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Cave Creek Canyon

9 AM - 1 PM


Many Local Experts & Exhibits

[*While supplies last]

Anniversary  of
Cave Creek Canyon
Forest Service Visitor Center

Our Visitor's Information Center was opened in 1924, and is on the National Registry of Historical Buildings.
Enjoy the Garden designed and established by Friends of Cave Creek Canyon at the Visitor Information Center 
in the mouth of Cave Creek Canyon
Some of the Attending Experts:
  • Barb Miller & Al Bammann - Native Plants for SALE 
  • Tom Boulton with a Golden Eagle
  • Diana Hadley and the Northern Jaguar Project
  • Nate Gibson & Lepidoptery  
  • The Wizard of Portal will cast his spell!

  • Reptiles with Bob Ashley
  • Birding in Far Away Places with Naturalist Journeys and Borderland Tours 
  • History of the Canyon
  • FREE BREAKFAST* & FREE LUNCH*Sun 1-2013 R Beno
  • Rick Beno from Arizona Sky Village & 2 solar telescopes - 
    you can see spots, granules, filaments, flares
  • Artist Crystal Foreman Brown
  • Birding Information with Maya Decker & Dave Jasper
  • Kim Vacariu and Heritage Days
  • Shane Burchfield with invertebrates           
  • The Chiricahua-Peloncillo Historical Society
  • Carol Simon and Portal-Rodeo Hiking
  • US Forest Service                  
  • Sew What!
                    AND LOTS MORE!                             

Slate-throated Redstart
Very rare bird being seen in the nearby mountains.

[By Jackie Lewis]
SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2016
9 AM - 1 PM
Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon
PO Box 16126
Portal, Arizona 85632

2016 Highlights

Some Recent Sightings

        Verdin by Maya Decker                             Grace's Warbler by Steve Wolfe

Lazuli Bunting and Yellow Warbler by Steve Wolfe

Bobcat [left] by the Julians   

Fox by Steve Wolfe

What's Been Happening Here!
  • Migration has been a little late so far this year.  Lots of varieties, but not lots of them.  
  • In April we celebrated the Re-opening of Willow Tank, near Rodeo.  This very prime birding spot needed a new power source, major well work, plants, and much more.  With the help of a major grant from First Solar and other donations we were able to accomplish a lot!
  • There have been many more Montezuma Quail seen this year than    last which also had more than many previous years.   Many locals are seeing them in their yards or along the roads by the Southwestern Research Station.
  • FOCCC manages the Cave Creek Canyon Visitor Information Center.  In April we had 1228 visitors and volunteer hours were 491. Thanks to all the hard working volunteers.  
  • Did you know that we have "Host Volunteers" that come from all over the United States to be hosts at our Visitor Information Center [VIC].  They   
  • generally work 3-4 days per week for 1-3 months.  The live in RVs and frequently travel around from one volunteer site to another most of the year.  Their RV is their permanent home.  We are very fortunate to have them - without them the VIC would not be open.  There is insufficient population here to provide enough volunteers and the Forest Service is unable to fund the position. 
  • There are some days where up to 70 visitors will come in one day.  The questions are usually one of these 3 subjects:
    Hiking Information
    Best birding areas
    Camping advice 
  • This tree made a crash when it fell across South Fork Rd. in Cave Creek Canyon.  Two birding tour vans and 2 other vehicles were trapped behind it.  This was reported at 2:15 in the afternoon.  By 4 o'clock three Portalites had chainsawed and cleared enough for the vehicles to escape.  Thanks to Ted Troller, Tony Donaldson and Cecil Williams.


The Forest Service took care of the rest.






The driver said "I was just following my GPS"!!  This closed the road for a day or so and must have cost lots to get him out. The accident happened near Pinery on the east side of Onion Saddle.  You have to wonder how he ever got that far.   
      A large, heavy duty tow truck went up from each side of the mountain.  We were told that one of them had to back up about 1/2 mile.  

From the Chiricahua Skies

Good Morning Portal by Steve Wolfe
[View east from Portal]

Spiral Galaxy (SBbc) in Ursa Major  by Rick Beno

Milky Way over the Chiricahuas by Tim Lawson

FOCCC 2017 Officers and Board

Reed Peters              President
    Sheri Ashley        Vice President  
Mike Williams            Vice President    
Rick Beno            Treasurer
Stevie Wayman        Secretary
     Other Board Members     
Bob Ashley        Wynne Brown  
  Alan Craig          Rene Donaldson
Rolf Koford            Kim Vacariu       
  Cecil Williams             




Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon
PO Box 16126
Portal, Arizona 85632


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