagomez.com.

On Sunday May 7, join Marga Gomez, jazz musicians Justin Rock and Jonathan Bautista, Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Fransicsco, Man Dance Apprentice Company and Lawrence Beaman, a classically trained vocalist who has performed for influencers around the world, from Rosa Parks to the Pope to Bill Clinton. He was a Top 5 Finalist on the hit TV show America's Got Talent.

Tickets to BLISS - Celebrations are now on sale at www.maitri.org 
For sponsorship opportunities, email tnewman@maitri.org or call (415) 558 3003

Individual Ticket Prices: $225
Sponsorship Packages Start at $1000


Christmas 2016
Presents given to all the residents
Michael Smithwick and Jerry Wilder at their last Christmas at Maitri Compassionate Care
Resident enjoys the dog (Wicket) and ED Michael Sorensen

Maitri and Academy of Friends

Maitri was represented well at the Academy of Friends Oscar gala on Sunday, February 26, at the Midway. Maitri was one of the beneficiaries and a great time was had by all. Thank you to the volunteers for supporting Maitri at the gala. Here are some of the pics from the event.

Jennifer Smit, Michael Sorensen, Jill Stockwell
and Toni Newman

Academy of Friends Statues

Chinese New Year

Maitri celebrated Chinese New Year with a special menu for residents and staff prepared by Food Services Director Ann Kong and staff. 

Chinese New Year Lunch Menu
Food Services Director Ann Kong and ED Michael Sorensen

Issan Dorsey's Birthday

Birthday Cake by Sous Chef Jason Park
Tuesday, March 7, is the birthday of our Founder Issan Dorsey. We read some of his favorite poems and we had cake made by our Sous Chef Jason Park. We also took a  moment to remember all those we lost in 2016.

Issan Dorsey Remembrance

(7/01/2015 to 6/30/2016) 

 Loving ($100,000.00 to $249,999.00)
Ingeborg Shewbridge Trust 

 Transcendent Grace ($25,000.00 to $49,999.00)
Mimi & Peter Haas Fund 
Maitri Foundation

Sutter Health/CPMC 
 Warming Sunlight ($10,000.00 to $24,999.00)
Benevity Community Impact Fund 
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 
The Dorian Fund 

The Richard Grand Foundation 
Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF 
The San Francisco Foundation 
 Gentle Breeze ($1,000.00 to $9,999.00)
Academy of Friends
AHF Pharmacy
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Aaron B. Binkley
Brad Blackwell
Paul Bollwinkel
Brian Bringardner
Community Thrift Store
Costco Wholesale
Pierre Crouch & Larry Cadloff
Dan Kelly Construction, Inc.
Danford Foundation
Dham Charitable Lead Trust
Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Lindsay Faeder
David & Rebecca Faeder
Kathleen Gallardo
Gap Foundation Money for Time Prgm
Hydeh Ghaffari
Grass Roots Gay Rights West/ Real Bad
Paul R. Grippardi
Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Byron Hancock
Chris Harris & Dr. Sally Hand
G. William Haskell
Ambassador James C. Hormel & Michael P. Nyugen
Jim King
Max C. Kirkeberg
George A. Labella
Ray Lapointe & Matthew Reedy
Mark Silva & Teddy Bolivar

