| November, 2018
In a Creative Advantage School...
Rainier View Elementary Students Explore Their Own Diversity in Art Class
Written by Elaine Bagwell, Visual Art teacher at Rainier View Elementary
This project was a study of line plus color mixing. Students first learned the elements of shape and line, then hand prints were added to give a sense of identify for students. Students created hands after a review of the color wheel and color mixing of tints and shades. We celebrated the diversity of the many shades of color in our classrooms, and students were challenged, proud and engaged in learning and mastering these skills.
Arts Education News...
Connecting Students to Careers in Media Arts
This month, The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture released a report on Creative Strategies for Career Connected Learning: Youth Voice in the Media Classroom , based on interviews with SPS students in media arts classrooms and in-depth interviews with Seattle-based media arts creative workers.

Read the article here .
This month in your arts team...
Designing an Arts Partnership
We had record participation at last Tuesday’s second annual Creative Advantage Arts Partner Meet and Greet at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. Community arts partners and school arts team members speed-friended and mingled bolstered by delicious food from That Brown Girl Cooks! and background beats by SassyBlack. If you were not able to attend last week’s Meet and Greet event, you can also find potential arts partners for your school by visiting The Creative Advantage Arts Partner Roster .

Once that connection to a partner has been made, The Creative Advantage has a Project Design Tool available on the SPS and Creative Advantage websites for partners and schools to use in creating a high-level overview of the partnership project . Use it to generate ideas, create plans, and build an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all involved. The form should be completed in collaboration with the partnering classroom teacher and arts partner. It was originally designed by a team of teachers, school leaders and arts partners facilitated by Seattle Art Museum and is part of a Partnership Toolkit to support schools and partner through the entire cycle of a partnership.
Arts Opportunities for Schools
Seattle Opera Tour 2019
Cinderella en España
Bring the power of musical storytelling to your school, library, or community center with a live opera performance! Seattle Opera’s School Tour brings a fully-produced 50-minute opera to your community. A perfect all-school assembly or community performance. A study guide is provided in advance so you can start the conversation in your classroom!

This fully staged and costumed production is performed with five singers and live piano accompaniment. Each performance includes a post-show audience discussion to deepen the students' engagement with the opera’s message about the power of compassion and the intrinsic value of personal integrity.
Seattle Opera’s 2019 touring production is inspired by various global retelling of the timeless rags-to-riches tale. A returning favorite, Cinderella en España sets the action in the culturally vibrant coastal city of Barcelona, providing a lively, modern-day bilingual backdrop to this deceptively simple story about the beauty of kindness and the ugliness of mistreating others.

To contact Seattle Opera, email .
Arts Opportunities for Teachers
Saturday, December 5th
Free PD and concert with Steven Van Zandt
The member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and actor from The Sopranos is touring the country with his band to promote music education and show solidarity with teachers.
Arts Opportunities for Students

STG's 18th Annual More Music @ The Moore, an artist development program centered in collaboration, encourages musicians ages 14-21 to audition. This program/performance is about exceptional young musicians mixing up diverse music styles to celebrate the rich musical talent of youth in our community and to provide musicians, regardless of what style they play, the opportunity to make music together. 

As you implement your school arts plans, here are a few websites and people you can look to for help:

The Creative Advantage Page on the SPS website
Resources and tools for arts teams, Creative Advantage news and archived newsletters.

The Community Arts Partner Roster is a vetted list of teaching artists and community arts and culture organizations approved to work in Seattle Public Schools through the Creative Advantage.

The Creative Advantage Website & Toolkit houses the school arts plans, tools for planning partnerships, guidelines for contracts and invoices and more.

If you can't find what you need on-line, contact the Creative Advantage staff:
Audrey Querns -SPS project manager for Creative Advantage (for questions about arts teams and planning, arts partner logistics like contracts and funding)
Tina LaPadula - Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Creative Youth Project Manager and Lara Davis -Arts Education Manager (for questions about the Arts Partner Roster and working with teaching artists and arts organizations) 

Gail Sehlhorst -SPS Visual and Performing Arts Manager (for questions about arts staffing, curriculum and assessment)
Kate Baker - SPS Media Arts Skills Center Project Manager