Vol. 7/No. 2 Spring/2017

From the Director's Desk  

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it is not surprising that many of us turn to our family, friends, neighbors and community for support and comfort. We all need assurances that we are safe and can rely on each other. That is why it is so important to maintain communities that are age-friendly, because they improve the quality of life for all. SPRYE is well aware that
all residents deserve a chance to thrive. Age-friendly communities foster well-being and hold back age-associated decline. When communities enable aging adults to work, learn, volunteer, and participate socially and economically, the benefits accrue to younger people and the broader society as well. This is an ideal that SPRYE aspires to and encourages among the communities it serves.  While the health and economic challenges of aging remain significant concerns, an increasing number of SPRYE's members are redefining the experience. We foster connection and community, essential to the well-being of older adults. SPRYE provides access to amenities that ease the challenges of aging and enhance the quality of life for its members and their loved ones.What better way to build a strong sense of community?
On another note, enjoy the spring weather that is now upon us...and think about attending one of SPRYE's programs...it's all about connecting! 
Betti Weimersheimer
Executive Director
SPRYE welcomes
We especially need drivers. What better way to get to know your neighbors than to volunteer for SPRYE. Just two hours of your time each week can make a tremendous difference in the life of a local resident who can no longer drive. As SPRYE membership grows, we need to increase our volunteer corps. It's easy to get involved: call 481-5706 for more information.   
  Board of Directors
Barbara Brunner
Chair, Exec. Comm.
Tom Saunders
Vice President
Joan Feinstein
Nancy Haneman
Gene Collins
Lisa Aaronberg
Valerie Barrett
Rozlyn Carvin
Richard Falanka
John Gray
Paul Hicks
Lee Katz
Ken Knowles
Dale Mintz
Katherine Moore
Isobel Perry
Martin Rogowsky
Hal Schwartz
Arthur Stampleman
Michele Thomas
Gil Weinstein
Executive Director
Betti Weimersheimer

Administrative Asst.
Margie McCabe
    One Gateway Plaza 
        55 S. Main St.
          3rd Floor 
Port Chester, N.Y. 10573
Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 748
Rye, N.Y. 10580

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Talents of SPRYE Members and Volunteers on Display at Second Annual Art Show


The SPRYE community has many talented members and volunteers, four of whom generously shared examples of their art work at the second annual SPRYE Art Show hosted by The Osborn.  Members Tom Saunders and Susan Storms contributed photographic works while member Nancy Platt showcased her intricate needlepoints.  Marjorie Wynne, a retired Rye school teacher and wife of SPRYE volunteer Tom Wynne, showed her oil paintings, mainly landscapes. Curated by SPRYE member Arthur Stampleman, almost three dozen works were on display through March 30 in The Osborn Art Gallery in the Rehabilitation Center.  The opening reception took place on Tuesday, February 28 and attracted SPRYE members and families, Osborn residents and local residents. 

SPRYE member Nancy Platt next to one of her intricate, framed needlepoints.


Osborn CEO Matt Anderson between SPRYE Board members Tom Saunders, who exhibited his photographs, and Hal Schwartz.

SPRYE member Susan Storms with one of her striking photographs.


"Lone Egret." Painting by Marge Wynne.


Marge Wynne explains her painting process as SPRYE board member Arthur Stampleman listens.

SPRYE Thanks Its Volunteers

SPRYE relies almost entirely on volunteers to provide the services it offers to members.  We showed our appreciation for their commitment and hard work by hosting t he first volunteer reception of 2017 on January 19 at the SPRYE office in Port Chester.  This gathering is also a time for volunteers to meet each other to share stories and socialize. It is always a fun and uplifting event.
SPRYE Board member Ken Knowles takes a selfie with  Board member Lee Katz and volunteer handyman Ken Ball.
Volunteer driver Tom Seaver and volunteer handyman Tom Cahill.
Many of the current volunteers are some of SPRYE's biggest boosters.   They spread the word about the organization in the community and encourage their friends and neighbors to become members or to volunteer in some capacity. Word of mouth is our most effective recruiting method!  We are always seeking new volunteers, especially drivers and those who are tech savvy and are willing to help out members in their homes with smart phones, lap tops, printers, tvs, and other devices.  We are also in need of volunteers willing to read and sort mail with members who are visually impaired.  We are so thankful to all our  volunteers for their extraordinary kindness and patience.  Becoming a SPRYE volunteer is a wonderful way to support your neighbors and give back to the community. You can join our volunteer corps by calling 914-481-5706!

           Volunteer Profile: Tilly Young
Volunteer Tilly Young cheerfully helps out in the SPRYE office.

