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Espresso Capital Partners
August 9, 2011

Canada's SR&ED program is currently being reviewed by the federal government and your input is important.

Help us keep SR&ED intact - tell the federal government how it's important to your company

In December 2010, the federal government convened an Expert Panel to review federal support of Research and Development in Canada. Several organizations provided input earlier this year which, among several recommendations, included the need for continued support of the existing SR&ED program in Canada as a vital part of supporting early stage technology companies. 

The Expert Panel is still reviewing the inputs and is open to further feedback from companies. There is still an opportunity for your feedback to ensure that there is continued, unwavering support for SR&ED and at a minimum, to preserve the existing tax credits We support program improvements that would decrease subjectivity of reviews, apply the rules consistently, and prosecute fraudulent claim submissions.  


Your input is valuable to the expert panel and politicians. Here are two ways in which you can participate:


1. Contribute to an online discussion at the BCTIA LinkedIn site. BCTIA is seeking input from companies on how the SR&ED program has assisted them to grow and what would happen if it wasn't there.


2. Send your comments directly to key politicians:

Four key Ministers to contact 
Contact details:

Minister of Finance - The Honourable Jim Flaherty
Minister of National Revenue - The Honourable Keith Ashfield
Minister of Industry - The Honourable Tony Clement
Minister of State for Science and Technology - The Honourable Dr. Gary Goodyear 



Thousands of high paying, high value jobs in the technology sector are dependent on the SR&ED program. Make sure your voice is heard by the expert panel and the politicians listed above directly on the impact this program has on your company.


Thanks for your help,


Gary Yurkovich
Espresso Capital Partners