August 2016 


Did you know SSC's Training and Consulting Department is available for customized on-site presentations? Two of our more requested topics include Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Response Training. The Active Shooter Response Training educates employees on the Federal Approved Guidelines of "Run, Hide, Fight" strategy, with an optional live scenario-based segment. Feedback from attendees indicate these hands-on sessions have a meaningful impact by helping them become more aware on how to respond to these tragic events. View a list of common SSC training topics here  .

Troublesome ties between the Berrien County Courthouse shooter and a nearby elementary school. We've now confirmed that Larry Gordon was a classroom volunteer at South Elementary in Watervliet for over a year, despite a long criminal record...

Be careful out there, employers. Job interviews have rules. For instance, earlier this month, MA passed groundbreaking legislation banning employers from asking job applicants about their salary history...
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The office of Ohio Attorney General has awarded $10.8 million contract to replace the state's broken criminal background-check system. The new system, is wanted to be up and running promptly...

Earlier this month, I met with a recruiter about an independent contract gig at a prestigious bank in town. At the end of the interview, the recruiter told me he'd check my criminal background history. He then asked me if it was OK to check my credit...
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