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Message for Families to share @ Home together from the SR Sunday Sermon

Included in this email:

Worship Songs

Memory Verse

Activity Ideas

Pages to Print

Ongoing Opportunities

Praying that these resources are helpful for your family to build faith together!! Please contact us if you have any questions!!

Worship Songs

If you haven't seen this video yet... or even if you have... it's fun to watch, see and sing along!

Who He Says I Am- illustrated by SR Kids, compiled by Cindy Blagg

Who You Say I Am

Here are some links to listen to the songs used in the set from this morning

YouTube Playlist

Spotify Playlist

CHECK OUT THESE VIDEO OPTIONS... to hear a songs about the scripture referenced in today's message

(but be sure you check them to the truth of scripture, always read the words from the bible)

Saddleback Kids

Crossroads Kids' Club

Memory Verse:

 For this son of mine was dead and is alive again;

he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate."

– Luke 15:24

ACTIVITY Ideas: (scroll down for some hands on fun

activity ideas as well as activity pages too!)

Parable: The Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11-32

Remember: God rejoices when sinners repent


  repent - to turn away from sin

  squander - waste

  prodigal - recklessly wasteful

Review Scripture Teaching

True or False

1. The young son wanted to live life his way.  T

2. The older son was obedient and helpful to his father. T

3. The father held a grudge against his son.    F

4. The son expected to be accepted back into the family.   F

5. The older son cared about his brother deeply. F

Pick one, two or more to do

Act out the scene where the father welcomes the son home.

Act out the scene where the brother refuses to come in.

Draw a picture of a hog.

Questions to Consider

1. What bad feelings was the son having while he was tending the hogs?

2. What feelings was the father having before the son came home?

3. What feelings did the brother have against the other son?


4.How should we feel towards sinners?

5. What can we expect from God if we repent?

6. Why did the father welcome his son back?

7. What book is this parable in?

8. Which other book in the New Testament did this author write?

9. Who told this parable?


10. Who does the father in the story represent?

11. Who does the son in the story represent?

12. Who does the brother in the story represent?


• Who did Jesus tell this story to? Why?

(Pharisees—they felt they were better than others and complained that Jesus was a friend to people who did wrong. Jesus wanted the Pharisees to see that God loves and welcomes those who ask Him to forgive them.)

• What did the son in the story do wrong?

(He had a bad attitude about his family so he left them; he wasted the money his dad gave him.)

• How did the son expect the father to treat him?

(The son didn’t know if his father would take him back, but the son hoped his father would at least let him be a servant.)

• How did the father treat his son?

(His dad ran to meet him, hugged and kissed him, gave him clothes and a family ring, threw him a party, and joyfully forgave him.)

• How is God like the father in Jesus’ story?

(Even when we do something wrong, God wants us to come back to Him and ask Him to forgive us; God is happy when we come back to Him.)

When we do something wrong, we don’t have to be afraid that God will stop loving us. Whenever you feel bad about something wrong you did, you can freely go to God. Because God loves you, He will forgive you.


• How does that make you feel? (Kids may say they feel relieved, happy, not worried any longer, etc.)

• How can knowing that God forgives us because He loves us make a difference in your life? (Help your children think through this idea. They may say: it could give me peace, give me courage to talk to Jesus when I’ve done something wrong, help me be more forgiving to others who have done wrong, etc.)

• What are some things you might want to ask God’s forgiveness for? (Encourage them to think about it for a minute or two before you have a short time of prayer.)

Prayer Time

SAY: Let’s talk to God right now about His forgiving us.

Lead a prayer time by praying several unfinished sentences for your family to complete as they wish. You can share thoughts or may pray silently as you pause after each sentence.

Pray sentences such as these:

• Father God, thank You for forgiving me for: (pause) __________

• Father God, please also forgive me for: (pause) __________

• Father God, thank You for this reminder of Your forgiveness: (pause) __________

Close the prayer time by thanking God for forgiving us and always loving us.

Seeing God throughout the Week

Encourage children to ask God to help them confess their sins and ask Him for forgiveness when they do wrong things. Remind them that God loves them and is faithful and just and will forgive their sins.

If there are some children who wish to pray aloud as well, allow them to do so. Encourage children to pray throughout the week because they know God loves them and forgives them.


Hide and Seek

Encourage your children to play hide and seek in a large indoor or outdoor area. When a person is found, the seeker gives the child found a hug (or high five) and then those 2 continue looking for the rest. Everyone participates in a group hug or group high five once everyone is found!

Little Pigs

Materials needed: paper, crayons, colored pencils or markers scissors

The children can either trace pigs or draw their own and then color and cut them out. Have the children glue their pigs to paper and draw a picture of their own prodigal son on the picture. You may also make a pigpen from craft sticks. Use strips of brown paper to be straw.

Celebrate God's Love for Us

With your next snack or meal have a celebration and feast. Have your child spread a fancy tablecloth over the kitchen table and decorate it with paper plates, streamers, confetti, balloons, and bright colored napkins.

Let your child enjoy some sweet treats such as cupcakes, cookies & ice cream. While he is enjoying his snack, talk about the story of the prodigal son and thank God for his forgiveness when we make wrong choices and celebrate God's love.

Notice the activity pages below that you can print and use

(hard copies were distributed in the Drive Thru Thursday packets, and you can pick one up anytime from the mailbox on the ground behind the pillar outside of the Kids Wing entrance)

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prodigal-anagram with list.gif
Elementary Bible-Study Prodigal son.png


We still plan to offer "Drive Thru Thursdays" each week 11:30-1:00 at the Kids Wing Round-About to distribute NEW family packets of activities and ideas to keep building faith at home! Hope to see you there!

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