Lazy Bear Fund Inc.
Lanz Lowen & Blake Spears
Darryl McKinnon
Metta Fund
Michelle Mongan
Clare M. Murphy
Michael Niemeyer & Lucky Manuel
Paragon Real Estate Group
Walter Parsley & Lino Fritz
J. Erich Pearson/SPARC
Rainbow World Fund
Christina & Brian Raymond
Pauline Roothman
Safeway, Inc.
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund 
Michael Smith
Michael Smithwick & Jerry Wilder
St. Francis Lutheran Church
Stephen H. Sterling Bank & Trust 
Jill Stockwell
Barry Tereshkow & Andrew McConnell
Dr. Winston C. Vaughan & Jeffrey Sallot
Mark Wallace
John Walpole
John Warner
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wells Fargo Foundation
Sandra & Michael Whittle
Douglas Will & Jet Villaavicencio
Ellie Wood
Robert Yee
 Refreshing Rain ($5 to $999.00)
Sharon Segal Abelson
Anne Abramowitz
Carlo V. Abruzzese
Jacques Achsen
Michael Albert
Anita M. Alvarez
Irene Alzapiedi
Amazonsmile Foundation 
Brad Butler
Marvin Anderson
Raja S. D. Antony
William J. Aseltyne
Trung Bach
Werner G. Bachmann
Dennis Bacigalupi
Michael Bankert
David Bash
Eric Battuello
Mary Baumgartner
Allan Berenstein
Janice Bert
Diane Biasatti
Gail Bigelow
Catherine Bildhauer
Frances Blau
Pamela A. Bohmann
Elizabeth, Rand and Blake Brandes
Frish Brandt
Patricia M. Bregant
Patti Breitman
Mary Bunger
Robert and Kathryn Bunger
Thomas Burke
Nancy Burns
Grendel Burrell
Shannon Byall
Boone Callaway
Dr. James Campbell
Pablo Candelaria
Wendy Cariffe
Michael J. Carney
Jimmer Cassiol
Causecast Foundation
Mr. Steve Cavagnolo
Joseph Cecere
Joanne Chadwick
Ramen Chakrabarti
Nancy Cheong
Christopher Childs
Sushma and Vinod Chopra
Terry Clark
James T. Conte
Sherron Conway
Douglas Cook
Jeanette Cool
David Cortez
Robert Craig
Bill Creighton
Anne Crowder
Sandra Dai
Demetrius Daniels
Pamela J. Dannenberg
Robert Darchi
Gary W. Davis
Edward De Avila
Lewis DeSimone
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Ms. Jeanne Dimech
Howard Dippold
Kristen L. Dixon
Tin Do
John H. Douglas
Joey Draeger
Thomas Dumas
Penny Eggen
Lynne Eggers
Jim Estes
Bonnie Faigeles
Richard Falls
Fred Fanchaly
Beth Feingold
Ruth Felt
Julie Fieber
Patricia L. Fine
Marie Fisher
Fitness SF
David Fix
Frank Fontana
Jean Forsman
Donald Fox
Mary Ellen Franz
Michael S. Furlow
Ms. Jean Garinger
Thomas Given
Ron Glass
Robert K. Glenn
Gobha Clothing
David Goldsmith
Soledad Gomez
Maitri Goonewardena
Thomas A. & Karen L. Gould
Tara Grace
Evan Graner
Reinhold Gras
Joseph P. Grubb
Michael Hackett
Songly Hang
Ted Hannig
Richard P. Hardy
Laurie Hassencamp
Leslie Hatch-Wong
Kirsten Havrehed
Maxine Heiliger
Franc Heklina
James Henry
John Herbert
Mark Herrmann
Hal Hershey
Beverly Joan Hines
Yvette Seifert Hirth
Patricia Holleran
Roderick Hong
Ms. Jennifer Hope
Dennis Horan
Steve Horn
Tom Howard
James Howley
Ms. Esther Sid Hudes
Christine Hutson
IBM Employee Services Center
Lisa Irish
J.P. Richards Dillingham Trust
Michelle Jester
Christopher Johnson
Dorothy J. Johnson
Mr. Jean T. Johnson
Adrienne Jonas
Susan Jue
Dr. David Jull-Patterson
Albert Kaba
Robert Kahn
Bonnie Kates
Cydney Kats
Gary L. Katz
Kenneth F. Katz
Carolyn B. Kellogg
Rosa Kestelman
Amy Kim
Dominique Kim

