The SRI&ETTC Electronic Calendar - December 2019
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Hazing in Sports: Yes It's Happening in Your School It's Just Locker Room Talk or is it?
December 11, 2019 

Bullying is everywhere in our schools, our streets, and our corporations. But in the world of sports, bullying rules. Whether you realize or not, hazing is very likely happening to some extent in your athletic department. Fifty-percent of college students experience hazing in high school, primarily through sports. The number one location it occurs is in the locker room. This workshop focuses on the old saying “What's said in the locker room, stays in the locker room.” But, what if the comments are abusive, homophobic, and sexually objectify others? Come join in this important dialogue.

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School Administrator Series
Winter 2019 - Spring 2020

The SRI&ETTC is proud to partner with NJPSA FEA, Legal One to offer workshops that address the challenges faced by today’s school leaders. Topics include Understanding the Law on Special Needs Students, Human Resources, and Appropriate Communication in the Workplace. These workshops are appropriate for Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Supervisors, and Directors.

  • Human Resources Survival Guide, 12/6/19

  • Understanding Boundaries: Appropriate Communication in the Workplace, 4/2/20

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A Free 15-Hour Course on Sheltered English Instruction
Developed by the SRI&ETTC Funded by the New Jersey Department of Education

Educating students who still are acquiring English proficiency can be complex in an age of high stakes evaluations and assessments as well as college and career-ready standards. English language learners (ELLs) are not monolithic in their educational background, cultural experiences, and ability to adapt to learning environments. However, through well-planned instruction, ELLs can attain challenging academic standards.

The FABRIC paradigm taught in The SEI Online allows teachers to provide diverse groups of ELLs with access to classroom content while they acclimate to an English learning environment.

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Teach Your Students How to Write with Spice for NJSLA
January 16, 2020

The expanded version of this very successful workshop will provide a full day of Spice Language Arts training, demonstrating how to identify and apply the skills needed to teach and enhance writing abilities at the elementary and middle school level for NJSLA. Language Arts teachers, special education teachers, and ELL teachers will learn a variety of techniques designed through years of practical use. 

The instructor will demonstrate close reading and modeled writing strategies, unique skill teaching techniques, and application of common core and New Jersey’s core curriculum language arts skills used in NJSLA essays. Written expression including chunking and conferencing will be covered extensively. Join us for an engaging day and you’ll be prepared to help your students become better writers.

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Apple Education Events
Presented by Apple
Hosted by the SRI&ETTC
December 13, 2019

The SRI&ETTC at Stockton University is proud to partner with Apple Education to bring tech events to the southern New Jersey region. In these exciting and informative events participants will learn how to get the most from the Apple devices in their school. The Apple Education events will take place on Friday, December 13th, 2019 with Apple Tech for Education in the morning, and Digital Creation and Publication with iPad in the afternoon. Although these events are free and open to all K-12 educators, registration is required. Please select a course below to register.

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NGSS - Two Topics Together! 
January 15, 2020

In this workshop participants will have the chance to explore two exciting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) topics together.

Topic One : Science and Engineering: Perfect Together! 
The NGSS has catapulted engineering education to a prominent place in all classrooms where science is taught. In this workshop participants will discuss what should engineering look and sound like in a classroom setting.

Topic Two : Science, Engineering and ELA: Even Better Together! 
ELA literacy capacities (reading, writing, language, speaking and listening, media and tech) can support and enhance how students process and make sense of science and engineering concepts. In this workshop participants will learn how to integrate the three topics.

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Save the Date!
Building Resilient Voices
March 31, 2020
at Stockton University

Join us for this important event that will feature speakers and breakout sessions on leadership, resiliency, literacy, and equity in our schools!

Featuring Keynote Speaker
2019 National Teacher of the Year
Rodney Robinson

Click here to be notified when registration is open for the Equity Leadership Forum.

This event is presented by the
Southern Regional Institute and ETTC (SRI&ETTC) in the School of Education at Stockton University
and Rutgers University’s Institute for Improving Student Achievement

Middle & High School
Social Studies Conference
March 19, 2020

The theme of this year’s Social Studies Conference is “Engaging & Empowering Students,” and the focus is on the importance of student participation in classroom learning, community involvement, and civics education. An agenda of relevant topics for middle and high school social studies teachers will be offered. Strands will be available for a variety of social studies disciplines.

This year's keynote speaker is
Mr. Brian Brady.
Mr. Brady has led the Mikva Challenge with the vision of bringing civic empowerment and political participation to all young people, especially low-income youth of color who are often left out of the democratic process.

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Social Studies Conference click here .
SRI&ETTC Public Calendar
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Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team Training, 12/5/19
Human Resources Survival Guide Presented by the SRI&ETTC and NJPSA, FEA, 12/6/19
MakerSpace Monday with Stop Motion Animation, 12/9/19
Hazing in Sports: Yes It’s Happening in Your School…It’s Just Locker Room Talk or is it? 12/11/19
Apple Education: Apple Tech Update for Education – AM Session, 12/13/19
Apple Education: Digital Creation and Publication with iPad – PM Session, 12/13/19
Getting Started with Google CS First, 1/14/20
NGSS - Two Topics Together! 1/15/20
Teach Your Students How To Write With Spice for NJSLA, 1/16/20
LGBTQ-Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop for K-12 Educators: Presented by Stockton University’s Why the Humanities Matter Institute for Teachers, 1/16/20
Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway presented by Murphy Writing of Stockton University, 1/17 to 1/20/20
G Suite K-12 Front Office Professionals, 1/23/20
MakerSpace Monday with Electrical Engineering-Sewable and Paper Circuits, 1/27/20
Teach Python Coding with Carnegie Mellon's CS Academy, 1/28/20
Autism Awareness in the Classroom, 1/29/20
Google Classroom Kick-Start, 2/6/20
Create Android Apps with MIT App Inventor and iOS App with Thunkable, 2/6/20
MakerSpace Monday with Little Bits, 2/10/20
Unplugged Computer Science, 2/11/20
Classroom Journeys Using Google My Maps, Earth and Tour Builder, 2/20/20
Teach SQL with Google Sheets, 2/20/20
MakerSpace Monday, Open Exploration Session-February 2020, 2/24/20
Python Coding with EarSketch, 2/25/20
Using Hyperdocs in the Classroom, 2/27/20
MakerSpace Monday with Micro:bits, 3/9/20
Literacy Across the Content Areas, 3/10/20
SRI&ETTC Middle & High School Social Studies Conference – Engaging & Empowering Students, 3/19/20
Mental Health and Resilient Classrooms, 3/23/20
Understanding Boundaries: Appropriate Communication in the Workplace Presented by the SRI&ETTC and NJPSA, FEA, 4/2/20
Unique Methods for Teaching Young Children Empathy, 4/7/2020
Anti-Bullying & School Climate Conference, Best Practices for Supporting Our Marginalized Students, 5/20 & 5/21/20