Spring Newsletter & Annual Report

Photo of Ann Gimbel
Anne Gimbel
From the desk of our  
Executive Director

                                     Spring is Renewal

While it can be easy to get consumed with hurt and urgency, claiming space to reconnect to nature, renew our spirit and build resilience for each day is vital for all of us and for our residents.  Spring is a time of renewal, a time of building a sense of trust and connection. It is also a time for weeding, for pruning, and for grafting to grow more without adding more.

At Maitri, we have added beautiful sliding doors for our outside patios with ADA buttons so our residents in wheelchairs and walkers can easily enter and leave the space.  Three resident rooms have received a complete new fresh coat of paint, and every bathroom has a new exhaust fan.  Chris, our volunteer, has been giving our plants special food, so they are growing rapidly, and new hanging plants have been added to our lush outdoor patio. As the HIV epidemic has been fueled with stigma, discrimination, and ignorance, our residents are experiencing a home with beautiful updates and a safe place to live and not be alone.

Our house is filled today, and together, we have experienced a night at the Oscars, the Chinese New Year, numerous birthdays, and celebrated our founder, Issan Dorsey's birthday - all since the beginning of January.  As you read further to see the stories listed here, I believe you will experience our renewal, our energy, and our resilience to continue our history of compassionate care to all who enter our doors.  For details, please view our   

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Maitri's life of thirty-one years!  We are keeping our promise that no one should have to die alone with the great help of our dedicated staff and well-trained volunteers. We do count on the generous gifts from folks like you and promise our stewardship of each dollar given. Most importantly, I hope to see you at BLISS on May 6th!  

Here's what we have for you in this issue :  
Please consider forwarding this newsletter to a  friend who may not yet know us. As always, thank you so much for your generous support of Maitri's programs benefitting our residents who struggle every day with advanced AIDS.

Anne E. Gimbel, M.A., LMFT


Financial and Program Results for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017 

Board Spotlight
Board Spotlight

Maitri Seeking Board Members
On Thursday, March 8, Maitri (Board Member Walter Parsley, Toni Newman and ED Anne Gimbel) attended SF Board Match at the Hilton Hotel seeking new board members for Maitri. If you are interested in attending a Prospective Board Member Reception on Tuesday, March 20, from 6 pm to 8 pm, please email toni@maitrisf.org.


New Face at Maitri

Troy Furman, Per Diem LVN

Nathan Burris, CNA

David Tran, Full Time LVN

Vol unteer Update

Maitri Compassionate Care newest Volunteer Class in February 2018.
Maitri Compassionate Care newest Volunteer Class in February 2018
Volunteers are thee heart and soul of Maitri. We are so thankful for all those who assist our residents and bring cheer to our local community.

Volunteers help with all facets of life at Maitri - from taking residents on outings and to medical appointments, sitting with ill or dying residents, lending a hand with administrative projects and fundraising events - to helping maintain our thriving community garden.

Our next one hour volunteer orientations are April 7, May 5, June 2 and July 7.

Please consider becoming more deeply engages with Maitir as a volunteer. For more information about volunteering, or to get started today, please contact Volunteer Coodinator, David Valentine, (415) 558-3004 or dvalentine@maitrisf.org

BLISS 2018
Please join us for our 31st year anniversary on Sunday, May 6th, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom, 4:30 pm to 8 pm. We are almost sold out.  To purchase tickets, please go to  www.maitrisf.org


Founder Issan Dorsey Birthday

The Maitri Family celebrated the birthday of our founder, Issan Dorsey, on Wednesday, March 7. Food Services Director Ann Kong celebrated with reading a passage of his book and with cake for staff and residents. Happy Birthday Issan!

Birthday Cake for Issan Dorsey
Anna Kong Reads Tribute to Issan Dorsey

The Oscars
Food Services Director Ann Kong and staff had a wonderful Oscar party on March 4 for the Maitri residents. They walked the red carpet, watched the Oscars and won some prizes.

Maitri and Academy of Friends
Maitri was represented well at the Academy of Friends Oscar gala on Sunday, March 4, at the City View. Maitri was one of the beneficiaries and the event was amazing. Thank you to the volunteers for supporting Maitri at the gala. Here are some of the pics from the event.

Chinese New Year

Maitri celebrated Chinese New Year on March 2 with a special menu for residents and staff prepared by Food Services Director Ann Kong and staff. 

World Premier of Still at Risk
Maitri Compassionate Care attended the World Premiere of Still at Risk at the New Conservatory Theatre Center on January 31 discussing AIDS then and now. It was well written and quite moving.
Beth Feingold, Karyn Skultety-ED of Openhouse, Toni Newman, Barbara Hodgen-ED of NCTC, Anne Gimbel and Maurice Kelly-Board of Directors of NCTC

Maitri 2018 Donor Wall Honorees
Maitri celebrated all its new honorees on January 30 who made the 2018 Donor Wall ($10,000 or more cumulative donations) at Pacific Catch Restaurant in Sunset. ED Anne Gimbel thanked each individual and corporate donor for their support.

