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The SRI&ETTC at Stockton University is pleased to announce the establishment of a new regional center. The CS Coastal Hub will expand access to computer science for all K-12 students by building a network of educators across the region who are prepared to guide their students as they develop understanding and skills in computer science.

The Coastal Hub workshops are available at NO COST, but pre-registration is required. The Coastal Hub workshops are funded by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Education. 

CS Coastal Hub - Winter 2023 Schedule of Workshops 

The Core - 4 Day Series, January 18, February 1 & 15, March 1, 2023

Elective – Screen Free Coding (Grades K-5), January 19, 2023

Elective – Sphero (Grades K-12), February 2, 2023

Elective – Little Bits (Grades K-12), February 14, 2023

Elective – MakerSpace (Grades K-12), February 27, 2023

Elective – Unplugged CS with Books (Grades K-5), March 2, 2023

Elective – CS through STEM (Grades K-12), March 15, 2023

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Speech-Language Specialist Professional Development Series - Winter 2023

The SRI&ETTC is proud to offer a Speech-Language Specialist Professional Development Series presented by Stockton University faculty. This three part series can be taken as a whole, or as a single course. Please review the course descriptions below to find the option that best fits the needs of your district.

Session One: Language and Literacy Connections - January 27, 2023

Language skills encompass listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Do you feel competent in providing services in listening and speaking but are not as confident in your role with regard to reading and writing? This workshop will provide an overview of the connections between oral language, reading, and writing. Additionally, we will discuss how language assessment can be part of a comprehensive evaluation for a student with reading challenges and how we can support our colleagues providing classroom instruction.

Session Two: Assessment and Treatment of English-Language Learners for Speech-Language Specialists - February 10, 2023

As student populations become more diverse, the need to conduct speech and language screenings and evaluations for English Language Learners has increased. This workshop will discuss best practices for conducting screenings and evaluations for English Language Learners. Topics will include dynamic assessment and the use of interpreters.

Session Three: Best Practices in School-Age Stuttering Assessment and Treatment - March 10, 2023

This course will provide an overview of best practices in the management of school-age children who stutter, and will provide an overview of the nature of stuttering framed according to Sheehan’s “iceberg analogy”. Additional content will include best practices in assessment, therapy techniques, and dealing with attitudes and emotions.

The Speech-Language Specialist Professional Development Series will be presented by Dr. Amy Hadley and Dr. Amanda Copes.

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Fundations Training at the SRI&ETTC

Virtual Launch Workshops (instructor-led)

February 2023

Fundations® Virtual Launch Workshops (instructor-led) provide the practice and guidance needed to effectively begin teaching the Fundations curriculum. This highly interactive remote workshop was developed with extensive participant input during the spring/early summer of 2020. It was designed to maintain participation and motivation for optimal learning, with strategically placed breaks and an extended lunch. Additionally, the workshop design allows for teacher input and active engagement via activities and discussions throughout each session.


- Identify the skills taught in Fundations: phonics and word study; vocabulary; high frequency/trick words; fluency; comprehension strategies; handwriting, spelling, and punctuation.

-Understand the principles of instruction: explicit, sequential, and cumulative instruction that engages multiple learning modalities with multisensory instruction, repetition, and immediate, specific feedback.

-Identify and understand the use for all materials in the Fundations Teacher’s Kit, and have a sense of how to find and use the many extended resources available on the Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community for Fundations (membership included with participation in this workshop).

-Use the Teacher’s Manual to prepare a daily learning plan and practice lesson activity procedures.

-Visualize the flow and pace of a full Fundations lesson completed with fidelity.


February 9, 2023: Fundations Level K Virtual Workshop

February 10, 2023: Fundations Level 1 Virtual Workshop

February 15, 2023: Fundations Level 2 Virtual Workshop

February 16, 2023: Fundations Level 3 Virtual Workshop

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Creating an Engaging Learning Environment

February 7, 2023

There is a strong correlation between student engagement and student achievement. But what does student engagement look like? The workshop goes beyond defining engagement by showing one dozen examples for use in the classroom.

In this workshop participants will discuss:

- Defining Engagement

- Thematic Units Using Multiple Intelligences

- Passive and Participatory Teaching

- Challenges That Can Prevent Engagement

- Problem-Based Learning

- Finding Your Divergent Thinkers

- Addressing Higher Order Thinking Skills

- Teaching Acceptance of Seeing Things Differently

- Accepting, Encouraging, and Celebrating Diverse Cultures and Ethnicity

- Are Schools Killing Creativity?

This workshop is beneficial for K-12 Teachers, ESL, Supervisors, Student Support Staff, Counselors, CST, Administrators, and Supervisors struggling with student engagement.

Click here for more information on the Creating an Engaging Learning Environment workshop

Active Student Engagement Strategies for ELA Teachers, Grades 4 to 9 - February 8, 2023

Whether you are working in regular education, special education, or gifted education, you will find easy-to-implement lesson ideas in this workshop that will get your students actively engaged in learning. Low-prep and no-prep lessons will be featured along with techniques designed to help students practice essential skills. As students interact with one another, they build foundational skills which help them easily master more complex literacy concepts. Participants will learn several engagement strategies which can be used in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Learning Objectives:

During this interactive session, participants will learn how to...