Paul R. King
Kirk Kleinchmidt
Anita Kline
Arthur Kontura
Lynn Kormondy
Martin Kramer
Albert Kutchins
Raymond & Claire Latham
Teresa Latham-Rosenthal
Jim Laufenberg
F. Ronald Laupheimer
Janet & Abbot Leban
Barbara A. Lee
Leona Lee
Eileen R. Lemus
Mireya Letayf
Rev. Charles Lewis
David Lewis
Jay Linderman
Local Independent Charities
Susan Logan
John G. H. Lum
Bruce Lundquist
Jeffrey A. Lyttle
Jason Macario
Christine Macomber
Mary Magee
Kermit Malave
Jeffrey Malkasian
Lucky Manuel
Arthur Manzi
Monica Mapa
Michael Marrelli
Dr. Hogan Martin
Raymond McCabe
Sorritz Gail McCree
Kelley McKenzie
Ms. Charlotte McLeod
Barbara McPeek
David E. Meders
George Metzger
Jennifer Meyer
Walter Meyer
June Miles
Kenneth J. Mills
Josef B. Monteadora
Moran Lighting & Electric
Joseph A. Mott
Margot B. Mundy
Dr. Ann Myers
George Naylor
Ne Timeas Restaurants Group
Jane Nevins
Naomi Newman
Rod Ocmond
Bonnie Odell
William Odonnell
Richard Okiuye
Meg O'Shaughnessy
Neal Panken
Jeff Patterson
Edward R. Patton
Christie Pearl
Hannah M. Perate
Tomas Phillips
Theresa Pollock
Nancy Porter
Frederick Preyer
Lawrence J. Price
Larry Pulliam
Marissa Quaranta
Katherine Rae
Rishi Raje
Tara Ray
Michael Raymond
Tami Redding
Monica Reyes
Pauny & Panteha Rezai
Edna Ribero
Thomas B. Rice
Alan Rider
Jorge Rivas
Luis Rodriquez
Howard Roffman
Mark Roh
Joseph Saccone
Mark Sanchez
Dr. Ameurpino Santiago
Catherine Sarlatte
Robert W. Sass
Mary Jo Schaeffer
Deborah Schlanger
Pauline Scholten
Schwab Charitable Fund
Peter Scott
Pamela W. Sebastian
Mr. Robin Serrahn
Blaine Seyferth TTEE
Robert G. Shultz
Helga I. Sigvaldadottir & Lexi Leban
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Rob Six
Blake Smith
Kristine M. Smith
Martha & Michael Smith
Sneha Somasekar
Brian Springfield
Debra Stein
Cathrine Steinborn
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Paula Sugarman
Jason Surles
Kenneth Sylvia
Jody Tarvin-Hall
Mari & Jon Teraoka
Rayner Ternick
Kathleen Tetley
Randy L. Thueme
Janet M. Thuesen
Liz Tollner
Marie K. Toole
Kathe Traynor
David Troup
United Way
United Way Silicon Valley
Clay VanBatenburg
Iris Vaughan
Wayne Ventus
Jessica Viramontes
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Kevin Walsh
Stefani Wedl
Gary V. West
Kevin Wewerka
Wheel House SF
Bruce Williams
Patrick Williams
John B. Wilson
Martha Ann & Sanford Wishnev
Stephanie Wong
Larry Wornian
Nancy Wright
Victor Yang
Christopher Yaros
Thomas L. Yaussy
Lisa Zahner
Susan Ziemanski
Andrew Zimmerman
Alix Zirbel

 In- Kind Donors
Alcatraz Cruises
All System Health
American Conservatory Theatre
Asilomar Conference Groups
Benu Restaurant
Bi-Rite Market
Brad Bicycle Coffee
Blue & Gold Fleet
California Shakespeare Festival
Jonath an Campbell
Chez Panisse Restaurant & Cafe
Karl Christiansen
Christina Make Up Pro
Christina Obermanns
Cole Hardware
Christina Costa
Cove on Castro Cafe
Lisa Eltinge
Experience Music Project
Eye Glass Films
Fable Restaurant
Fran Blau
Jennifer Fick, RN, BSN
Firewood Cafe - Castro
Gaia Hotel & Reserve
Maurice Geronimo Photos
Gloss Magazine
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Hafner Vineyard
Harvey's Restaurant
Hearst Castle
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Ryan & Heidi Hudson
Io Group Inc.

Diane Jones
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La Mediterranee
Lake Quinalt Lodge
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Lisa Keating Photography
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Mandance Ballet Company
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Plonsker Financial Management Consulting
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San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
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Sons & Daughters Restaurant
Susan & Peter Heldman Charitable Fund
The Rotunda at Nieman Marcus
Under Glass Custom Framing
Until There's A Cure Foundation
Westin St. Francis
Bruce Williams
Woods Beer Company
Worn Out West 2G
Yoga Tree
Zio Ziegler
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