Sunday, September 9, 2018
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Upcoming Events

NOW OPEN! Women's Basketball Open Gym, check schedule.

  • 9/15 SRV @ TBD, 8am 
  • 9/14 SRV (Var) v. Freedom @ SRV, 7pm
  • 9/11 SRV v. Livermore @ Livermore, 4pm 
  • 9/13 SRV v. MVHS @ SRV, 4pm
  • 9/11 SRV (JV) v. Amador @ Amador, 4pm
  • 9/13 SRV v. Dublin @ SRV (Var. 4pm, JV 5pm)
  • 9/14-15 SRV (Var) @ tournament, TBD 
  • Game times: Fr 4pm, JV 5pm, Var 6pm
  • 9/11 SRV v. Foothill @ SRV
  • 9/13 SRV v. Livermore @ Livermore
  • Games times: Var 6pm, JV 7pm
  • 9/13 SRV v. Cal High @ Cal High
  • Game Times: JV 4pm, Var 5pm
  • 9/13 SRV v. Cal High @ Cal High

SRVHS Principal's Message
Jason Krolikowski
Street Smarts

We know that coming and going from  San Ramon Valley High School during  drop  off  and pick up is very busy. We all have places that we need to be. Now that the school year is underway and we have had a chance to become familiar with patterns, I'd like to remind everyone to slow down and be sure to be aware of your surroundings when coming and going from the school. Whether walking or driving, we need to be on the lookout for one another.

Drop off and pick up happens in many places near and around the school. Please watch for students whenever you are nearing the campus. Make sure to stop for any pedestrians in crosswalks and on sidewalks before entering and exiting the parking lots. If you are walking to the school, either from home, or from wherever you are parking or being dropped off, please only cross in designated crosswalks.

We need to work together to keep everyone safe. Click the link for some general information about safe driving near schools from our community partner, Street Smarts .


Jason Krolikowski
San Ramon Valley High School Principal
Home of the Wolves

PTSA President's Message
Marilyn Lucey

SRVHS Parent Education presents Teens & Tech! This is alwaysa very popular presentation and super informative. Get all the resources you'll need to navigate the dynamic technology world that your teens are living in. You have two opportunities to participate. Choose the one that fits your schedule.

Teens and Tech
* Wednesday, 9/12, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
* Wednesday, 9/19, 11:30am-12:30pm
(Brown Bag Lunch, repeat of 9/12)
Library (above the Commons)
Hosted by PTSA Parent Education Program Chairs,
Ceal Barlett and Wendy Sula

The topic of "Teens and Technology" is a fast paced, ever changing phenomenon, that our teens seem to grasp more quickly than we adults do! Our presenters, Chad Cochran, Coordinator of Technology at SRVHS, and Assistant Principal Thomas Martin-Edwards, have the low down and helpful tips for parents. You won't want to miss this!!

Please RSVP to Ceal Barlett ( ) or Wendy Sula (

SRVHS Office Announcements
Candace Molano

Notice of Head Lice
This is a general notice that head lice has been reported at San Ramon Valley High School.
Please refer to the following guidelines. Head Lice can be a nuisance but they not been shown to spread disease. Students can return to school only after appropriate treatment of live lice has been started. Please review the following information.

Student ASB Cards and ID Cards
Please remember to carry your ID at all times while at school or at any SRVHS event. If you need a replacement, please see Ms. Bellamy in Attendance, the cost is $10.00

Attendance Information
Every School Day Counts! September is Attendance Awareness Month and at SRV we are going to see which SRV class (2019, 20, 21, 22) can have the least school wide tardies! The class that collectively has the least amount of tardies the week of September 17-21 will win a class sweet treat prize the following week!

SRVHS Bike Racks
Please be aware that student bikes racks have been relocated to the front of the S wing, facing Danville Blvd.  These racks are located in front of the Old Staff Lounge under the S5 and S6 elevated classroom walkways. Please do not lock up bicycles in other areas of the campus as this creates a hazard and sometimes limits the ability to access certain areas on campus for people with disabilities.

