June 2022
Special Announcement
Shoes Stolen from the SRLA Office
Hello Friend,

We are saddened to report to you that last week SRLA experienced two break -ins to our main office in Tarzana. The result of these break-ins has been a major loss of our shoe inventory and other materials meant for our students and leaders.

On the morning of Monday, June 20th, our employees were shocked to find that all three of the storage containers had been torn open. Shoes, clothing, and other essential training items -- originally destined to support students in the upcoming 2022-2023 season -- had been stolen.
Staff contacted LAUSD School Police and increased safety measures for the storage bins. Unfortunately, later that same week, SRLA Associate Director, Christine Pajak, arrived to find mangled locking mechanisms and items once again stolen from the organization. This time, the thieves cut a hole through the fence and apparently drilled into the lock to open the storage bin. Footage from security cameras in the neighborhood show individuals filling a truck with hundreds of boxes of shoes. Left with seemingly no other choice, SRLA has moved all remaining training materials to off-site storage.

The combined break-ins resulted in the theft of approximately 500 pairs of shoes and other training materials.
We are devastated by the loss of these shoes.They are an essential item on our student’s journey to the Marathon. For many of our students, these are the only running shoes they will get all year. It’s upsetting to think that these materials were taken from the children in our community who need them most.

Not only were the goods stolen but so too was our sense of security. This is the first time in our 33-year history that we have experienced any kind of theft. That criminals would steal from our students could make one lose faith in community but we know that's not the case.

We are so thankful for our SRLA community: the leaders, runners, donors, and supporters who make Students Run LA possible. Without you, SRLA students could not reach their dreams on the marathon course and beyond.

Marsha Charney
SRLA Executive Director