Did you know SSC can perform Social Media Screening?
SSC can provide FCRA compliant checks that discover a candidate's online presence.

These reports can reveal:
  • Potentially Violent or Illegal Behavior
  • Demonstrations of Racism or Intolerance
  • Sexually Explicit Behavior

For more information you can download SSC's Social Media flyer HERE or give us a call at 203-925-6186.
Employers that have been frustrated with the EEOC’s position on how they can use arrest and conviction records, take note: earlier this month, a federal court in...

A federal appeals court has ruled that truck drivers cannot be awarded legal damages merely because there is inaccurate information about their safety violations and crash data listed in the federal Pre-employment Screening...

About seven in 10 Americans (69%) believe that the job search today is too impersonal, according to the results of the latest American Staffing Association...

Organizations that conduct pre-employment background checks in 2018 will need to focus on compliance in the wake of increased class-action litigation and adapt to screening more workers in nontraditional employment relationships.

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Maribeth Martino 
Manager, SSC BSI
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