Arts education news for Seattle's school arts teams| June, 2019
June Focus:
Looking Back and Looking Forward
This issue includes:
Looking Back:

  • The Creative Advantage Annual Report
  • Poll: Take a survey on how the year in arts went at your school
  • Goodbye to teachers leaving SPS

Looking Forward to 2019-20

  • New Creative Advantage K-12 Pathways
  • Regional Arts Showcases
  • New Sustainability Arts Grants
  • Arts Integration Professional Development Series
  • Opportunities and events for teachers and students
Student at Dearborn Park Intl Elementary working on a lesson integrating literacy and painting. This lesson was taught to teachers at a free workshop provided by Arts Impact in late May. Next year, more arts integration workshops will be offered to SPS teachers.
Looking Back: The 2017-18 Annual Report
Each year, The Creative Advantage releases a study by our evaluator The BERC Group that looks at the implementation and impact of the SPS K-12 Arts Plan. The report is based on SPS data and the observations and focus groups that BERC does at Creative Advantage schools each year. Thank you for letting researchers visit your classrooms! We learn valuable feedback and make changes to our approach based on this report each year. You can read the entire report here. This year we learned that:

  1. The Creative Advantage is creating a culture shift in schools where the presence of arts is palpable and students have opportunities to express themselves creatively. 
  2. We are continuing to make significant gains in art and music access for our elementary students. In 2017-18, elementary and K-8 schools showed their highest gains, with elementary school visual art and music access increasing from 62.7 to 96.8%.  
  3. However, at our middle and high schools, there are persistent racial disparities in who takes arts courses within SPS schools, especially for African American and Latinx students in music courses. We will continue to uncover and remove the systemic and structural barriers that are leading to these disparities in access to the arts as a part of basic education. 
  4. Evidence of both 21st Century skills and culturally responsive teaching is higher in the classrooms of Creative Advantage schools than in other school classrooms.  
  5. Last year, more than 1,700 students benefited from Creative Advantage arts partnerships.  
Incentive : Everyone who takes the poll by June 24th, 2019, will be entered in a raffle to receive $100 worth of art materials for your school. This months survey is a little longer than usual, so TWO schools will win the prize. Congratulations to last month's winner who took the poll about Regional Arts Showcases: Janet Miller at Hawthorne Elementary.
Tell us how the school year went.

We'd like to know more about how your school's year in the arts went. We will be asking all arts team coordinators to complete the survey, but would also like to hear from other arts team members. Your feedback will help us to make improvements in how we support schools in implementing The Creative Advantage.

Farewell to...
We end our reflection with goodbyes to some amazing teachers from Creative Advantage schools who are leaving SPS for new adventures...

Tina Beveridge , music teacher at Arbor Heights and Sanislo Elementary , is leaving to pursue doctoral work at University of Miami.
Stephen Bucheit , music teacher at Maple Elementary , is moving to Vietnam to teach for two years
Bonnie Hungate-Hawk , visual art teacher at Garfield High School , is retiring from teaching and will return to her studio as jeweler and painter.
Stewart Hawk , theatre teacher at Garfield High School , is retiring from teaching to direct theatre.
Marcus Herron , music director at Rainier Beach High School , is moving to St. Petersburg, FL to teach P-K-12 music at Admiral Farragut Academy
Tyson Sterne , music director at McClure Middle School , is moving to Miami, FL with his wife, Tina Beveridge

We thank each of these teachers for the significant work each has done to increase both access and quality of arts learning for students in Seattle Public Schools.
Looking Ahead to 2019-20
The Next Creative Advantage Pathways
The Creative Advantage is heading north. Next year, two new K-12 arts pathways will be in their arts planning year.

The Northwest Robert Eagle Staff K-12 Pathway which includes, Ingraham Intl High School, obert Eagle Staff Middle School, Broadview-Thomson K-8, Licton Springs K-8, Daniel Bagley Elementary, Cascadia Elementary, Greenwood Elementary and Northgate Elementary

