July 23, 2020

“Alert” Important Information Regarding a Change
with Your School Readiness Co-Payment Fee “Alert”

 Dear Osceola County Families,

The Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County along with our partner, Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc. (4C), hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy while navigating the many challenges brought about by COVID-19 (coronavirus).
This is to let you know that you do not need to pay your School Readiness parent co-payment for the month of August, as the state has extended the wavier. This means that your School Readiness provider should not be asking you to pay your weekly co-payment fee(s) until Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

The waiver, which was set to expire on July 31, 2020, will now expire on August 31, 2020. Families in the SR program should not pay providers a co-payment fee until September.
Providers may charge an overage fee, which is outside of your weekly parent co-payment fee. This extra fee is between you and your provider. You are still required to pay any “overage” fees that the provider requires. However, you should not pay the weekly co-payment fee assessed at the time of enrollment. Your School Readiness provider should not have collected a co-payment fee from you since April 1, 2020.
If you have questions about your co-payment fee or other issues related to the SR program, please call 4C, 407-522-2252, extension 2985, and a member of our Family Services team will help you. If you leave a message, please be patient, as staff are answering many calls.

NOTE: If the State extends the co-payment fee waiver past August 31, 2020, we will notify you immediately through email and text messaging.

For additional resources and notification, please visit our website at www.4cflorida.org or the Coalition’s website at www.elcosceola.org