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Message for Families to share @ Home together from the SR Sunday Sermon

Included in this email:

Worship Songs

Memory Verse

Activity Ideas

Pages to Print

Parent Article

Ongoing Opportunities

Praying that these resources are helpful for your family to build faith together!! Please contact us if you have any questions!!

Worship Songs

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South Rock Spotify Playlist

One- Seeds Family Worship

THE BLESSING [KIDS] - kids from many nations

Memory Verse:

“Stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel.”

-Philippians 1:27

Ways to continue to memorize this scripture together:

  1. Make a family poster, or write it down in various places around your house.
  2. Record your family saying it together or take turns each saying a line or words, post on South Rock Kids Facebook or email it to

I'd love to see how your family is in the Word together!!!

ACTIVITY Ideas: (scroll down for some pages you can print too!)

Read today's scripture together from your bible!

Philippians 1:27-2:11

The sermon message from this passage helped remind us to:

Unite with Christ

Suffer for Christ

Behave Like Christ (Humble Yourself, Honor Others)


Think Like Christ  (Jesus had a submissive, servant and sacrificial mindset)

"SERVICE TO OTHERS" PLAYTIME: Give children a small tray or plastic plate to serve one another. Set up a "treat table" and let the child go pick 2 or 3 items off the table and SERVE a family member. (You can have items on the "treat table" such as small candies, new pencils, stickers, etc). Make sure that everyone takes turns being SERVED! Children can also be encouraged to SERVE parents as well!

SERVANT BANNER: Place a long piece of rolled-out paper on the table and let children draw out the words A SERVANT IS THE GREATEST OF ALL, in bright markers and decorate the banner, with children serving others as you work together.

MORE LIKE JESUS CARDS: Give each child a card to be folded and write MORE LIKE JESUS on the outside of the folded card. Then pass the cards around to have everyone SIGN their own name to each other's cards, plus a happy face beside their names maybe. PRAY for each other to be MORE LIKE JESUS every day!

Notice the activity pages below that you can print and use

(hard copies were distributed in the Drive Thru Thursday packets, and you can pick a packet up anytime from the mailbox on the ground behind the pillar outside of the Kids Wing entrance)

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Parent Article:

Teach Your Child to Think Like Jesus

by Rebecca Ingram Powell

When my son David was 4 years old, he asked for a WWJD bracelet. As I purchased one, I explained that the bracelet was to be worn as a reminder to ask himself, What would Jesus do? in every situation. After strapping the bracelet on his wrist, David was extremely good, playing nicely with his brother and sister and doing as he was told for the rest of the day. The next morning, however, I heard my daughter crying. Danya, then 6 years old, explained through tears, "David hit me!"

I looked at David questioningly. "What did we talk about yesterday, son?" I asked. "Did you remember to ask yourself WWJD?"

"It's OK, Momma," he said in all innocence. "I'm not wearing my bracelet today."

Reaching the heart

At that point, I realized I needed a better plan for teaching my children how to think like Jesus! A bracelet might serve as an outward reminder, but it does not have the power to change your heart. Jesus explained that evil thoughts come from the heart (Matthew 15:19). It is not so much about what Jesus would do, but it is about sharing His heart. Reaching my children's hearts is the only way I will be able to teach them how to think like Jesus. A transformed heart will lead to changed lives that reflect what Jesus would do.

John A. Younts, author of Everyday Talk: Talking Freely and Naturally About God With Your Children, agrees. "Christian thought will lead your children away from the desires and works of the flesh and toward the fruit of the Spirit," he explains. "It will lead to change in actions, attitudes, and words." But it will not happen without your help. You must guide your child in learning to think like a Christian, relating every aspect of life to Christ and how he can best serve and glorify Him.

Everyday decisions

A child's life is full of choices, although he may not see it that way. While he does not choose what school he attends or what neighborhood he lives in, he makes decisions concerning his own conduct every minute of the day. "God designed the Bible to address all of the events of your child's life," notes Younts. "So familiarize yourself with the passages of Scripture that address the issues your child faces each day in school, at home, at church, and in his life. Then bring these principles and truths into the daily world that your child inhabits."

A child needs to realize that he makes a choice when it comes to the way he treats others. For example, he determines whether he shares or adopts a me-first attitude. He does not understand that he has a choice to make unless you show him. Telling your child, "You are choosing to be selfish when you refuse to share that toy," defines his selfish behavior. It puts a name on his action. Explaining then, "God wants us to share with one another and be generous," shows your child that there is a right behavior that he can choose - a choice that will please God.

Think on these things

Younts encourages parents to follow the direction of Paul in Philippians 4:8: "Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable - if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise - dwell on these things." "Take the time to point out the things that are excellent and then focus your child's thoughts on those things," Younts advises. "Of course, parents must set the example."

You cannot expect your child to learn how to think like Jesus if you are not actively pursuing that mind-set yourself. "Use the seemingly ordinary events of life to encourage Christian thought," explains Younts.

  • A new baby in the family can lead to a conversation about God as the giver of life.
  • An afternoon spent tracking down a lost pet can facilitate a discussion on how Jesus came to seek and save people who needed Him.
  • A scary thunderstorm or an unsettling news story can be used to lead your child to understand that God is sovereign, working everything together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Relate everything to the active presence of a personal God who is involved in every aspect of life.

"Christian thought is, first of all, redeemed thought," explains Younts. "The goal for Christian thought is expressed in Psalm 19:14: ‘May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.' " When your child is ultimately concerned with whether or not his thoughts are acceptable to God, you will reap the following rewards of Christian parenting.

  • A child who knows that God is watching him even when no one else is looking
  • A child who feels it when his heart is pricked by sin and weighted down by lack of confession
  • A child who senses God's power and marvels at His overwhelming presence in his life

"One important goal of parenting is to teach your children to think God's thoughts," reminds Younts. "Each day provides fresh, new opportunities to challenge your children to embrace God's thoughts as their own."


"Drive Thru Thursdays" are MONTHLY!

(First Thursday of the month!)

Our next Drive Thru Thursday will be July 2nd, 11:30-1:00 at the Kids Wing Round-About to distribute the FREE family packets of activities

and ideas to keep building faith at home!

We do have some past packets still available... if you have missed a past pick up and would like to get one (or more) we can have them for you in the church office or could do a porch drop... let us know and we can set one out!

Any changes and updates will be shared on

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Tween Scene meetings are done for the next several weeks!

4th and 5th graders (grade entering in the fall) will be invited when we start meeting again on Sunday evenings!

Email if you are not in the "Remind App" group to get the text update for "Tween Scene" updates!

June 6th and 7th is PROMOTION WEEKEND

And while we won't be meeting in the building for this time of transition... we wanted to remind you that this is still taking place as we consider what things what will look like when we re-enter the building. But specifically...

parents of 5th graders promoting out of Kids Ministry (entering middle school in the fall of 2020)... if you haven't received an email from Andy about summer plans... email him and let him know!!

We are looking at these dates for summer event opportunities for kids, though the events will not look the ways they may have in the past... watch for more details coming soon to be shared through email and on the church website!!

Vacation Bible School:

July 13th - 17th

Summer Camps: 4th and 5th graders: July 19-23

Kindergarten and 1st: July 24th-25th

2nd and 3rd: July

(Remember that these are for grade entering in the fall of 2020)

Email if you have any questions!

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