Vol. 7/No. 3 Summer/2017

From the Director's Desk  

Now that summer is here it is time to relax, take a deep breath  and enjoy the longer days and opportunity to spend time outdoors as much as possible. Many of our members and volunteers take time to travel to distant places but the SPRYE office remains busy arranging rides, scheduling programs and preparing for the annual benefit in late September. Life seems to slow down in the summer but here at SPRYE we realize the importance of staying socially connected, which is crucial to both well-being and survival. For those members who cannot go away, have little or no family nearby or who are experiencing health issues, it is important for them to know that SPRYE is just a phone call away.  They can count on us to make sure they have groceries in the house, can get to their appointments  or have someone to converse with, even if it's just on the phone. With our busy lives it is easy to overlook that we might have neighbors who need some human contact to reduce isolation and loneliness. Social connectedness is essential for good health and it is one of SPRYE's goal to provide that engagement for our members. Enjoy your summer!

Betti Weimersheimer
Executive Director
SPRYE welcomes
We especially need drivers. What better way to get to know your neighbors than to volunteer for SPRYE. Just two hours of your time each week can make a tremendous difference in the life of a local resident who can no longer drive. As SPRYE membership grows, we need to increase our volunteer corps. It's easy to get involved: call 481-5706 for more information.   
  Board of Directors
Barbara Brunner
Chair, Exec. Comm.
Nancy Haneman
Vice President
Joan Feinstein
Michele Thomas
Gene Collins
Lisa Aaronberg
Valerie Barrett
Geraldine Bowling
Kathy Carley-Spanier
Richard Falanka
John Gray
Svend Hansen
Paul Hicks
Lee Katz
Dale Mintz
Katherine Moore
Dan O'Day
Isobel Perry
Hal Schwartz
Arthur Stampleman
Wendy Weinreb
Gil Weinstein
Executive Director
Betti Weimersheimer

Administrative Asst.
Margie McCabe
    One Gateway Plaza 
        55 S. Main St.
          3rd Floor 
Port Chester, N.Y. 10573
Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 748
Rye, N.Y. 10580

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Fun and Camaraderie at the Board and Member Barbecue


The cloudy, cool skies did not dampen the spirits of all those who attended the annual SPRYE Board and member barbecue on June 8.  For the third year the event was hosted by Board member Roz Carvin at her Rye Brook home.  Many people contributed main dishes and desserts for a delicious meal. One of the highlights was the distribution of hand painted flower pots containing marigolds, planted by two third grade classes from the Milton School.  It was the first year that the school instituted a week of service and the two third grade classes chose SPRYE for their service project.  The barbecue is always a great opportunity for socializing and getting to know fellow members. As usual, it was a fun filled evening.

SPRYE members display their hand painted pots donated by two third grade classes from the Milton School in Rye.


Enjoying a meal and lively discussion.

Members Dick Lee and Frank Woo bundled up but happy.



SPRYE Appreciates Its Volunteers!

On a glorious afternoon in June SPRYE volunteers gathered at Picnic Point at the American Yacht Club to be feted by SPRYE in appreciation of their dedication and hard work on behalf of the organization. It was the second volunteer reception of the year and we couldn't have asked for better weather or a more beautiful spot to show how grateful we are to all the volunteers who sustain us and make it possible for our members to have access to so many essential services. They certainly enhance and improve the quality of our members' lives.  Our members cannot say enough kind words about our volunteers.  They realize they are the heart and soul of SPRYE.
Volunteers gather at Picnic Point for wine and treats.
Enjoying the lovely afternoon.
During the summer many of our volunteers take much earned breaks. However, the number of ride requests do not lessen. Members who cannot drive must still get to their appointments or complete essential errands. If you know of anyone who is available to fill in as a driver or in the office answering phones during the summer months, please let the SPRYE office know.  We can always use the help! 
Volunteers Arthur Stampleman and Tom Wynne deep in conversation

               Member Profile: Betsy Healy
Betsy Healy (in middle) on a SPRYE excursion.

Betsy Healy had a long and illustrious career as a social worker. But one of the highlights of her life was her time in Japan, Okinawa and South Korea when she counselled servicemen and Marines who had been wounded, and after recovery were being sent back to the battlefield in the Korean War. She worked for the American Red Cross and was stationed at the Swedish Red Cross Hospital and subsequently on Navy ships where she assessed and provided support to soldiers from 18 nations, including Turkey, Ethiopia, Greece, France and Britain. "I always made sure to greet the wounded soldiers when they arrived at the hospital, to reassure them, no matter what time it was, and to say goodbye when they went off to battle again," said Betsy. "I wanted to make sure they knew someone was thinking of them." When she returned to the United States in the 1950's, Betsy worked at Army and Navy Hospitals in Indiana and on Long Island.  
Betsy moved to Rye with her parents and older brother in 1933 when she was nine years old.  She went to Connecticut College for Women where she received a BA in Social Work and later received her Masters degree in Social Work from Fordham University.  She lived in Manhattan for many years and worked at St. Vincent's Hospital, Brooklyn Hospital and as a consultant for the Heart Association. Betsy retired 26 years ago and returned to Rye in 1993.  After retirement she realized she wanted to get involved in the community and volunteered in various capacities: teaching ESL, volunteering in a hospice and for a United Hospital program for the home bound elderly. Her interest in the elderly led to her involvement in SPRYE. When Betsy first joined in 2011 she was not in need of services and in fact, signed on as a volunteer driver.  As her health changed, she realized it was no longer possible for her to continue driving and now relies on SPRYE to help get her to appointments and grocery shopping.  "I love all the volunteer drivers who have taken me," she says.  "They are just the nicest people."  And the volunteers enjoy spending time with Betsy because she is such a wealth of information on history and local lore and has such wonderful to stories to relate as she goes on her errands.


