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June 8/9 2019
This series will explore our Vision as SPX: To form disciples who joyfully live out the mission of Jesus Christ in Bowie. Coming from the angle of all that we have been through this past year with the clergy abuse scandal, we’ll look at why we choose to stay and how this makes our mission even more important. The series will lay out a clear case for committing even more fully to who God has called us to be as a parish and culminate in our annual offertory pledge renewal when we’ll ask parishioners to increase their giving to enable us to continue to build upon the changes to reach more people for Jesus. Sacrificial giving is the only way for us to continue to be an outward-facing parish with a heart for those who are yet to come.

To listen to the homilies and the series song, click here.
What's With the SPX Logo Shirts?
At all our Masses we’ve introduced shirts with our church logo so our key volunteers are easily identifiable to parishioners and newcomers. This is also helpful in the event of an emergency. Plus it sends a message to first-time visitors who are checking us out that they don’t have to dress up to worship here.
You will see them on those who help with childcare, SLAM, ushers, greeters and those at our info desk.
-Fr. Mike
Father's Day Novena
Our Father's Day Novena of Masses begins June 16th. Envelopes are available at the exits.
Honduras Medical Mission
The next Honduras Mission Trip is this July and we need your help to provide the supplies needed. Your donations make an incredible difference to those served by this mission. Supplies will be collected in the entranceway the weekends of
June 15/16 and 22 /23.
For a list of supplies needed,
What's the Parish Pastoral Council Been Up To?
The newly formed Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), met for the first time on February 26th. At this meeting they focused on goals for the council, which are to foster pastoral activity and to provide input to pastoral planning. They discussed ideas presented in the book Rebuilt, and also listed the many strengths of the parish, as well as the needs, as perceived by PPC members. Father Mike provided copies of the Archdiocesan guidelines for PPCs.
Four of the current PPC members will serve for one year; four for two years and the remaining four for three. After this start-up period each PPC term will be three years long.  Madonna Chernesky will chair the meetings this year; Craig Kennedy is the co-chair and Katie Summers the secretary.

The PPC was commissioned at the 11:30 AM Mass on March 3rd. All members of the PPC who were available on Holy Thursday agreed to participate in the washing of the feet ceremony during that Mass.

The March 30th meeting focused on two topics: a review of the parish's website and the preparation of a parish survey. In addition Father Mike updated the council on the next phases of the parish expansion plan and the Led By Love capital campaign. A summary of the status was provided to the parish.

The May 11th meeting continued the website review and possible survey topics and questions. The comments of each PPC member on these two topics were sent into writing to Fr. Mike. The next meeting of the PPC is scheduled for June 22nd.
The Executive Council
Madonna Chernesky
Craig Kennedy
Katie Summers
New Parishioners
A warm welcome to our newest parishioners:

Ms. Hermine Honba and her children Helena Passo-Honba, Channah-Rose Passo Toko, Serge-Hules Passo Ngoumnou, and Atniel Passo Ngeng

Zeff and Johnice Richardson

Get more info on joining our SPX parish family, by clicking HERE.
The Sharing Pantry Needs Your Help
The Sharing Pantry thanks our SPX parishioners for the phenomenal response to its call for nonperishable food items. Your generosity is making it possible for the Sharing Pantry to serve nearly 30 Bowie families in need. Let's keep it up! We are currently in need of CEREAL and paper grocery bags.
Any help is appreciated.
OUR SICK: Mark Beierschmitt, Sharon Craig, George Ratte', Veronica Salek, Wendy Puente, Greg Walsh, Brenda Holley, Victor Salek, Jr., Sue Young, Marie Respass, William Quarles, Bernadette Okpala, Teresa Gazda, Janae Moody, Ronald Bines, Judy Stevens, Betty Melton, Ryleigh Grace Fominaya, Elaine Lum

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PRAYER MINISTRY:  For our sick and homebound parishioners, for all our Fathers living and deceased, for victims of clergy abuse
Wed. 6/12, 9:00 AM: Edward Joseph
Mroz +
Thurs. 6/13, 9:00 AM: James Murray, Sr. +
Fri. 6/14, 9:00 AM:
Sat. 6/15, 5:00 PM: Bill Klimczak+
Sun. 6/16, 7:30 AM: Genevieve Wendland+
Sun. 6/16, 9:00 AM: Father's Day Novena
Sun. 6/16, 11:30 AM: For all St. Pius X Parishioners

(For Mass intentions, stop by Pius2U or the rectory office.)
 Need more info? Call the rectory office at 301.262.2141