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September 7/8 2019
In this world, you’ll have struggles. You’ll face opposition. You’ll be challenged. And there’s a reason for that: this world is not your home. So answer hate with love, find joy in the midst of trials, and rely on a strength beyond yourself. You’re meant to be … Different .

Sept 8 - Week 1
You're called to be different

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The Archbishop Is Coming
to SPX
Please join on us Saturday, September 21st when Archbishop Gregory will be celebrating our 5 pm Mass. Let's show him a great SPX welcome!
MSM Starts on Tuesday
Middle School Ministry (MSM) serves students in grades 6-8th. Our evening begins with an activity, then after a large group message we break in to small groups to dive deeper into what we are learning...and to grow in Christ-like relationships. At SPX we believe that life change happens in relationships, and that our Small Group Leaders can help create an environment where that happens.
Check us out on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:15 PM in The Garage.
To register, click here . Questions? Contact Jen here.
Becoming Catholic
Got Questions? About God, faith, Catholicism, or just this crazy thing called life? Our door is open. Becoming Catholic is a place to explore those questions, share your story and move forward together. Becoming Catholic starts back up on September 15, 10 AM in the rectory. FAQ's?? Click here.
September Sodality Meeting
All women of the parish are invited to this month's meeting of the SPX Sodality of Our Lady, which will be held on Monday, Sept. 9 at 7 pm in the Church. Join us for a Communion Service, Rosary, fellowship, and brief business meeting. Questions?
Contact the Rectory.
Adult Mission Trip
Take your next step in faith and serve this fall with our Adult Mission Trip with Habitat for Humanity. Those aged 18 and older invited to travel to Delaware October 3 - 5, 2019 to help renovate and build houses for those in need. No prior experience is necessary, training and direction are provided.
Interested? Click here.
Sacramental Prep Information
Sacramental Prep is a two year process of Faith Formation along with Sacramental or Confirmation Prep classes.
If your child attends a public school they must be enrolled in our KidMin/MSM program starting in at least First Grade/Seventh Grade to be eligible. If your child attends a Catholic school (minimum start First Grade/Seventh Grade) they are receiving their Faith Formation daily and will only need to attend the additional sacramental prep classes in their Second Grade/Eighth Grade year. All children from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are welcome in our KidMin program, and all Students from Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade are welcome in our MSM program. To register for this coming year, see the website.

Do you have additional questions? Contact Jen, for KidMin HERE or for MSM HERE.
September Wedding Anniversaries
Congratulations to those parishioners celebrating and anniversary in September.

Frank and Rose Evans- 70 years
Richard and Fanny Brown- 50 years
Richard and Linda Colarco- 49 years
Bill and Marianne McGucken- 39 years
Nnamdi and Nmaku Ibe- 10 years
Yamir and Jessica Perez- 8 years
Sal and Lauren Giglio- 7 years
OUR SICK: Dave Williamson, Luz Gamber, Mary Walek, Tom O' Connor, Rose Nduanya,   Ian Azeredo, Faye Clark, George Ratte', Veronica Salek, Greg Walsh, Brenda Holley, Victor Salek, Jr., Sue Young, Marie Respass, William Quarles, Bernadette Okpala, Teresa Gazda, Janae Moody, Ronald Bines, Judy Stevens, Betty Melton, Ryleigh Grace Fominaya, Elaine Lum

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PRAYER MINISTRY:  For our sick and homebound parishioners, for our programs starting up this weekend, for victims of clergy abuse
Wed. 9/11, 9:00 AM: Teresa Ramirez +
Thurs. 9/12, 9:00 AM: Blanca Yruegas +
Fri. 9/13, 9:00 AM: Josefina Lara for healing
Sat. 9/14, 5:00 PM: Gladys Boluda +
Sun. 9/15, 7:30 AM: Esther Nartine Kengue & Louis Fouejieu+
Sun. 9/15, 9:00 AM: Genevieve Wendland+
Sun. 9/15, 11:30 AM: For all SPX Parishioners

(For Mass intentions, stop by Pius2U or the rectory office.)
 Need more info? Call the rectory office at 301.262.2141