The SPRYE Board has gone through some recent changes. Founder and long time Board member Tom Saunders and his wife Emily moved to Connecticut in the spring to be closer to family.  They both devoted many years to SPRYE and will be sorely missed. Four other Board members went off the Board when their terms ended June 30: Roz Carvin, Ken Knowles, Kathy Lonergan and Marty Rogowsky.   New to the Board are Geraldine Bowling, Kathy Carley-Spanier, Svend Hansen, Dan O'Day and Wendy Weinreb. We are delighted to welcome them to our Board. 

Wendy Weinreb
Geraldine Bowling

Svend Hansen
Kathy Carley-Spanier

Dan O'Day

The SPRYE Program Committee is hard at work planning programs and events for the Fall. We welcome any ideas or suggestions for trips, lectures etc. We strive to offer programs of interest to our members and your input is invaluable.  Happily, the monthly current events breakfast at Ruby's Oyster Bar now draws a group of regulars who look forward to the stimulating discussions organized by Arthur Stampleman. Newcomers are welcome to join the group!   
Local historian, author and SPRYE Board member Paul Hicks  recently collaborated on an exhibit with the Rye Historical Society called "Mapping the History of Rye." The exhibit features reproductions of maps from the 17th-19th centuries as well as original maps from the Rye Historical Society collection. We are planning to visit the exhibit in the fall when Paul will share his findings with us. A group of members and volunteers ventured to the Met Breuer Museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in June and particularly enjoyed the Marsden Hartley Maine exhibit.

The SPRYE group poses at the Met Breuer.

To better serve our membership demographic SPRYE is excited to announce a new option for membership that will allow a greater number of local residents to participate in our social and educational programs. This new Associate Membership offering is available now.  For full details and a fee schedule, please click on the following link: http://www.sprye.org/membership.html


Upcoming Opportunity for SPRYE Artists and Craftspeople!

SPRYE members and volunteers will have the opportunity to submit original artwork, craft, and handiwork in any format to be considered for inclusion in an art exhibit that will be held at the Iona College Art Gallery in the spring of 2019.
Painting, sculpture, ceramics, fiber arts (knitting, needlework etc.), photography, woodwork, jewelry, mixed media - everything will be accepted for review. All pieces will be chosen by a professional curator. The exhibit will be comprised of works from members of several aging-in-place organizations around Westchester County. At present, in order to complete the application for the gallery space, the curator would like to gauge interest from SPRYE artists and craftspeople.

Let us know if you have pieces you would like to be considered for the show. You do not need to decide the specific work(s) that you will submit at this time. Call Betti at the office (914-481-5706) if you are interested, and let her know what medium you work in. Don't be shy! Once the gallery space has been reserved, we will be in touch with additional details.
If you are not able to submit photos electronically, the curator will come to your home to view your works and make her decisions.

UPCOMING PROGRAMS: July - September 2017

Please make sure to RSVP: 914-481-5706.  All programs are for SPRYE members and volunteers only. The monthly program at Wainwright House is open to the general public. Rides are available to all programs for members only. 

Friday, July 7 at 9 am:  Monthly current events discussion/breakfast at  Ruby's Oyster Bar, 45 Purchase St., Rye. Breakfast a la carte.

Tuesday, July 11 at 10 am:  Docent-led tour of the
exhibition Spring into Summer with Andy Warhol and Friends!   This exhibition  takes an unusual approach to this most famous of Pop artists. Although we tend to associate Warhol's work with artifice and mass production-think of his bold images of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup cans-there is another side to the artist that is often overlooked, his interest in the natural, the real, and the intimate. Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT. $6.
Saturday, July 15: Saturday Night Out.  Time to be determined. Depending on interest and what is available in local movie houses, there will be an offering of movie and dinner. Please check with office if interested in attending.
Wednesday, July 19 from 5-7 pm:     A repeat of the popular Cruise to Nowhere out of Greenwich, CT. Weather permitting. $8

The new Fall calendar will be distributed in August.
Tell your friends about SPRYE. We have many services to offer that can make a difference in the lives of older adults in the community who want to remain active, independent and socially connected.  We can help with grocery shopping/delivery, mail sorting, and home tech help.