- engage every student with interactive lessons using organizers, assessment templates, and content-driven exit tickets.

- have students participate in meaningful, collaborative discussions with diverse partners.

- give students the opportunity to practice essential skills by completing activities at learning stations.

Participants will leave the session with low-prep and no-prep materials designed to engage multi-level learners.

Activities in this workshop are based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts.

Click here for more information on the Active Student Engagement Strategies for ELA Teachers Grades 4-9 workshop

Eight Tips for Success as Instructional Leaders

February 23, 2023

There is a strong correlation between educator engagement and student achievement. But what does educator engagement look like? The workshop goes beyond defining engagement by discussing the following topics:

- Following the Data

- Making the Most of Professional Development

- Being Visible

- Establishing a Fair Grading Policy

- Managing Your Time Well

- Paying Attention to Student Workplace Readiness

- Evaluating Your Curriculum Thoroughly

- Never Ignoring the Fine and Performing Arts

This workshop is beneficial for Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Supervisors, and Directors struggling with educator engagement.

Click here for more information on the Eight Tips for Success as Instructional Leaders workshop

Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team Training

March 1, 2023

Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team Training is designed to provide schools which have new or reorganized (e.g, new members, new structure) school building I&RS teams with basic information, materials and skills to help them fulfill the regulatory requirements for the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of programs of I&RS (N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8). This training can also be used to provide review for existing teams. Workshop focus will include identifying and addressing academic, behavior and health issues and developing effective intervention strategies and action plans. In this training participants will also discuss how to incorporate RTI into the I&RS process. 

Click here for more information on the Intervention & Referral Services Team Training

Teach Your Students How to Write with Spice

March 7, 2023

The expanded version of this very successful and popular workshop will provide a full day of Spice Language Arts training, demonstrating how to identify and apply the skills needed to teach and enhance writing abilities at the elementary and middle school level for NJSLA. Language Arts teachers, special education teachers, and ELL teachers will learn a variety of techniques designed through years of practical use. Spice strategies have been successful in improving state assessment scores. After review of numerous state standards, participants will learn and practice unique assessment tools, skill application strategies for NJSLA prompts, and time testing awareness with encouragement tips. The instructor will demonstrate close reading and modeled writing strategies, unique skill teaching techniques, and application of common core and New Jersey's core curriculum language arts skills used in NJSLA essays. Written expression including chunking and conferencing will be covered extensively. Join us for an engaging day of Spice writing and you'll be prepared to help your students become better writers.

Click here for more information on the Writing with Spice workshop

MakerSpace, Open Exploration Session

March 13, 2023

Bring your imagination and creativity! In this exciting and interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discover how schools are integrating "making" into their classrooms and libraries by spending a Makerspace Monday exploring with us. Participants will have the opportunity to make, design, program, and play while exploring the elements that comprise a makerspace. Participants will also learn how to foster innovation and creativity in all curricula, from STEM to the arts to the humanities.

Want to know how to create or expand your own spaces? Are you on a tight budget? This workshop will provide a hands-on, interactive maker's environment for attendees to explore some of the new digital, high tech, and low-tech fabrication tools used in schools. Participants will leave full of ideas for affordable spaces AND curricular connections in all areas: Arts, STEM, Humanities, and Languages.

In these open sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore whatever ideas meet the needs of their classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to explore:

-Fabrication and the use of Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Maker

-Design Thinking

-Cardboard and More (MakeDo and Rolodex

-3D Printers, 3D Design, 3D Scanning Claymation, green screening, and Digital Storytelling

-Soft Circuits (eTextiles), paper circuits, and Makey Makey

-Little Bits Circuits and Circuit Scribe

-Programming and Hour of Code using Scratch, Tynker, Bitsbox, Bloxels, and more


-Legos and Cubelets modular robots

-Ozobots Bits and Evo, Koov, Vorpal, and Root Programmable Robots

-Finch, Botley, Bluebots Robots, and Lego Mindstorms EV3 and others.

-Meta Quest 2, Google Cardboard, Expeditions, and Virtual Reality in the Classroom ...and much more!

Click here to register for the MakerSpace, Open Exploration Session

Workshops in the Cloud

Online, Self-Paced, Available Anytime

Presented by the SRI&ETTC at Stockton University

Workshops in the Cloud are online workshops offered by the SRI&ETTC that you can take from the convenience of your home or classroom. Workshops in the Cloud contain the same great content you would expect from our traditional workshops, but registrants can review the content as many times as needed within the allotted time frame and learn at their own pace.

Workshops in the Cloud are available for individual registrations, or for school districts looking to register multiple educators contact the SRI&ETTC at 609-626-3850.

Current offerings include:

  • Dyslexia 1: What You Need to Know
  • Dyslexia 2: Building on what you Already Know
  • Google Admin Online
  • Teacher Effectiveness Institute
  • Writing with Spice
  • SAMR
  • Build Equity with Choice Boards
  • Accessibility Tools for Today’s Classroom - Free workshop!
  • Power Up Your Slides with Bitmoji - Free workshop!

