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The Conduit
Edition # 16
April  2018
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May 1, 2018
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Executive Director Report
The start of 2018 has been an exciting time of growth for the ECA of SASK.  It is our 60th year of incorporation, and we want to thank everyone in the electrical industry who has contributed to our success. A special thank you to those who have renewed your membership and to our new members - welcome to the Association! Your ongoing membership and support of ECA of SASK is extremely important as we continue to make headway on many long-standing advocacy issues. This report contains an update of committee activity and initiatives. Please contact the ECA of SASK office or check our website for more information. The website includes important industry links and phone numbers for details on what is required to work in the electrical industry.
The growth of the Association will provide the financial resources necessary to meet the advocacy and service needs of members. The challenge of guiding government and industry regulators to ensure a safe and profitable electrical trade continues to be our primary objective.
In 2018, the Association will continue to enhance our relationships with industry partners and recognized training institutions. As the work toward common goals is accomplished, enhanced communication and support will be provided to members through the new ECA of SASK website which will be implemented later this year.
The new Registered Contractor Program is a vital program to our Association and has attracted many new members. To qualify for the status of Registered Contractor, ECA of SASK members must ensure that their journeypersons complete the 2018 CEC - SaskPower code renewal seminar. Upon completion of the seminar participants will receive a certification from SaskPower. This certificate will be required as proof to the contractor and ECA of SASK that the journeyperson has completed the code renewal requirement.   Please note that this certification will be free of charge and offered online or in-person by inspectors from SaskPower. The dates for 2018 CEC code renewal seminars have been posted in a recent SaskPower bulletin. Online code renewal training is scheduled to be available on the SaskPower website at the end of May. We will be contacting members in early November to ensure journeypersons have completed the code renewal seminar. If members complete the other requirements (see flyer from last newsletter) required by SaskPower they will receive a 10% discount on all permits taken in 2019. 
Another new service offered this year was the sale of 2018 CSA Electrical Code Books at a discounted rate to members. This service has been completed and members have received their code books.
This newsletter contains information on many other ECA of SASK initiatives from our office and industry partners.  We look forward to receiving any questions or comments you have.
2018 ECA of SASK Committees:
Ad Hoc Committees:
  • Saskatchewan Registered Contractor Program
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Licensing Review - Master Electrician Designation
  • Prompt Payment Legislation Committee - SCA Advisory Council
  • Single Safety Services Agency (TSASK)
Standing Committees:
  • SCA Advisory Council
  • Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
  • Saskatchewan Bid Depository Institute Committee
  • Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Liaison Committee
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Technical Committee 
A group that has been very active is the committee to develop a Saskatchewan Master Electrician designation. BC, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario have already implemented this designation. The "made in Saskatchewan" Master Electrician designation should be ready for presentation to legislators later in 2018. Details of the designation will be available to members for their feedback this summer. Thank you to members Rob Istace and Joe Mignon for their valuable input and experience on this committee.       
Please contact the office for more details on our committee work. We thank you for your continued support of the Saskatchewan electrical contracting industry.
Doug Folk

ECAS announces the Registered Contractors Program in collaboration with SaskPower
As previously announced the new program will come into effect in 2019.  We are currently working with Sask Power to confirm company registration, and develop an information package for all members that will be sent to all qualified companies.  
The program will reward electrical contractors with a 10% discount for electrical permits taken out, after standards are demonstrated over a one year cycle.   
For an informational flyer click here.  

 Affinity Program 
As a member of the Association, you and your employees are entitled to a variety of savings and promotions by various companies for hotels, eye glasses, phones and accessories, clothing and paint. 

 For a complete list of the benefits and companies available to our members or reduced rates or specials, go to and click on the Activities TAB then Affinity.  
Tin Cup  Golf 2018
Save the Date! 

A tournament information package with online registration links will be sent out to all members and previous players in early May!   Call our office if you want more info.  
Local Association NEWS  
The associations in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and opportunities specific to their areas. If you reside in any of these locations and want more information on membership go to and choose the membership tab, or call our office.  