(7/01/2016 to 6/30/2017) 

Compassionate Care ($50,000.00 to $99,999.00)
The Dorian Fund 

 Transcendent Grace ($25,000.00 to $49,999.00)
Maitri Foundation
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

Ambassador James C. Hormel & Michael Nyugen
Sutter Health CPMC
 Warming Sunlight ($10,000.00 to $24,999.00)
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
The Richard Grand Foundation
Ingeborg Shewbridge Trust

The San Francisco Foundation
 Gentle Breeze ($1,000.00 to $9,999.00)
Academy of Friends
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
William J. Aseltyne
James Bair
Barbary Insurance Brokerage
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Aaron B. Binkley
Marian Chevron Texaco
Karl Christiansen
Vance R. Coleman
Community Thrift Store
Costco Wholesale
Pierre Crouch & Larry Cadloff
John Cunningham
Dan Kelly Construction, Inc.
Danford Foundation
Rev. James Delange
Matthew R. Denckla
DeRose & Appelbaum, Inc.
Dr. Tin Do
John H. Douglas
Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
David & Rebecca Faeder 
Lindsay Faeder
Fitness SF
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Glentucky Family Farm LLC
Susan (Carmela) Gold
Paul R. Grippardi
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Byron Hancock CFP & Len Handeland
Ted Hannig & Elmer Guerrero Urrutia 
Chris Harris & Dr. Sally Hand
Kirsten Havrehed
James Henry
Junior League of San Francisco

Robert Kahn
Kaiser Permanente
Daniel Killar & Andrew Zimmerman
Jim King
Max C. Kirkeberg & Gabriel Proo
Kirk Kleinchmidt
George A. Labella Jr.
Ray Lapointe & Matthew Reedy
Jim Laufenberg
Lazy Bear Fund Inc.
McKesson Foundation
Mission Bay Conference Ctr at UCSF
Peter Monti
Clare M. Murphy
Michael Niemeyer & Lucky Manuel
Walter Parsley & Lino Fritz
J. Erich Pearson
Chris Arlen Perry
Christina & Brian Raymond
San Francisco Magazine
Mark A. Silva & Teddy Bolivar
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund
Gloria Ann Smith
St. Francis Lutheran Church
Stephen H. Sterling Bank & Trust / Seligman
Jill Stockwell
Traci Teraoka
The Diva Foundation
The Green Cross
The Milo Group
Dr. Winston C. Vaughan & Jeffrey Sallot
James H. Wang & Tim Patriarca
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wells Fargo Foundation
Sandra and Michael Whittle
Whole Foods Market
Douglas Will & Jet Villaavicencio
Patrick Williams & Bob Cohen
Jane Wong-Smith & Nick Smith
Robert Yee
 Refreshing Rain ($5 to $999.00)
Sharon Segal Abelson
Van Abrahams
Michael Abram
Anne Abramowitz
Carlo V. Abruzzese
Jacques Achsen
Stephen H. Adams
Ben Allison
Douglas P. Amarelo
Amazonsmile Amazonsmile Foundation
Marvin Anderson
Emi Ashida
John Ashworth
Autodesk Foundation
Mercedes Azcarate
Diane Azevedo
Werner G. Bachmann
Dennis Bacigalupi
Krissy Bailey
Susan Baldwin
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Michael Bankert
Janet Benjamin
Russell Berman
Diane Biasatti
Holly Bicknell
Brad Bicycle Coffee
Paul Bollwinkel
Fratelli Bologna
Daniel Bonis
Gloria Bordeaux-Pacholec
John Bosque
Elizabeth, Rand and Blake Brandes
Maria Brann
Mary Bunger
Robert and Kathryn Bunger
William and Evelyn Bunger
Susan Burgess
Thomas Burke
Carole Burns
Grendel Burrell
Sarah Cadwallader
Kenneth Caldwell
Dr. James Campbell M.D.
Susan Canavan
Pablo Candelaria
Don Carlson
Michael J. Carney
Eugene S. Cash
Jimmer Cassiol
Ezra Cattan
Causecast Foundation
Mr. Steve Cavagnolo
Susan Cedrone
Joanne Chadwick
Ramen Chakrabarti
Charitable Adult Rides & Services
Sandra and Norman Charles
Mary Chase
Victoria Chen
Christopher Childs
Sushma and Vinod Chopra
Helen Chow
Gyllian Christiansen
Robert W Clark
Terry Clark
William K. Cleaveland
Kim Coates
James T. Conte
Steven Contreras
Jeanette R. Cool
Johnny Corrona
Robert Craig
Marisa Crowell
Robert Darchi
Gary W. Davis
Don Davison
Edward De Avila Ph.D.
Lewis DeSimone
Mario Diaz
Henri Donat
Tom Dooher
Thomas Dumas
Penny Eggen
Tim Eggerding
Lynne Eggers
Felicia Elizondo
Valerie Erickson
Susan Even
Bonnie Faigeles
Richard Falls
Fred Fanchaly
Beth Feingold
Ruth Felt
Mr. Robin J. Fenstermaker
Vic Ferrer
Amie Fishman
David Flynn
Ceselia Foster
Donald Fox
Robert and Ruth Freis
Michael S. Furlow
Jon Giacomi
Veronica Gibson
Robert K. Glenn
Gobha Clothing
Dale T. Golden
Beth Goldstein
Soledad Gomez
Robert Goodman
Maitri K. J. Goonewardena
Judson Gregory
Michael Hackett
Thomas P. Hall
Lisa Anne Haller
David Halsing
G. William Haskell
Leslie Hatch-Wong
Maxine Heiliger
Christopher Heimbuch
Joan and Julio Herdocia
Mark Herrmann
Beverly Joan Hines
Roderick Hong
Lewis D. Houden
James Howley
Christine Hutson
IBM Employee Services Center
Donald Iocca
Pamela Jackson
Samuel Jackson
Philip, Judy and Allison Jamtaas
Dorothy J. Johnson
Mr. Jean T. Johnson
Stephen Joyce
Luther Joyner
Susan Jue
Marcus Jung
Cydney Kats
Gary L. Katz
Kenneth F. Katz
Richard Kay
Carolyn B. Kellogg
Julie Kendall
Adrienne Kernan
Dr. David R. Kessler

