Each year at the SPWLA Annual Symposium individuals are honored and rewarded for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the Society and the industry. Due to our live event cancellation we would like to recognize our honorees in this announcement. Feel free to send your congratulations directly to them via text, email, phone call and/or social media! Our future plan is to hold a ceremony for these deserving candidates at the 2021 Annual Symposium.
Gold Medal Technical
Charles Flaum

Distinguished Technical Award
Dale Fitz

Distinguished Technical Award
Jean Seydoux

Distinguished Technical Award
Julian Pop

Meritorious Technical Award
Margaret Lessenger

Meritorious Technical Award
Ron Bonnie

Meritorious Technical Award
Lizhi Xiao

Meritorious Technical Award
Kent Newsham

Meritorious Technical Award
Jinhong Chen

Distinguished Service Award
Thaimar Ramirez

Distinguished Service Award
Martin Storey

Meritorious Service Award
Hua Wang

Young Professional Technical Award
Haijing Wang

Young Professional Technical Award
Zoya Heidari

Young Professional Technical Award
Siddharth Misra

Outstanding Professional Chapter
SPWLA Tulsa Chapter
Outstanding Student Chapter
SPWLA Texas Tech Chapter
Best Petrophysics Paper 2019
NMR EVALUATION OF LIGHT-HYDROCARBON COMPOSITION, PORE SIZE AND TORTUOSITY IN ORGANIC-RICH CHALKS ; Zeliang Chen, Philip M. Singer, Xinglin Wang, Rice University; Harold J. Vinegar, Vinegar Technologies LLC; Scott V. Nguyen, Braket Technologies and George J. Hirasaki, Rice University ( PJV60N6-2019a5 )
Symposium Best Paper Presentation 2019
THERMAL MATURITY-ADJUSTED LOG INTERPRETATION (TMALI) IN ORGANIC SHALE; Paul R. Craddock, Schlumberger-Doll Research, Richard E. Lewis, Schlumberger, Jeffrey Miles and Andrew E. Pomerantz, Schlumberger-Doll Research ( Paper 2019_JJJ )
Symposium Best E-Poster Presentation 2019
A MACHINE LEARNING FRAMEWORK FOR AUTOMATING WELL LOG DEPTH MATCHING; Lin Liang, Thai Le, Timon Zimmermann, Smaine Zeroug and Denis Heliot, Schlumberger ( Paper 2019_S )
2019-2020 Distinguished and Regional Speakers

Paul Craddock, Schlumberger
Yegor Se, TengizChevroil, Chevron
Marco Pirrone, ENI
Nishank Saxena, Shell
Melanie Durand, Shell
Colin Schroeder, UT Austin
Harry Xie, Core Labs
Nigel Clegg, Halliburton, Computational Goescience
Zikri Bayraktar, Schlumberger
Stacey Althaus, Aramco Services Company
Chelsea Newgord, UT Austin
Lin Liang, Schlumberger
Stein Ottar Stalheim, Equinor 
Bo Gong, Chevron
Alberto Ortiz, YPF S.A. Argentina, South America
Dzevat Omeragic, Schlumberger, North America
Lalitha Venkataramanan, Schlumberger, North America
Luis Quintero, Halliburton, North America
Luis Stinco, Oleumpetra LLC, South America
Martin Storey, Well Data Quality Assurance, Asia Pacific