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                  BEFORE YOU CONSIDER... KNOW THE FACTS                                                                              
Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps to flatten and shape the abdomen and waist by bringing the abdominal muscles to a midline, more anatomically sound, strong position and by simultaneously removing excess skin and fat. Sometimes after pregnancy or significant weight loss, abdominal muscles assume a more separated, weaker position and the overlying skin becomes lax or redundant. 

The procedure entails a low abdominal incision that spans the hips. Because sagging skin will be pulled down over the abdomen before it is removed, it may be necessary to release the navel from its surrounding skin and bring it out through a new skin opening.

There are several considerations which distinguish a superior result from a mediocre result. These considerations essentially represent attention to detail and consist of:

Location Of The Incision
  • The incision should be positioned so that the resultant line of closure is concealed beneath all garments inclusive of swimwear and lingerie.
Design Of The Incision
  • The incision should be designed so that the resultant line of closure has a pleasing, aesthetic flow, most often curvilinear, with symmetry from side to side.
The Use Of Quilting Sutures
  • One of the most frequent untoward sequelae of this procedure is fluid accumulation in the potential space created between the layer of skin and underlying musculature. Quilting sutures, described by a South American plastic surgeon, are dissolvable sutures which essentially obliterate this potential space and are quite effective in preventing this accumulation.
Quality And Uniformity Of The Resultant Line Of Closure
  • The resultant line of closure should be finely linear and without irregularity.
Attention To The Aesthetics Of The Umbilicus
  • The final appearance of the umbilicus should not be flat nor amorphous but rather taught with a hood above and a relative valley below.
Jonathan Hilton Sherwyn, M.D., F.A.C.S.  is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery - the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialists to certify plastic surgeons. Dr. Sherwyn has extensive experience in performing many aesthetic procedures. His sensitive treatment of all patients accounts for his national and international clientele.


Our office maintains an on-site surgical suite for your comfort,
 convenience, privacy and  complete safety. This facility has  been fully  accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare  Organizations (JCAHO), an organization dedicated to raising the level of safety and quality of care in all health care settings. Since 1951, JCAHO accreditation has been recognized as the gold standard in health care.

Can't make it to the city?
We have a Greenwich, CT office. Dr. Sherwyn sees patients Wednesday evenings at:
2 1/2 Dearfield Drive 
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: 212.517.2700
Genevieve Vielbig,RN, BSN, CANS   

It is with great pleasure that we introduce and welcome Genevieve Vielbig to the practice. Genevieve is a board certified Registered Nurse, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and New York State licensed Aesthetician. She attended The University of the Virgin Islands nursing program where she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree. Her prior education included a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and a degree as a licensed Aesthetician from the prestigious Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics in New York City. She has trained under several top dermatologists and plastic surgeons gaining experience and proficiency in the art of cosmetic injectables and aesthetic medicine.  Her skillful approach to facial aesthetics provides for a natural, youthful appearance while addressing each patient's specific concerns in a safe and effective manner.

Genevieve offers a range of cosmetic services:
  • chemical peels
  • facials and skin care
  • fillers
  • laser and radiofrequency procedures
  • microneedling
  • neurotoxins
  • platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • scelerotherapy 
  • ultherapy
  • vitamin therapy

Everyone at Dr. Jonathan Sherwyn's office would like to take a moment to show our gratitude to all of our wonderful patients, like you, that we have been able to develop relationships with. It has been a privilege providing for your care.