No such thing as a quiet retirement for Tilly Young. Volunteering for SPRYE is just one of the many activities that keep her busy and engaged. A lifelong resident of the area, Tilly raised her three children in Rye before moving to Port Chester.  She was a magazine writer and editor for approximately 20 years before losing her job on 9/11 and transitioning to condo and co-op management in Westchester County. After retiring in 2015 she was looking for volunteer opportunities and saw an article in the Westmore News about SPRYE, mentioning the move to the Port Chester office.  Tilly came in for an interview and has been volunteering in the office and as a driver ever since. Her graciousness and patience make her a favorite volunteer of many members.  Often members ask her to make an extra stop on the way back from an appointment or shopping trip and more often than not Tilly will accommodate them, which means a lot to someone who can no longer get out of the house as regularly as they used to because they can no longer drive themselves. "It sounds very corny," says Tilly, " but volunteering for SPRYE is one of the most wonderful things I have ever done.  The people I drive are so appreciative and generous with their positive comments. It's a pleasure to drive them."  And the members she drives obviously feel it's a pleasure to be in her company.  Tilly has many other interests: spending time with her children and three grandchildren; traveling; taking Italian lessons, and helping out family and friends when needed. SPRYE is very fortunate to have her on its volunteer team!


SPRYE was recognized in March by the Westchester County Board of Health as one of four Public Health Honorees. Executive Director Betti Weimersheimer accepted the award at a ceremony held at HRHCare Community Health in Peekskill. She was accompanied by Board members Dale Mintz and Isobel Perry. An article about the ceremony appeared in the Journal News on April 6. We are very proud to have received this award. 
Executive Director Betti Weimersheimer (middle) displays SPRYE's Public Health Honoree proclamation with the other honorees.  

The first part of this year was packed with a variety of enjoyable and stimulating programs.  A sell-out crowd of over 60 people converged on the Rye Free Reading Room on a frigid March Saturday for a screening co-sponsored by SPRYE of the film Bridge of Spies, followed by a discussion led by Jan Amorosi, the daughter of attorney James Donovan, portrayed in the movie by Tom Hanks.  The monthly programs at Wainwright House in February and March provided creative outlets and opportunities to expand horizons. In February, Taro Ietaka of the Rye Nature Center provided all the materials necessary for attendees to create their own terrariums.  And in March, Rye resident Pat Blum, who became a licensed pilot in her forties, spoke about the organization she founded- Corporate Angel Network (CAN).  CAN is a not-for-profit charity that arranges free treatment-related travel for cancer patients, using the empty seats made available by 580 participating companies on board their corporate jet aircraft during routine business travel schedules.

The annual Chinese New Year lunch in February, with the menu arranged by SPRYE member Frank Woo, is always a popular event. 

Jan Amorosi, daughter of the main character John Donovan portrayed in Bridge of Spies by Tom Hanks,  surrounded by her family before the screening and discussion of the film at the Rye Free Reading Room.

Getting creative making terrariums with the help of Taro Ietaka at Wainwright House.

To better serve our membership demographic SPRYE is excited to announce a new option for membership that will allow a greater number of local residents to participate in our social and educational programs. This new Associate Membership offering is available now.  For full details and a fee schedule, please click on the following link: http://www.sprye.org/membership.html


Make Tax Time Easier - Get Started Now for 
Next Year!

What's the best thing you can do to make tax time less "taxing," so to speak? Set up your 2017 tax file today. Yes, you read that right - start now!  Of course, you also want to have a bin for incoming mail that's exclusively for your 2016 tax documents as they arrive.
While it's tempting to stop there, you'll thank yourself later for doing the following: open the envelope and check the basic information to be sure it's correct (your name, address, social security number, etc.). Doing that now, and requesting a correction if necessary, saves you and your tax preparer aggravation and time as the tax filing deadline nears.
Ready to take the next step? Using last year's return as a guide, confirm that you've received all of the documents you are expecting - and any new ones if you've added investments and financial institutions. Go after any missing ones BEFORE you visit your tax preparer. While the normal deadline for mailing 1099s to taxpayers is January 31 or February 15, depending on the specific form, they may continue to trickle in, especially when corrections are made on the sender's side. K-1s have a March 15 deadline but are notoriously late. If you file your taxes before all your information has arrived, you will have to file amended returns at additional cost.   But back to your new "Taxes 2017" bin.  The best way NOT to let things fall through the cracks and take advantage of every tax benefit is to collect information as it happens. This means that as you incur an expense, make a donation, pay for a capital improvement on your house, and so on, you keep track of it either in an online document or paper file. The IRS agrees - they call it "contemporaneous documentation." It's their requirement for everything from recording medical and business miles, receiving confirmation of donations, and more. (Of course, your accountant should be your source for all tax information but there's no reason not to be an educated consumer.)
Building a tax file is a year-round activity. So why not make this the year you spread out the work, avoid the harried sprint to the finish line, and reduce your stress. 
Karen R. Caccavo, MBA, Personal Money ManagerSM, adapted from an article in Westchester Senior Voice. 