Community Parking
Danville Square (Trader Joe's center) has requested that parents refrain from dropping off and/or picking up students in the shopping center parking lot and that students refrain from parking at the center during school hours. Those in violation may be subject to tow.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

SRVHS Counseling Department
Kirsten Drake

Welcome back! We look forward to meeting our new students and reconnecting with our former students this year! The counseling team shifted over the summer, so please verify who your counselor is, as there have been some alpha changes.
C ounseling assignments by students' last names are as follows:
A - DOD               Jenifer Levy-Wendt
DOE - JE              Nancy Conti (off on Fridays)
JI - MIL               O
livia Isseks (off on Tuesdays)
MIM - SEO           Melissa Bergstedt
SEP - Z                Kirsten Drake (off on Fridays)

Student Support Counselor - Cady Scharff
All Students:
  • Start the year out strong! Get involved in clubs, athletics, and other activities on campus.
  • Students hoping to play college athletics should check with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to be sure they are on track with academic requirements.  Students should access the NCAA website at and see their counselor for more information.
  • Our Student Support Counselor will be offeringMindfulness Groups for students this year. Groups meet once a week and will help students build skills for managing stress at school and at home. If you are interested in participating or would like more details, please email Cady Scharff.
  • Refer to College and Career Section of Wolf Pack Weekly for updated information on college visits, college fairs, college workshops.
  • Counselors will be visiting Senior English classes in mid-September to discuss college applications, how to secure letters of recommendation, college entrance tests, etc.  Please listen carefully to this presentation to ensure you have the information you need to begin the college application process. During this presentation, counselors will also be reviewing Naviance.
  • During September, counselors are reviewing senior transcripts to make sure that each senior is on track and/or has a plan for high school graduation. Counselors will give you a copy of your transcript during the classroom visits referenced above.
    Seniors who plan to play Division I or Division II athletics must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at See your counselor to be sure you are on track with coursework.  
For Seniors applying to private colleges and universities - if a letter of recommendation from their counselor for private and/or out of state colleges and universities is needed:
  • The student should log in to their Naviance account and then click on the "Document Resources" link at the bottom on the homepage. Download and complete items #1-4 in the Document Resources folder to complete your "senior packet." You must submit your senior packet to your Counselor in order for them to write you a letter of recommendation. 
  • Complete the Due Date form (listing the colleges that your counselor needs to submit a letter of recommendation to on your behalf and by when).
  • Create a resume (a sample resume is available through the "About Me" link in Naviance).
  • Complete the Student Self-Evaluation in full.
  • Have a parent/guardian complete the Parent Questionnaire for College Recommendations and give it back to you.
  • After items #1-4 are complete, put all items in a large manila folder with your Due Date form taped to the top of the folder. The last step is to come to the Counseling Office to request an appointment with your assigned Counselor. Bring your completed packet to this appointment at least 3 weeks prior to your first college due date.  

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Is Your High School Student Stressed Out?

Then this 6-class series might be for your teen! Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) is an evidence-based program created to help your teen identify how one experiences stress, how to dial it down with mindfulness and respond more effectively to life situations.

This class is being offered by the Discovery Counseling Center. 3:30 to 5 p.m. Sundays Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 & Nov 4, 11 at Discovery Counseling Center, Danville.

For more information and complete details, please visit this link.  
To register your HIGH-SCHOOL student, contact   Cost*: $135
*Financial assistance available. After second class, there are no refunds. Cost of class series includes workbook.

Link to Counseling Webpage
College & Career Center
Jill Schratz and Mary Hazle

College & Career Center Hours
Monday - 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Drop in hours for students:  brunch, lunch, after school.

The SRVHS College and Career Center is supported by your donations to Academic Boosters and we appreciate your generous support!