Save the date SECA Golf May 24th Moon Lake GC.   For more information contact: or go to: to register on line.  
Code Renewal Session
The new 2018 code revisions are in effect and the sessions have been scheduled.  For a complete list of all the dates, times and locations,   click here. A reminder in order to qualify for the registered contractors program, all journeypersons employed by your company will be required to complete the session either online or in person. The online session will be available in mid May.  To pre-register online click here.
ECAS Logo  
International Association of Electrical Inspectors Trade Show and Convention
The IAEI will be hosting the Canadian Section Convention hosted by the Prairie Region on September 5,6 and 7th in Saskatoon.  There are number of very interesting sessions that directly affect contractors in addition to the trade show that will host vendors promoting their new product lines.  We have been invited to participate as an association and share this information with both contractors and suppliers.  The Board will be discussing at their May meeting how we can support, promote and participate as an association.  More information will be forthcoming following the meeting.  If you are interested in the details visit their website for conference registrations, pricing and information.  Information for suppliers and manufacturers agents on location and booth costs is also available on the site.  
Delegate Registration form click here
Supplier Registration  form click here

Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Partnership Editorial
Spring 2018
Employers and Apprentices Satisfied with Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program

According to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission's (SATCC) 2017 Employer and Apprentice Satisfaction Survey results, the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) Program is a major influencer in graduates' decision to pursue a career in the skilled trades. It also helps them discover the skilled trades sooner. 

Developed and overseen by the SATCC, SYA gives students the opportunity to explore careers in the skilled trades. By completing a series of challenges - everything from interviewing a journeyperson to job shadowing to finishing a Practical and Applied Arts course - students learn what working in the skilled trades entails. If they register as an apprentice within five years of graduation, they receive big benefits: their registration and Level 1 technical training fees are waived, and they receive 300 trade time credit hours. 
"SYA shows students the options available to them when it comes to the skilled trades," SATCC CEO Jeff Ritter said. "They're exposed to a variety of trades through SYA, and it helps them determine which trade might be the best fit." 

The 2017 Apprentice Survey shows that 77 per cent of apprentices who completed SYA in high school agree or strongly agree it was a significant influence in their decision to become an apprentice and 93 per cent agree or strongly agree the program's challenges were useful in preparing them to become apprentices. 
SYA is delivered in more than 300 schools across the province, thanks to the support of SYA Champions.

"The SYA program opens students' eyes to the opportunities in the skilled trades," Regina District Industry Education Council Executive Director Gord Heidel said. "It provides students with the information they need to understand the process, in order to make informed career pathway decisions. The results of the survey demonstrate the empowerment the program provides students, enabling them to own their decisions and truly be happy as they begin their career journey in the skilled trades. Thank you to all those SYA Champion - your efforts are greatly appreciated!"

"The SYA Program is so successful because it's delivered in schools across Saskatchewan by people who recognize the benefits of a career in the skilled trades," Ritter said. "These Champions provide mentorship and guidance to students - coordinating SYA activities, and encouraging students to pursue their career goals. We've heard that some schools even require the completion of SYA as part of their Practical and Applied Arts program." 

"Promoting career options through the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program is one proven way to create successful pathways for Regina Public Schools students," Regina Public Schools Director of Education Greg Enion said. "We are grateful for the resources and the opportunities that the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission offers for our high school and our middle school students."
It's not only high school graduates who benefit from SYA, but employers, too. 

About a quarter of Employer Survey respondents (24 per cent) are aware that some of their apprentices or journeypersons are SYA graduates. Among them, virtually all feel their SYA graduates perform as well or better than other employees - 68 per cent feel SYA graduates perform at the same skill level as other staff members, while 31 per cent (three in 10) say they perform better.
Another advantage of SYA is it helps students decide earlier whether or not a career in the skilled trades is right for them. From 2012 to 2016, the median age of apprentices who completed SYA and achieved journeyperson certification was 23.4 years old, while the median age of all apprentices who achieved journeyperson certification during the same time period was 26.5.  