UPCOMING PROGRAMS: April - July 2017 

Please make sure to RSVP: 914-481-5706.  All programs are for SPRYE members and volunteers only. The monthly program at Wainwright House is open to the general public. Rides are available to all programs for members only. 
Monday, April 17 & 24; May 1 & 8 at 11 am: Gentle Chair Yoga:
Chair yoga, like all yoga, works to enhance the body, mind and spirit and is adaptable to one's ability.   SPRYE member Joan Gibbons will lead the session, which lasts about an hour.  Comfortable, loose clothing is suggested for this fun and relaxing activity.  Please leave about three hours between eating and the chair yoga session. This is a collaboration between SPRYE and the Port Chester/Rye Brook Library. All sessions will be held in the Community Room of the library at 1 Haseco Ave., Port Chester. Free.

Wednesday, April 19 from 3-4:30 pm: ARCHITECTURE FROM ABOVE AND BELOW:  Gail Harrison Roman, PhD, has been actively involved with the Rye Arts Center for nearly thirty years. She has taught at Vassar and Columbia, her work has been published internationally and she has curated exhibitions at major museums and universities.  She will help us examine selected distinctive types of urban structures in terms of technical, stylistic, and historical nature and value. Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Ave., Rye. Free
Saturday, April 22: Saturday Night Out.  Time to be determined. Depending on interest and what is available in local movie houses, there will be an offering of movie and dinner. Please check with office if interested in attending.
Tuesday, May 9 at 12 pm:  Lunch at Saltaire in Port Chester. Details to follow.
Friday, May 12 at 9 am:  Monthly current events discussion/breakfast at  Ruby's Oyster Bar, 45 Purchase St., Rye. Breakfast a la carte.
Wednesday, May 17 from 3-4:30 pm:    ARE WE ALONE?  According to astronomy professor and SPRYE member Dinah Moche, astronomers consider life beyond earth to be a very real possibility. Hear about the top new astronomical discoveries and exciting 21st century space missions; see spectacular space photographs, and decide what you think. Dinah Moche, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy at Queensborough Community College of CUNY.  She is an award-winning author and lecturer whose 27 books have sold more than ten million copies in eight languages. Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Ave., Rye. Free
Saturday, May 20: Saturday Night Out.  Time to be determined. Depending on interest and what is available in local movie houses, there will be an offering of movie and dinner. Please check with office if interested in attending.
Tuesday, May 23- Trip to Audubon Center in Greenwich, Ct. Details to follow.
Thursday, June 8 from 6-8 pm: Member/Board barbecue at the home of Roz and Joe Carvin, Rye Brook. 
Friday, June 9 at 9 am:  Monthly current events discussion/breakfast at  Ruby's Oyster Bar, 45 Purchase St., Rye. Breakfast a la carte.
Tuesday, June 13 at TBD :  Trip to a museum. Details to follow.
Saturday, June 17: Saturday Night Out.  Time to be determined. Depending on interest and what is available in local movie houses, there will be an offering of movie and dinner. Please check with office if interested in attending.
Wednesday, June 21 from 3-4:30 pm:   "From Classical Music to Broadway -from Borodin to Kismet - A Fascinating Journey." A presentation by Ed Pressman, an Adjunct Professor at Westchester Community College (WCC) in the Mainstream Program where he teaches History and Current Events. He is a member of the Board of Collegium at WCC and teaches American history, classical music and musicals of Broadway, focusing on how they reflect the American narrative. He is a graduate of Columbia College and retired from the paper industry in 2009. Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Ave., Rye. Free.
Friday, July 14 at 9 am:  Monthly current events discussion/breakfast at  Ruby's Oyster Bar, 45 Purchase St., Rye. Breakfast a la carte.
Saturday, July 15: Saturday Night Out.  Time to be determined. Depending on interest and what is available in local movie houses, there will be an offering of movie and dinner. Please check with office if interested in attending.
Wednesday, July 19 from 4-6 pm:     A repeat of the popular Cruise to Nowhere. Details to follow. 
Tell your friends about SPRYE. We have many services to offer that can make a difference in the lives of older adults in the community who want to remain active, independent and socially connected.  We now can help with grocery shopping/delivery, mail sorting, and home tech help.