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Message for Families to share @ Home together from the SR Sunday Sermon

Paul wanted the believers in the city of Philippi to understand that they could be joyful even when life was hard.


Paul’s Joy in Prison

Philippians 1:12-30

Find the scripture in the bible you are using.

Read the scripture and/or the summarized story below.

Paul was living as a prisoner in Rome with a guard who watched him. Some Jewish people had tried to hurt

him because they did not like what he believed. Paul believed and told others that Jesus had risen from the dead. Now Paul was waiting to meet with Caesar, the emperor of Rome.

Believers visited Paul. Some sent him gifts.

Paul wrote a letter to the Christians in Philippi. He thanked them for sending a gift and told them about his work.

This is what Paul wrote: “I want you to know that even though the

Jews tried to stop me, everything that happened has actually helped me tell more people the good news about Jesus.”

As a prisoner, Paul’s special guards were with him all the time,

so Paul had many chances to tell them about Jesus.

Other believers bravely shared the good news about Jesus too.

Paul wrote, “Thank you for praying for me. I know that God has given me the Holy Spirit to help me. I hope that I will never be afraid or embarrassed about anything. I want to be bold and honor Jesus no matter what. If I live, I live for Jesus. If I die for Jesus, I will live with Him forever.”

Paul knew that being with Jesus is far better than anything else.

But while he was alive, Paul wanted to help other believers.

“No matter what happens,” Paul wrote, “live your life in a way that honors Jesus. Then, whether I am with you or away, I will hear that you are working together to share the good news about Jesus.

“Do not let anyone scare you away from doing this work.

This is the work God has given you to do—not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for Him.”

Christ Connection: Paul faced hard times, but God used him to share the good news about Jesus and to help the church. Paul knew that because Jesus suffered to rescue people from their sins, believers who do God’s work will suffer too.


Say: P​aul told the Philippians to be joyful. Paul faced hard times, but God used him to share the good news about Jesus and to help the church. Paul knew that because Jesus suffered to rescue people from their sins, believers who do God’s work will suffer too.

● Who was able to visit Paul while he was living as a prisoner?​

(other believers)

● Why was Paul joyful about all the troubles he had?

​(Everything that happened helped him tell more people about Jesus.)

● Who had God given Paul and all believers to help us? (​the Holy Spirit)

● Whom did Paul tell the believers to honor in how they lived their lives? ​(Jesus)

● What is the important work that God gives all believers?

(​ to believe in Jesus, to suffer for Jesus, to tell others about Jesus)


Print the word JOY in large, capital letters on a sheet of paper.

There are some great pages on the internet to find and print to color the word Joy

Decorate a page filled with what JOY means to you.

For younger kids write the letters in hollow block letters so they can be filled in.

Figure out a variety of ways to use bodies (think arms and legs) to form the shape of each of the letters of the word JOY.

Create a joyful self-portrait

Ask kids to make a face to show they are happy. Show their face to them in a mirror. Encourage them to draw a picture of himself/herself showing how joyful God can help them to be.

Say: ​Paul had a lot of reasons to be unhappy, but he knew that God was using him to share the good news about Jesus to people, and that made Paul happy. He even wrote a letter to his friends in Philippi. Paul told the Philippians to be joyful in his letter to them.

GAME PLAY “What’s better?”

Ask a series of questions and ask them to decide which option they would prefer. Invite them to tell why they made that choice. Choices might include eating only carrots or eating only apples, a pet porcupine or a pet skunk, the beach or the mountains, to be very strong or very fast, to be inside or outside all day, to tell others about Jesus or to be with Jesus forever?

Place a bookmark at Philippians 1:21 in your Bible. Read the verse aloud.

You may choose to use this verse as a family verse for the week.

Say: ​When Paul was in jail, he was happy to tell people that Jesus died on the cross to rescue us from our sin. Paul also knew that when his life was over, he would be with Jesus. One of the reasons Paul told the Philippians to be joyful was because Jesus suffered so we could be with Him forever.


Check out the "Philippians-Where Does Joy Come From?"

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(If you are VeggieTales fans, parents, you may recognize some of the voices of the characters!)

If you aren't already on Right Now Media, email to be sent an invite link. Free, fantastic content for kids, youth and adults to watch and learn from on many devices!!

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