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A Free 15-Hour Course on Sheltered English Instruction

Developed by the SRI&ETTC Funded by the NJ Department of Education

Educating students who still are acquiring English proficiency can be complex in an age of high stakes evaluations and assessments as well as college and career-ready standards. English language learners (ELLs) are not monolithic in their educational background, cultural experiences, and ability to adapt to learning environments. However, through well-planned instruction, ELLs can attain challenging academic standards.

For more information on this FREE Sheltered English Instruction course visit

SRI&ETTC Public Calendar

The SRI&ETTC Public Calendar is updated frequently.

For more information on the workshops listed below visit

  • Language and Literacy Connections, Workshop One of the Speech-Language Specialist Professional Development Series, 1/27/2023
  • Creating An Engaging Learning Environment, 2/7/2023
  • Active Student Engagement Strategies for ELA Teachers Grades 4-9, 2/8/2023
  • Fundations - Level K Virtual Workshop, 2/9/2023
  • Assessment and Treatment of English-Language Learners for Speech-Language Specialists, Workshop Two of the Speech-Language Specialist Professional Development Series, 2/10/2023
  • Fundations - Level 1 Virtual Workshop, 2/10/2023
  • Fundations - Level 2 Virtual Workshop, 2/15/2023
  • Fundations - Level 3 Virtual Workshop, 2/16/2023
  • Eight Tips for Success as Instructional Leaders, 2/23/2023
  • Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team Training, 3/1/2023
  • Teach Your Students How to Write with Spice, 3/7/2023
  • Best Practices in School-Age Stuttering Assessment and Treatment, Workshop Three of the Speech-Language Specialist Professional Development Series, 3/10/2023
  • MakerSpace, Open Exploration Session, 3/13/2023
For more information or to register for a workshop visit

Looking for Custom Programming?

The SRI&ETTC is able to provide custom programming, online or face-to-face, for your district in a wide number of topics including Curriculum and Instruction, Computer Science, Instructional Technology, School Leadership Center, Social and Emotional Learning, Intervention & Referral Services, Emerging Technologies, Mathematics, ELA…and many more!

Contact Dr. Barbara Hagerty,, to discuss professional development options.

News from Undergraduate Admissions


We hope you are having a great start of the school year! We want to make you aware of the following opportunities for you and your students to Discover Stockton and become a part of the Osprey family!


Promote Stockton’s Dual Credit Courses at Your School to Your Students!

Stockton University and your high school’s dual credit program is a collaborative partnership that allows your students the opportunity to receive high school and Stockton University credits simultaneously for the same course while still attending high school. Upon dual credit course completion, your student will receive a letter grade that is then recorded on an official Stockton University transcript. Students participating in the program get a reduced tuition rate of $100 per credit ($400/each four-credit course) with all additional fees waived. Students who are eligible for free/reduced lunch earn dual credit for free. Learn more here.

Take a Field Trip to Stockton!

- Plan ahead and schedule a field trip to our beautiful campus with your students this fall! We are offering group tours for school and community groups Monday-Friday at both our Galloway and Atlantic City campuses. Check out for more information and to RSVP.


- Encourage your students to explore Stockton by attending one of our fall Discover Stockton Open House on Sunday, March 26, 2023.  At the open house, prospective students and guests will tour our facilities, meet with academic representatives, explore our student life and enjoy delicious cuisine.  Students can register by visiting 


Free Tuition & Fees for Eligible Students!

Do you know of any students who have decided not to pursue a college degree due to financial constraints? The Stockton Promise grant covers 100% of the gap between federal, state and institutional financial aid (grants & scholarships) and the cost of tuition and fees for qualifying incoming Fall 2022 students. This grant furthers Stockton University's ongoing commitment to helping students achieve their academic goals while reducing their need for student loans. Click here for our Stockton Promise FAQ, or contact The new Garden State Guarantee is an expansion of the New Jersey Community College Opportunity Grant, making it possible for students with 60 or more earned college credits and an adjusted gross family income (AGI) between $0 - $65,000/year to receive free tuition & fees. For those with an AGI between $65,001 - $80,000, the Garden State Guarantee ensures that students will not be charged more than $7,500 for tuition & fees.


News from Graduate Admissions

Stockton University offers master’s and doctoral degrees as well as certificates of graduate study all designed to enhance your educational credentials, skills, knowledge, and career potential. Our education degrees and certifications are fully online including M.A. in Education, M.A. in Instructional Technology, and Ed.D in Organizational Leadership. Register to visit us for our Graduate Open House on Sunday, March 26, 2023 by clicking here


For more information about all Graduate Programs at Stockton visit 

Stockton University

Master of Arts in Education Literacy Track

The Master of Arts in Education program is pleased to offer an on-line graduate level Literacy track designed to prepare teachers to meet the needs of all PreK-12 learners in the areas of reading and writing. Through the Literacy track, teachers have the option to earn a Reading Specialist Endorsement. The Reading Specialist endorsement prepares teachers to diagnose and correct reading and writing problems, work cooperatively with school staff specialists, and organize and implement a total literacy program. For information please contact Dr. Kimberly Lebak at

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