"We want students to consider a career in the skilled trades and we know SYA helps," Ritter said. "These are satisfying, hands-on careers. They also pay really well." According to the 2016 Census data released by Statistics Canada, in 2015, the median earnings of Saskatchewan residents who'd completed an apprenticeship were higher than those who'd completed a Bachelor's degree. 
As of June 30, 2017, there were more than 2,700 students across the province enrolled and participating in SYA. Since the program's start in 2004-05, almost 1,150 SYA graduates have applied for apprenticeship and nearly 400 SYA graduates have achieved their journeyperson certification.

The Apprentice Survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.8 percentage points at the 95 per cent confidence interval. Similarly, the Employer Survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.6 percentage points at the 95 per cent confidence interval. (Given the nature of the population, a margin of error of under five percentage points can be considered statistically reliable.) These surveys were administered by Insightrix. 

Promote Your Company/Business
The ECAS Board of Directors has approved a business plan that will include the use of our newsletter (published quality) and our website for advertising commercial purposes.  Please note below the activity, costs and options.  For more information contact the ECAS office.  

Implementation date
Copper Sponsor Package
$1000 annually includes many benefits
no charge (additional events/promotions as per package) For a complete Copper Sponsorship package click here
Ongoing since 2015
Website Ad (subject to approving upgardes to exisiting site)
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Fall 2018
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one per year per member, $50 for each additional editions, non member $150 per edition
Spring 2018
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staff negotiated fee or GIK
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staff negotiated fee or GIK
Affinity Program
no charge pending value provided back to the association /company
reviewed annually
*all sponsorships activities, items, events or products are subject to editorial approval by the ECAS Operations Manager. Potential conflicts will be raised with the board for final approval.  


The Canadian Electrical Contractors Association. Working for you!
I would like to thank ECAS for the opportunity to talk about the work that the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association is doing on behalf of our members.
It is not uncommon for us to be asked, "What does the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA) do for me?" CECA represents your interests at the national and international level. We advocate and lobby the government on issues that have been identified as most important to you. We keep a watch on key issues such as trade regulation, labour market conditions and the promotion and defense of national standards. Two of our current projects include Prompt Payment Legislation changes at the federal and provincial levels and opposition to the Federal Governments proposed business tax changes through membership in the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Coalition. 
CECA finds out what is most important to you by working closely with your provincial association. Feedback we receive helps CECA know where we need to focus our attention. We are currently looking at adding the Federal Bankruptcy Act to our mandate, allowing us to lobby for changes that would benefit you in the event a client declares bankruptcy.
CECA also offers services that can be directly accessed by our members. On our website, you can find electrical trade publications that are relevant to your business. Our most popular publications include the "Manual of Labor Units (MLU) 2017-18" and the "CECA Job Site Journal" which has been developed specifically for the electrical contractor to track job site activity.
CECA makes relevant education available to our members and their employees. Our most popular course is the Electrical Project Supervision (EPS) program. This program provides field supervisors with the knowledge, understanding and key learning skills that are important to be successful in this role.
CECA is a founding member of Electri International. In my next report, I will be updating you on the research work that is being done by Electri International, including a report called "From Field to Office", written to help small contractors identify the issues they may encounter when promoting field workers to project management positions.
Respectfully yours,
Gregg Whitty
CECA Operations Manager

SCSA recognizes ECAS members with safety awards.

The SCSA hosted their 2017 AGM on February 15th and recognized a number of companies with safety awards. Of special note and congratulations to ASIIL Enterprises from Prince Albert and RH Electric from Yorkton who both received Corporate Leadership in Safety Awards.     