Upcoming COLLEGE VISITS and EVENTS in the CCC unless otherwise noted:
  • Wed., Sept. 12th, Out of State College Fair in the LIBRARY @ Access & lunch for students, 11:40-12:25 Going Out of State presentation/college fair  for parents (Parents: please. See below for more information on this event and a link to RSVP).
  • Thurs., Sept 13th,  Northwest Christian University (8:15 a.m.); Union College, NY (9:45 a.m.); Pt. Loma Nazarene U (12:15 p.m.); Gettysburg College (12:55 p.m.); Bryant U. (2:15 p.m.).
  • Mon., Sept. 24th - 7 p.m. Financial Aid Information Night for Seniors and their parents. This event will be held at Monte Vista High School.  No pre-registration necessary.
  • Wed., Oct. 24th- 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. - 31st Annual SRVUSD College Fair at MVHS.  Over 130 college reps plus military reps will be present. Save the date!
Students, sign up on Naviance.  Stop by the C & CC if you need help logging in to your Naviance account!   Students are required to SIGN UP through their Naviance Student Portal for all visits, and need to print the "details" page to have signed by their teacher to bring to the visit if the visit is not during lunch.
Out of State College Event in the Library on Sept 12 (for students and parents)
Students: sign up on Naviance to attend during Access and print your pass.  All students, plan to stop by at pass needed. Parents are invited to sign up to attend from 11:40 - 12:25 to learn about the virtues of going out of state to college, and to meet with the reps. There will be short presentation at 11:40 followed by a college fair. Parents, please RSVP via this link:

Current list of college participants:  
Marist College (NY), U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U of Oklahoma, Seton Hall U (NJ), U of Nevada Reno, Purdue U (IN), Johnson & Wales U (RI), U of Arizona and U of Nevada Las Vegas.  More will be added. See updated list on School Loop.

Regional College Presentations
Many out of area colleges host regional events to be able to speak with students/families from different high schools at one central meeting. Fall is a busy time for these presentations. Upcoming presentations include: Duke U (9/16, 10/21 & 10/24), NYU (9/15 & 9/22).  Tufts U. is hosting a special session to discuss "Who Gets In and Why - a behind the scenes look at the selective admissions process" event in SF on Sept. 16 at 2pm. See details of all of these on School Loop.  If there is another college you wish to hear about, be sure to check the individual college website for a listing of their regional events...and sign up early as they may fill up!   

SCHOLARSHIPS (for college bound seniors)
Be sure to check for scholarship postings on Naviance.  We receive new postings weekly and post them there for students to access.  Our latest offering is from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and will recognize one SRVHS senior as a "Good Citizen" and allow that student to (potentially) enter a scholarship contest at the local, regional, state and national levels. Many colleges also offer scholarships during their application process so be sure to check the financial aid pages on websites.  For some students may need to submit an application; for others they will be automatically considered.

SRVHS Academic Boosters sponsors a test preparation program to assist students with 'mock' ACT/SAT test preparation, senior college essay writing workshops and test prep boot camps. A calendar of all offerings for the year can be found on the Academic Boosters webpage (check out the menu on the right side of the landing page), and you can register from that page as well. Proceeds from these sessions benefit Academic Boosters programs at SRVHS.
  • (NEW) CATALYST: SAT AND ACT BOOTCAMPS (check schedule for site location). SRVHS Academic Boosters partners with Monte Vista and Dougherty Valley High School to make Catalyst SAT and ACT Bootcamps available to our students.  Please go  for more information and to sign up.
  • Catalyst Bootcamp Weekends will take place September 29/30th (SAT Bootcamp) and April 6th/7th (ACT Bootcamp).
Please note, each of the testing agencies (College Board/ SAT/ PSAT/ ACT) offers on line and other methods of test prep.  We also have test prep booklets in the C&CC that students may pick up to assist them to prepare.  In addition, we have previously used/donated test prep books for students to borrow, courtesy of former students. Choose to prepare for your intended test(s) in a way that suits your style of preparation! (ACT ; SAT/PSAT )

Parents/Students:   Need help logging into Naviance?  
Please contact one of us or your student's counselor for assistance.   We are happy to help you each get access to this valuable college/career search and college application support program.  There are many great features to explore...don't miss out! AND, our seniors NEED to use their Naviance account to support their college application process!  All college visits are posted on Naviance as well! Freshmen students a will be introduced to Naviance in Dec./Jan. during their Health classes.