The Northeast Jane Addams Middle School K-12 Pathway which includes Nathan Hale High School, Jane Addams Middle School, Hazel Wolf K-8, Decatur Elementary, John Rogers Elementary, Olympic Hills Elementary, Olympic View Elementary, Sacajawea Elementary, Cedar Park Elementary, and Middle College at Northgate.
We want to help schools build and sustain the student benefits that come from long-lasting arts partnerships after they have completed their initial 3-year implementation cycle, so starting next year, we will be offering small grants to the 24 K-12 schools in the Meany, Washington and Denny K-12 arts pathways. Both school staff or arts partners who have agreed to work together on an arts partnership - an art residency in a classroom during the school day or arts PD for school staff -will be able to apply starting in September, 2019.
Funds are available to groups of schools in Creative Advantage pathways to develop and implement their own regional arts showcase next year. Each region's showcase will showcase will feature acts from multiple schools in the same K-12 pathway and from multiple arts disciplines. We imagine an eclectic mix of acts reflecting the arts your students are passionate about in and out of school. Showcases will happen in the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year, with planning beginning this spring. Teams of schools will have support from  Masao Yamada, the Regional Arts Showcase Event Manager to advise and coordinate regional teams on the planning, marketing and performance of the events. He will also create a toolkit for schools to use in putting on their own future showcases. Read about Masao below.  If you are a teacher, teaching artist, or student who would like to learn more about how to participate in a 2019 Regional Arts Showcase in Central, Southeast or Southwest Seattle, please contact  Masao .  
New Arts Integration Professional Development
Using feedback from poll many of you completed in the April Newsletter on arts PD, we are designing a series of four arts integration workshops that will be available throughout the year. Dates and workshop descriptions will be available in the Fall. If you have not yet submitted your preferences, please take the poll.
Summer PD Opportunities
Arts Impact Summer Institute
Creative Advantage Arts Partner
Join the teaching artists at Arts Impact for a five-day Summer Institute: one running August 5 to 9 in Seattle or August 12 to 16 in Tacoma, with classroom mentorships offered during the 2019-20 school year. Discover dance, theater, and visual arts lessons, delve into, and enjoy true project-based learning. Discover ready-to-use strategies that take best teaching practices to the next level. For more information, please go to: .
Summer Institute for Educators: Enhancing Curriculum with Arts Integration
Creative Advantage Arts Partner
This program, taking place on July 24-25, is designed for K-12 classroom teachers as an introduction to using art in the classroom. Workshop participants will receive free resources and teaching materials, entrance to SAM’s galleries, and twelve (12) Washington State Clock Hours. For more information, please go to:
Summer Art Institute: From the Heart — Storytelling and the Arts
The Maryhill Museum of Art is offering a week-long Summer Art Institute for educators and artists July 22-26. Participants will explore the art of print-making and book-making to create visual stories and dip into storytelling in the performing arts. For more information, please go to:
Summer Dance Institute for Teachers (SDIT)
Join Anne Green Gilbert and colleagues as they share the philosophy of brain-compatible teaching and the power of the BrainDance. Participants will experience lessons based on Anne Green Gilbert's patently successful five-part conceptual lesson plan and the brain-compatible principles that underpin it. Discover how incorporating these principles into your teaching and workplace can positively affect class management, behavior, learning, and focus. For more information, please go to:
Creative Advantage Summer Institute
Save the date: August 15, 2019
Seattle Art Museum
10am - 5pm
Free and invitation to reserve a spot will arrive soon

Institute description: As our region is rapidly changing, how can learning that is rooted in art, culture and place help to foster a more creative and just future? What does it look like to center arts education on local histories and community narratives? How can we inspire ourselves and our students to connect with and respond to what surrounds us? 

Arts Opportunities for Students
West Side Story
A Free Summer Matinee Performance for Student Groups
July 11, 2019 10:30 AM
The 5th Avenue Theatre
1308 5th Ave - Seattle, WA

Join us for a special matinee performance of West Side Story at The 5th Avenue Theatre. Tickets are FREE to student groups and qualifying families. To learn more and to request tickets, please visit:
Tickets are limited. Please request as soon as possible to ensure availability. Large groups are welcome!
As you implement your school arts plans, here are a few websites and people you can look to for help:

The Creative Advantage Page on the SPS website
Resources and tools for arts teams, Creative Advantage news and archived newsletters.

The Community Arts Partner Roster is a vetted list of teaching artists and community arts and culture organizations approved to work in Seattle Public Schools through the Creative Advantage.

The Creative Advantage Website Provides an overview of The Creative Advantage and the value of arts education.

If you can't find what you need on-line, contact the Creative Advantage staff:
Audrey Querns -SPS project manager for Creative Advantage (for questions about arts teams and planning, arts partner logistics like contracts and funding)
Tina LaPadula - Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Creative Youth Project Manager (for questions about the Arts Partner Roster and working with teaching artists and arts organizations) 

Lara Davis - Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Arts Education Manager

Gail Sehlhorst -SPS Visual and Performing Arts Manager (for questions about arts staffing, curriculum and assessment, and supports for arts teachers)

Pam Ivezic - SPS Instructional Music Coach (for questions about supports for music teachers and programs)