Jonathan Kessler
Rosa Kestelman
Dominique Kim
Paul R. King
Anita Kline
Arthur Kontura
Paul Kunsberg
Ann Lane
Sarah Large
F. Ronald Laupheimer
Abbot & Janet Leban
Barbara A. Lee
Olson Lee
Mireya Letayf
David Lewis
Frank Leykamm
Local Independent Charities
Jeffrey J. Loustau
Lanz Lowen
Juris Lozenicins
Lynn Luckow
Bruce Lundquist
Tiffany Ly
Jeffrey A. Lyttle
Jason Macario
Jennifer L Machlin
Jeffrey Malkasian
Manatt,Phelps & Phillips LLP
Randall Mann
Lucky Manuel
Gregory Marks
S. Robin Mayther
M. Gretchen McDowell
Jon N. McFadgen
Michael E. McKeever D.D.S.
Roberta McLaughlin
David E. Meders
George Metzger
Jennifer Meyer
Walter W. Meyer
Kenneth J. Mills M.D.
Reginold A. Milton
Michelle Mongan
Josef B. Monteadora AIA
Monterey Fish Market
Moran Lighting & Electric
Joseph A. Mott MD, JD
Will Murdock
Bill Musick
Lauren Musk
Cecil Myers
Scott Naylor
Charles Nicas
Barbara Noda
Ronald Noriega
Michael Norman
David Novak
Rod J. Ocmond
Bonnie Odell
William Odonnell
Richard Okiuye
Cynthia M. Olbrych
Meg O'Shaughnessy
Garet Paddack
Neal Panken
Mark Paskvan
Hannah M. Perate
Bradley Peterson
Tomas Phillips
James Prendergast Jr.
Patricia Price
William and Jeanne Rachles
Lindsay Ralphs
Nick Rattray
Tara Ray
Mike Raymond
Tami Redding
Robert Reedy
Holly Reid
John Rengstorff
Restaurant Group, Inc.
Thomas B. Rice
Rice University
Curt Ries
Jorge Rivas
Michael Robb
Pauline Roothman
RPX Corporation
Joe Rudy
Paula Ruozzi
Joseph Saccone Jr.
Dr. Ameurpino Santiago
Scott Saraceno
Frank Schaefer
Mary Jo Schaeffer
Bill Scherer
Rachel Schneider
Kent Allan Schwartz
Peter Scott
Thad Shaffer
Evy Sham
Lori Shantzis
Joel Shin
Robert G. Shultz
Helga I. Sigvaldadottir & Lexi Leban
Caitlyn Silhan
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Nick Smith
Michael Smithwick & Jerry Wilder
John Sorensen
Michael Sorensen
Christopher Stafford
Cathrine Steinborn D.D.S.
Edward Enno Steinforth
Anna Sternoff
John W. Stewart
Chloe Stotler
George Sugarman
Paula Sugarman
Peter and Susan Susan & Peter Heldman Charitable Fund
Mari and Jon Teraoka
Rayner Ternick
Cecilia Thomas
John B. Thomas
Randy L. Thueme
Marie K. Toole
Elaine Trotter
David Troup
Marta Vasquez
Iris Vaughan
Thomas M. Vitek
Fran, Mark and Gabe Wasserman
Gary V. West
John B. Wilson
L. David Wolfe
Timothy Wolfred
Gary Wong
Stephanie Wong
Nancy C. Wright
Thomas L. Yaussy
Jonathan Zimman
Andrew Zimmerman
Alix Zirbel
Ben Zweig

Maitri Compassionate Care is a 501(c)3 organization. Please consider making your donation before December 31 for 2018 tax deductibility purposes.