Parents, if you are not currently "opted in to School Loop"
Please consider doing so if you would like to view updated information from the College & Career Center.  We use the School Loop portal to post our latest goings on and encourage both students and parents to check it periodically.

C&CC Advisors:  Mrs. Schratz and Mrs. Hazle

Link to College & Career Center Webpage
Leadership Announcements
Janet Willford

Spirit Wear Order Distribution
All spirit orders placed through Gryco for SRV from July 1st - August 10th have started to be distributed during 4th and 5th period classes.  Students may also go to R16 during lunch as well to pick up orders.  If you never picked up your class shirt, or you want to BUY one (we ordered more) come to R16 at lunch or brunch.

September is Attendance Awareness Month
At SRV we are going to see which SRV class (2019, 20, 21 or 22) can have the least school wide tardies! The class that collectively has the least amount of tardies the week of September 17-21 will win a class sweet treat prize the following week!
SRV Kickball Signups are coming!
Sign up with a team of up to 1 2 people Friday September 17 th i n the Quad at lunch. Any grades and any genders can make up a team. $120 per team. The captains meeting will be in R-16 on Friday (9/21). Game play begins September 24 th at lunch. The tournament will consist of 8 teams broken into two pools of play. Each team is guaranteed 3 games of play.  The best two teams from each pool after Wednesday (9/26) will play in the Semifinals on Thursday (9/27). Thursday is single elimination play to determine the finals on Friday (9/28) All games played on the baseball outfield and stadium field at lunch.

Book Drive to support children of homeless and at-risk families
Donations will benefit elementary through middle school aged children living in the Families in Supportive Housing Program of Contra Costa Interfaith Housing. Donations collected through October 20th. Click here to see a detailed flyer, including supplies needed and contact information.
Sign up on these different Social Media Platforms to stay informed at SRV!
Twitter: @WERSR
Instagram: @srvhswolfpack
Check Out the New SRV WOLFPACK Spirit App
It will track the SRV events you go to and there will be weekly, monthly, quarterly and semester prizes for the Leaders! Check out what is going on at SRV.
New to SRVHS: Make-A-Wish
This year the students of San Ramon Valley High School came together with a goal of raising money to support Make-A-Wish Bay Area, in order to put on a 'Wish Week' at SRV, and sponsor a wish. Wish week is a one-week-long event where we partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to sponsor a child with a life-threatening medical condition. As a school, we will hold several events throughout the week in order to raise money to grant Wishes. This year, we aim to hold Wish Week February 5-9, 2019 wrapping up the week with a rally. In order to 'sponsor a wish' we must raise $10,000 by December of 2018. By December if we have reached our goal to sponsor our wish kid, we would (if the wish kid shall choose to attend) hold the reveal of their wish, along with showing them what SRV spirit looks like at the rally. In regards to the $10,000 needed by December, we have a page in which you can donate directly to (bottom of email), as well as some events, and fundraisers in which we will be pairing with local business that will take place in the early 2018-2019 school year. Any and all donations are highly appreciated and we cannot wait for the word to spread throughout the community about this life-changing event. Be sure to check out SRV Media, who is helping grant a Wish. Be sure to stay tuned via Instagram (@srvhswolfpack) and Twitter (@WERSR). Donate here:
Community News!

SRV Emergency Preparedness Fair
The SRV Fire Department is asking for student help at our 2018 San Ramon Valley Emergency Preparedness Fair Sign up here:
Athletics News
Peter Scarpelli

Women's Basketball Open Gym

Women's Golf
Our Team is looking for experienced golfer's.  If interested in joining our wonderful golf team, please see Coach Henze D-203. You will be able to visit some of the best and most beautiful golf courses in Northern California as well as have private lessons, group lessons, and practice our home course, Crow Canyon Country Club.

Men's Lacrosse
Interested in playing Men's Lacrosse? Come to an informational meeting on Monday September 10th at lunch, in the Aux Gym.