SCA Summer Meeting
Don't miss the year's best opportunity to network with industry leaders and expand your business opportunities! Registration for the SCA's Annual Summer Meeting is now OPEN.
Build and strengthen your relationships with the general contractors from May 30 - June 1, 2018 at Elk Ridge Resort in Waskesiu.
New or haven't been lately? Enjoy 15% off your registration fee if your company is new or hasn't attended in the last 4 years! 
The Construction Entrepreneurs Roundtable ( CER) group is a select group of entrepreneurs who own and or operate new or newly-acquired construction-based businesses in Saskatchewan.
They meet a handful of times a year to receive presentations from MNP on best business practices, new legislation or tax regulation, and being prepared for whatever the economy is doing. The agenda is always led by the group itself (we vote on topics), and we often try to find a speaker from within industry to compliment MNP. The part that the group finds the most valuable is the dialogue with their peers, and healthy discussion on their unique challenges and lessons-learned as business owners.
We launched this group in Saskatoon a year ago, and it has been wildly successful, so we've decided to pilot it here in Regina. Contact Megan Jane at meganj@scaonline.caor 306-525-0171 to find out when the next session is happening closest to you!

SCA's Annual Summer Meeting - May 30 - June 1, 2018 (click here for a registration form)

Learn the basic theory of fiber optics and the practical techniques used when installing, terminating, troubleshooting and documenting fiber optic systems to industry standards.  Expert instructors will lead you through applications using telephone systems, computer networks CATC and video systems. For more information visit: .                                                           
This course is certified by the Fiber Optics Association Inc. (FOA) -  No previous experience is necessary but experience in the areas of electrical, electronics, telecommunications or instrumentation is recommended.
Dates:  Monday to Friday, May 14 - 18, 2018 8AM to 4PM                              PIC #77533-1
Location:  Room 321, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus, 4500 Wascana Parkway
Tuition:  $1,035 plus GST.  Includes all student materials and course supplies.
Funding : Employers may apply to the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant which provides training funds for their employees. Visit for details.
Contact:  Donna Wilchuck, 306-775-7481, or Linda O'Halloran,
306-775-7480,  for more information.
Register:  Visit  and choose the "Register" button.  To be invoiced, contact Donna Wilchuck. 

Consider membership in the Regina Construction Association as an excellent opportunity to grow your business through  access to the provincial electronic planroom, the many networking and education events put on yearly by the Association. Information is available on
our web site or call the office 306 791 7422. 

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For only $1, ECAS members can get a bundle of unique insurance coverages to complement their Federated Insurance policies.
With the one loonie bundle, your business can get protection like Identity Theft Coverage, Hole-in-One Insurance, Debris Removal and more!
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2018 Buyers Guide

The 2018 Guide was distributed to all member companies in early March.   If you did not receive your copy or require additional copies please contact our office.  

W elcome New Members
Welcome to the following who have become new members in 2018. 
To download a copy of this logo for your company letterhead or website click here.

Ainsworth Inc. Saskatoon SK
ATL Electrical Heating & Air Condition

Commercial Handyman Servcies


Croft Electric Regina SK
Da-Tech Electric Ltd. Regina SK
DSG Power Systems Saskatoon SK
EMW Industrial Ltd. Saltcoats SK
Energy Network Services Richmond ON
Holar Electric Ltd. Tantallon SK
Integrated Technical Services Kiscoty AB
Midale Petroleum Ltd. Midale SK
Nordic Mechanical Servcies Ltd. Edmonton AB
Perrin Electric Carrot River SK
PL Eletrical & Mechanical Ltd. Leoville SK
PS Electric Ltd. Estevan SK
Reinbold Electric Ltd. Macklin SK
Reliance Gregg's Home Services Saskatoon SK
Riverbend Industries Ltd. Outlook SK
Saunders Electric Ltd. Prince Albert SK
Shreem Systems & Solutions PVT Ltd. Brandon MB
S-ELECT Energy Ltd.
Sisson Electric Inc.
Star Electric Regina SK
Stuart Olson Industrial Inc. Edmonton AB
Studon Industrial Inc. Red Deer AB
Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd. Airdrie AB
Town and Country  Regina  SK
Wangler Electric  Wilkie  SK
Weber Electric Ltd.  Meadow Lake SK
Yang's Electric Ltd. Saskatoon SK