APRIL 6, 2021

Town elections in April will include the following positions. Any incumbent being challenged, and the challengers, were invited to prepare a candidate statement with a deadline of March 1st for submittal to the Clerk. Links to statements (as submitted with no editing) are provided below.

Town Chairman
  • Tom Christensen - No challenger

Town Supervisor #3

Town Supervisor #4
  • Jim Swenson - No challenger

Town Clerk
  • June Vogel - No challenger

Town Treasurer

ABSENTEE BALLOTS for the April 6 elections will be available for distribution beginning March 16th. They may be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk prior to and after that date.

While no effective date has yet been determined for the annual temporary weight limit on town roads, that will likely happen soon considering the warm weather in the forecast. The Town Board reminds everyone to make arrangements very soon for deliveries of propane, fuel oil or whatever else involves use of vehicles that will not be allowed on town roads until the frost has come out of the ground, which is typically around mid-April depending on weather.

Thanks to all for helping protect our roads during this seasonal transition.
This message provided by the St. Germain Town Board of Supervisors