Women's Softball
Any and all interested softball players, please come to a  quick   informational meeting on Tuesday, September 18th at 12:45 in the Aux gym. Bring your lunch. Information regarding pre-season workouts, tryouts, and other information will be given out.  If you have any questions, contact  Lori   Smith  at 925-351-3855.  GO WOLVES!

Lifeguards Needed for Water Polo Practice
Link to Athletics Webpage

PTSA Parent Education
Ceal Barlett and Wendy Sula

Teens and Tech
* Wednesday, 9/12, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
* Wednesday, 9/19, 11:30am-12:30pm
(Brown Bag Lunch, repeat of 9/12)
Library (above the Commons)
Hosted by PTSA Parent Education Program Chairs,
Ceal Barlett and Wendy Sula

The topic of "Teens and Technology" is a fast paced, ever changing phenomenon, that our teens seem to grasp more quickly than we adults do! Our presenters, Chad Cochran, Coordinator of Technology at SRVHS, and Assistant Principal Thomas Martin-Edwards, have the low down and helpful tips for parents. You won't want to miss this!!

Please RSVP to Ceal Barlett ( ) or Wendy Sula (

Drug Awareness
* Wednesday, 10/17, 11:30am -12:30pm
(Brown Bag Lunch, same as 10/18 event)
* Thursday, 10/18, 7:00-9:00pm
Hosted by PTSA Parent Education Programs Chairs, Ceal Barlett and Wendy Sula

"Drug Awareness", is a well attended event!  Our school resource officers, Kyle Rhoton and Darren Alcantara (Danville PD), will share valuable information on the substances currently being used by teens, what we as parents can do to intervene, and how the school handles such offenses. This is an annual event. Please RSVP to or

Link to PTSA Meeting & Events Calendar

Class of 2019 Grad Night, May 31 2019

PTSA has proudly sponsored this safe and sober event every year since 1978! Grad Night is an "all hands on deck" event for our Seniors, and we count on over 300 event volunteers every year. At this time of the year, we need more SENIOR PARENTS on our planning committee. If you are unable to give your time, please consider a monetary donation or donatiion of supplies, some of which you may even have around your house. Thank you all for helping to make Grad Night a success!

Grad Night Planning Committee Sign Up:

Grad Night Online Donations:

Grad Night 2019 Committee Chairs:
Laura Morrison
Deborah Rockney
Charlyene Swierstra

PTSA Ski & Snowboard Swap
Molly Brazeale

Mark your calendars for OCTOBER 20 th for the return of the SRVHS Ski and Snowboard Swap!

Winter is just around the corner, so come to the Ski Swap before you hit the slopes for the best deals around on skis, boards, boots, outerwear, goggles and much more for the entire family.  The money we raise will go back to the school to help our students get the best education possible. So you not only get great discounts on new and gently used gear, but you will be supporting San Ramon Valley High students and teachers.

Is it time to clean your closets or garages?  The Ski Swap is accepting donations of gently used ski, boards and outerwear.   Email us for a pick up or bring your donations to the Commons Friday October 19 th from 5-7pm.

This long time running PTSA fundraiser and community event relies on the dedication of SRVHS parents and students.  Please consider helping out this year with your time or hospitality donations.

Link to Ski Swap Website
Academic Boosters
Nancy Daetz

Is your Academic Boosters donation eligible for a corporate match from your employer?                                       
Now is the time to submit your forms to your corporate matching/benefits department along with your donation receipt from Future Fund.  When submitting for your match, the  following information will be helpful to have on hand:

San Ramon Valley High School (SRVHS) Academic Boosters
Attn. Corp. Match
PO Box 1004
Danville, CA 94526
Phone:  925-552-3000 (ph) and 925-838-7802 (fax)
SRVHS Academic Boosters Tax ID number (TIN)

How do I print a receipt of my donations on Future Fund?
Log into to your Future Fund account, click on "view your orders."
You will see a list of dates, depending on how many orders you placed,
find the date of the transaction for Academic Boosters donation and click on it.  If you need further information please contact us by email:
Did you forget to donate to Academic Boosters during Registration?
Thanks to the support of many families, we added 18 EXTRA CLASSES to the master schedule this year!  HOWEVER,  50% of families still have not donated to help effect class size reduction, expand elective choices,  make the college and career center possible and support the test prep programs that our volunteers manage.  All kids at SRV benefit from Academic Booster programs!

