A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 2, 2019
Today, you may notice a slight change to our format. You can thank one of our customers for this suggestion, and I'm taking a poll from the rest of you. AFTER she referred to my story as "rambling" which completely cracked me up, I decided that I would take her suggestion and put it out there to the masses. So to the nameless customer who loves the stories and says I "ramble", here you go!  You might be my favorite this week, and I took it with a grain of salt as you said!  

The question: Do you like the story in one full paragraph or would it read easier if I actually broke the story up in multiple paragraphs? We actually debated this concept in the office and all I could think of was how I read things on my phone. If it is over two paragraphs, I scroll down quickly with my thumb thinking, "Oh my gosh, how long is this?" Because of my personality and let's call them "gifts", I process in 10 words or less.  

However, some people do not mind how many paragraphs as long as it is interesting or has their attention. And I do ramble. I ramble in my stories and I ramble in real life. I am known in the office for the random squirrels that run through during a conversation. Just yesterday in our landscape meeting, I saw the geese and their five goslings and walked over to the door because I really wanted to go outside. I then walked over to the hot dog buns on top of the fridge and took two of them out of the package so when we finished our 10,000+ word meeting, I could feed them. It takes a lot of energy for me to stay engaged. I can focus. I just have to think about it.  

What about you? How do you read things? Do you like the one big story or this version in multiple paragraphs? Do I ramble? Ok, don't answer that. I find it amazing if you have hung in this long to our stories. I just don't think we are that interesting but everyone tells me they enjoy them. Where we fail in interest, I can assure you we are dang funny. So I wait for your response and remember, 10 words or less if you want me to actually engage and if you can throw in some humor, that's sure to keep me reading. Better yet, get your butt in the car and drive here, tell us in person and take something green home "for garden's sake." We are stocked full and well, we are running out of room. BAAAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!
Delight your mother with decorative items, wine, pottery, or all three! What mom wouldn't love a bottle of French Rosé provided by Thomas Meunier Selections out of Carborro! We also have indoor and outdoor pottery in so many colors and sizes. You can find the perfect plant to pair with it, too! Whether you fill it with one of our beautiful houseplants or her favorite tropical, you are sure to please!
Save mom some work and buy her a container garden that is ready to go. These pre-planted container gardens are the perfect combination of thrill, fill and spill. Or if you are feeling creative, select your own plants and pottery and create your own container garden for her (or yourself). If you need help, our associates will be glad to help you pick the perfect pot and plants!
Tropicals are a beautiful addition to your landscape, porch or patio. They love a bright, sunny spot and will deliver delightful blooms all summer long. We promise mom will be tickled pink with one of these Hibiscus, Mandevillas, or one of the many other tropical varieties that we have in stock. They may only last one season, but we promise that they are worth it!
Saturday, May 11, 2019 
Let us show you how to bring the beauty of your spring landscape indoors!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake
Registration deadline: May 8
Email  julia@fgsdurham.com  or call Julia at 919-484-9759, ext. 100.
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. May is here and so is your to do list for what needs to be done in the lawn and garden this month. Planting tomatoes this weekend? Our post on Growing Tomatoes has lots of helpful information.
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