WEEK OF MAY 28, 2018
Recent news

  • UK Releases Kentucky Forest Sector Economic Impact Report '16-'17
  • NCSU Offers Online Woodland Stewardship Course for County Agents
  • Dr. John Munsell's Book on Community Agroforestry Available June 12
  • Dr. Bill Hubbard to Chair SFI's External Review Panel
  • Keep Connected with SREF's Extension Forestry Directory
  • New Fact Sheets Highlight Southeastern Wildfire Success Stories
  • New US Forest Service Report on Agroforestry for Enhanced Resiliency
  • Request for Applications Posted for RREA National Focus Funds
  • AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program Grant Available

Regional News

UK Releases Kentucky Forest Sector Economic Impact Report '16-'17
Forests cover nearly half the state of Kentucky and are the foundation of a forest sector that is a major economic force in the Commonwealth. University of Kentucky Forestry Extension recently published the 2016-2017 Forest Sector Economic Contribution Report, which contains the latest Kentucky forest sector economic contribution estimates, prior estimates, links to data sources and methods, as well as additional information related to the economic importance of Kentucky’s forest resources. see the report .

NCSU Offers Online Woodland Stewardship Course for County Agents
North Carolina State University will be offering a distance learning course in woodland stewardship for country agents this fall. The course provides an introduction and overview of non-industrial private forestry in the southeastern United States with emphasis on active forest management. Topics include history of human impact on forests, evolution of forest, forestry practices, timber and non timber management objectives, financial aspects of forest land management, and management planning. Folks outside of NCSU must register as non-degree-seeking students. This course is designed for those who do not have a degree in forestry. view the syllabus | register | apply for non-degree-seeking status

Dr. John Munsell's Book on Community Agoforestry Available June 12
Dr. John Munsell of Virginia Cooperative Extension Forestry recently collaborated with Catherine Bukowski, a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech, on The Community Food Forest Handbook:
How to Plan, Organize, and Nurture Edible Gathering Places . The authors dive into the civic aspects of community food forests, drawing on observations, group meetings, and interviews at over 20 projects across the country and their own experience creating and managing a food forest. The book will be available June 12, 2018. pre-order the book .

Dr. Bill Hubbard to Chair SFI's External Review Panel
Southern Regional Forester Dr. Bill Hubbard has been elected chair of the 15-member External Review Panel (ERP) of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for 2018-2019. Bill has served as vice-chair of the Panel for 2 years and has been on the Panel since 2013. The ERP, formed in 1995, is a diverse group of conservation, forestry, academic and organizational leaders that provide external opinions and advice to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program. The Panel provides information and input on all aspects of SFI including comparing the standards with best forest management practices, effectiveness of the SFI program, progress made as science improves and public perceptions change, ability of the public, member organizations and environmental groups to comment and challenge any aspect of the SFI program, and appropriate processes for considering claims that any SFI participant is failing to see the SFI standard. For more information about the Panel and SFI please visit  sfierp.org  or  sfiprogram.org .

Keep Connected with SREF's Extension Forestry Directory
Stay connected to your Extension colleagues with our Extension Forestry and Wood Products Directory. This directory contains educators and specialists who, collectively cover 48 areas of specialization in forest and wood products, and 16 areas of specialization in Extension program development, delivery, and evaluation. visit the directory.

New Fact Sheets Highlight Southeastern Wildfire Success Stories
Holly Campbell, Extension Associate with SREF, recently recently published two fact sheets highlighting successful wildfire mitigation, prevention, and protection strategies in the southeastern United States as part of her work with the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy:

Click on the titles of the fact sheets to access them
National News

New R eport: Agroforestry: Enhancing Resiliency in U.S. Agricultural Landscapes Under Changing Conditions
A new report by the US Forest Service presents the first-ever synthesis on agroforestry as a mechanism to provide mitigation and adaptation services in the face of a changing climate. With contributions from more than 50 experts from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, this report draws upon recent science and shows how tree-based management strategies can improve agricultural production and resiliency read report .

Funding Opportunities

Request for Applications Posted for RREA National Focus Funds
$300,000 is available in 2018 to 1862 Land-Grant Institutions and 1890 Land-Grant Institutions to provide funds for pilot projects that: (1) Address emerging forest and rangeland resource issues, (2) Have national or regional relevancy, or (3) Develop new and innovative projects that can be replicated at other institutions . Applications are due by July 20. learn more .

AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program Grant Available
Approximately $182 million is available in funding from NIFA's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), which is America’s flagship competitive grants program that provides funding for fundamental and applied research, education, and extension projects in the food and agricultural sciences. read more .
Upcoming Events:
June 5-8, 2018 | Raleigh, NC
This short course is being offered by Wood Products Extension at NC State University. It will provide practical knowledge about how lumber is effectively kiln dried and scientific background on related wood properties and processes.  

June 12, 2018 | 1 PM ET
Dr. Brian Wolyniak, Urban and Community Forestry Educator, Southwestern Pennsylvania, Penn State University Extension's presentation will explore the role of good management by municipal staff, volunteer groups, and tree boards framed around well-written ordinances in promoting a healthy community forest.

June 14, 2018 | Columbia, SC
Topics to be discussed will include resourcing the timber material, structural design processes, strength considerations, and detailing for cost efficiency, sustainability, and constructability.
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