Wow! I miss being with your kids already....

As you already know, all of my yoga & mindfulness classes in Park City have been temporarily cancelled.
(Basin Recreation, Park City School District, Little Miners and The Shop)
I hope to start up again in a couple of weeks. I will send you more details towards the end of March.

This is a great time to start a home practice of yoga, mindfulness and healthy eating with the family. It is really important to exercise, practice mindfulness (compassion for yourself and others), boost a healthy immune system, minimize news / social media and wash your hands.

Your family has the tools...because we have been practicing all year (and for many, several years) our kids already know many different yoga poses, mindfulness practices (including mindful eating) and breathing exercises.
These skills will be helpful during this time of stress and change. In this newsletter, I am providing some ways you can learn more and practice these recommendations.

Please refer to my website for links and videos that you might find interesting, I'm considering doing live Zoom Kids yoga classes for donation.
Please let me know if that interests you or your kids.
I am available at RJ@yogawithrandijo.com or call me (310) 403-4645 if you have any questions.
Jack Kornfield Meditation

This 13-minute practice with my teacher, Jack Kornfield, is a way to hold yourself and all those around you in a heart of compassion.

St. Patrick's Day Yoga

This week, I was planning on celebrating St. Paddy's Day with some special yoga poses in our classes.
Please enjoy these Poses with your kids at home.
Have fun!

Randi Jo's FREE Practice Videos

Welcome to Yoga and Mindfulness Practice with Randi Jo. On the "Practice" page under the Resources Tab on my website, you will find a few yoga videos and some mindfulness exercises. These are meant to be practiced by kids, adults and families. The videos were made at home with the help pf my daughter and a cell phone. My apologies for the less than professional product. These were made quickly due the requests coming in from Schools and Families hoping to continue their practices at home during our period of social distancing. I hope you find them helpful and fun.

Fooducate Recommendations
"Boost my immune system"
Foods that you look up will include information about their contribution to improving immunity. Additionally, there is a list of suggestions and best practices for promoting immunity.

Mindfulness Videos
Mindfulness is:
“Paying attention here and now, with kindness and curiosity, and then choosing your behavior.”  –  Amy Saltzman

Check out these videos from Mindbump, Happify, Ted Ed and Big Think for the whole family to enjoy.
They are short, educational and fun.

Mindfulness Article
This is a great article, from Psychology Today, about bringing mindfulness into our new lives.

FREE Apps & Podcasts
I highly recommend that instead of "lock down" or quarantine, you think of this time of social distancing as a time of retreat. Take a walk and listen, lay down on the couch and press play, or turn on a speaker for the whole family... Check out Free recordings on these apps & podcasts:
10% Happier
Head Space
The Ohmazing Way
The Happiness Lab
The Science of Happiness
Oprah's Super Soul Conversations


Family Activities
These are some fun things to do at home...NOT on a screen!

Peace, Love, Joy & Good Health!