We can do better!
Any donation is appreciated.  Installment payments are welcome.
DONATE NOW THROUGH THE FUTURE FUND STORE:   CLICK HERE TO DONATE  Click "View Store" then click "Academic Boosters"

Link to Academic Boosters Webpage
Athletic Boosters
Jeff Romrell

Dear SRV Families,

Athletics are an important part of our school culture.  In combination with all the phenomenal extra-curriculars, athletics add to the strong academics to make SRVHS the truly extraordinary school it is.

As you know athletics are almost entirely "self-funded" at SRV.  Athletic programs do not receive funding for equipment, uniforms, transportation, officials, or most coaching stipends from the district.  An important part of the funding comes from Athletic Boosters. Historically, Athletic Boosters has given $70,000 to the Athletic Department in addition to the approximately $35,000 they give directly to the 22 men's and women's teams at SRV.  

This year the number of Athletic Boosters members is down significantly which has left a huge shortfall in Athletic Boosters main source of funding. Membership revenue is currently at approximately $65,000 versus the four year average of $101,831. With this shortfall, Athletic Boosters will not be able to fund the Athletic Department or the 22 individual teams at the level they have historically.  Obviously this will present a problem so we urge those of you who have not already joined to consider becoming Athletic Boosters Members. There are three levels of Athletic Booster Memberships - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each comes with cards that entitle free entry to regular season home Football and Basketball games for an adult and two children under age 14 within the same family. The number of cards varies depending on the membership level you purchase.

We would like to thank those of you who supported Athletic Boosters and invite the rest of you to become members.  Here are the links to our memberships:

Bronze Membership - $200
Silver Membership - $300
Gold Membership - $500

Thank you for supporting SRVHS Athletics!  Go Wolves!

Jeff Romrell
President, Athletic Boosters

SRV Spirit Wear Pop Up Shop
SRV Spirit Wear contributes 20% of all sales back to the Athletic Booster club and Leadership. We sell the clothes on line but three times a year, we have the opportunity to sell directly to families and students at football games. We also need a few volunteers during the two Wolf Pack days. We appreciate any volunteer  help for an hour or two. A fun way to help the SRV Sport and Leadership community without a big time commitment. If you also want to get more involved with the spirit wear and help select clothes items, please let me know as we are looking for new parents to help out.  Go Wolves!

Cybille Scott 925.314.5933
Location: SRV Football Field

Link to Athletic Boosters Webpage
Wolf-Tones Instrumental Music Boosters
Linda Dalenberg / Kathy Hanze

Car Wash Fundraiser
Many thanks to all volunteers and patrons who supported our second Car Wash Fundraiser on Saturday! Your donations will directly impact all of our music programs and student musicians.

If you'd like to know more about Wolf-Tones and all of our programs, please visit our website.

Link to Wolf-Tones Website

Class of 2019 News
Class Parent Reps

Senior Class of 2019 Parent Kick-Off Meeting
Please join us for our parent kickoff meeting that is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 7:00 PM. We will be discussing upcoming Class activities and announcing this year's Homecoming Theme and build location & Grad Night as well. Tonya Colton has graciously offered to host the meeting.  Everyone is welcome, please RSVP here and bring a friend!

Thank you!

Link to Class of 2019 Webpage

Class of 2020 News
Class Parent Reps

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Junior Class Parent Meeting, we appreciate your energy and support! Please see some important dates below and check back in for the HOCO Float building Sign-up Genius.

