Beauty all around you, beauty within you!

May we see with clarity, may our heart be pure

Spring is coming, a time of renewal.

GOOD MORNING YOGA - 15 Years and going!!!

Englewood Beach Community Yoga

Englewood's outdoor studio, connecting to nature and all the elements to bring balance to body, mind and spirit, and soothe your soul!

We are so very grateful everyday to be with all of you, this amazing yoga community. We honor each and everyone of you as we move forward in our practice, in our hearts and in our life, one step at a time,

one breath at a time.

Spring is on the way (Florida Spring) and we move forward, letting go of what has past, in gratitude for what is, and with an open and light heart we are open to the life we are creating right now.

Facing each day, each moment with lightness. Holding it all lightly!!

We have the power to create, we are divine creators, we create with our words, our thoughts, feelings and actions. We create from our heart, the light of our soul, we create from love or we create from fear!!!

What energy are you creating from, Love or Fear?

Ask yourself, what am I placing after my I AM's

Positive or negative, Love or Fear

We all move back and forth from love and fear, can we be aware when we are creating from fear? Can we lovingly notice when we are in fear and then with loving eyes, focus on something that brings you love or peace.

Create a new I AM from that place.

It is a practice and I have been practicing a long time and I will still drop into fear from time to time. Like when I took my fall 3 weeks ago, hmmmm where was I then???? We fall and we get back up and keep going, one step at a time, one breath at a time, one smile at a time.

May we recognize when we are in fear, may we send love to ourself and may we love ourself unconditionally for all that we are, all that we do,

all that we say, and all that we feel!!

If it doesn't serve you, change it and step into Love!

Feel it deeply, see it clearly and know it is so.

I AM that I AM

I AM Love

I AM Peace

Much love, light & peace to all

May we surround our world, our whole planet with Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Peace




We are so pleased to be back at our lovely beach and the

red tide signs gone!

Are you ready for Sound Bath Yoga?

Join us this Thursday, 3/16 at 6:30pm

Gentle Yoga flow and Sound Healing Crystal Bowls with Robert

Cost $5


Spread the Light with Tee's and Tanks

Tanks - White, Black, Blue & Red

Small - X Large

Short sleeve Tee's Heather blue

Small - X Large

Long sleeve women's and Long sleeve men's

Large & X Large only

Be the Love

Hold the Light

Loving Light Yoga

Englewood Beach, Fl

See the Beauty, feel the Peace, it is there all around you! Allow your eyes to see with Love!