SRVHS Homecoming is October 8 - October 13, 2018
Float Building Leaders - Still need 1-2 Co-leads
Float Build Location - We have a location, THANK YOU CUNNINGHAM FAMILY!
Flatbed Truck - Need a Flatbed Truck approximately 20-25 ft in length for the float
Current Float Build Schedule - CLICK HERE to download and print

Please also CLICK HERE to see where we need help with Junior Class activities for the 2018-19 school year. 
SRVHS Class of 2020 Facebook Page Parent Fan Page: Find up-to-date information. Please "like" us and share it with your friends!

Twitter:  Students! Here is another way to stay informed!  Please follow us @SRVHS2020

Class of 2021 News
Class Parent Reps

SRVHS Homecoming is coming!  Yes - it really is.   The Class of 2021 (SOPHOMORES!!!) is urgently looking for a few parents to take the lead for the Float Build !   

These lead parents will help the leadership students take their float visions on to become a reality and oversee the build of the float by the kids. Creative people wanted! Handy people wanted! It's a rewarding experience and our kids need parents on board to make the annual parade day happen.

If you think you can help us, please send an email to one of the class parent reps.


Link to Class of 2021 Webpage

Class of 2022 News
Class Parent Reps

Class of 2022 Student Officers
President, Kendall Cunningham
Vice President, Sarah McCreary
Secretary, Ashley McDonnell
Treasurer, Dyllan Soriano


San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
Providing financial support and promoting public education in our community

Cosmetic Chemistry, led by Katie Henderson,SRVHS Science Teacher
  • Dates: September 13, 20, 27 & October 4
  • Time: 4pm-5pm
  • Location: SRVHS - Room S4
  • Ages: 5th Grade and older
  • Cost: $125
Use this link to find out all about Cosmetic Chemistry and how to sign your student up.

San Ramon Valley Unified School District Certificated Teachers: our SRVEF Grant Program is OPEN! Visit the Grants webpage  for details about workshops led by Cecilia Brear, grant criteria, and selection information. Let SRVEF Help You Get Money for Teaching Tools!

Run for Education
Did you know San Ramon Valley Education Foundation offers 8 ways to participate in the 2018 Run for Education? YES! You can select your own personal choice on our website: . Check it out! Everyone is welcome and the proceeds go to our SRVUSD schools.
Fun Run (5K) | 5K Timed Run | 10K Timed Run | Mini Run (2-6 year olds) | Friendship Run | 5K Virtual Runner | 10K Virtual Runner | Volunteer

Link to SRVEF Run for Education Website

San Ramon Valley Unified School District
Happening Around the District

Classified Job Fair Coming to SRVUSD
SRVUSD wants YOU to come work for us! Do you want a job? Something part-time? Something full-time? SRVUSD has all different kinds of jobs just waiting for the right person to fill them. Whatever your skill set and availability, we have a job for you.

For a complete list of available positions, please see the flyer. Our greatest, most immediate need is for:
    • Noon Duty supervisors
    • Child Nutrition Workers
    • Special Education Paras
Bring your resume and letter of interest and join classified personnel for a Q & A at the second annual SRVUSD Classified Job Fair. Details about the event can be found here.
    • Date:         Wednesday, September 26, 2018
    • Time:         11am - 4pm
    • Location:    SRVUSD Boardroom, 699 Old Orchard Dr., Danville

San Ramon Valley Family Emergency Preparedness Fair
The San Ramon Valley Emergency Preparedness Fair happens every  other year in September. The next fair is being held September 29th, 2018 from 10am to 2pm at San Ramon Central Park and Community Center. 

The site is brought to you by the San Ramon Valley C itizen Corps Council (SRVCCC). The SRVCCC is a coalition made up of representatives from the Town of Danville, the City of San Ramon, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District and the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.The SRVCCC is committed to increase citizen preparedness through training and education.

California Department of Education
Tom Torlarkson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Back to School Resources from the State of California Department of Education
Please click here to read a personal letter from the State Superintendent, Tom Torlakson at the California  Department of Education, with important information for 2018-19 School Year with regards to s ome important resources about digital inclusion, the California Earned Income Tax Credit, and student mental health.