January 2017  


Did you know SSC now offers Electronic Form I-9 processing?  This optional add-on feature can be quickly activated for your account in the same portal where you already process your background checks. It is easy, secure and audit ready. New Form I-9 changes? Not a problem it's updated automatically for you!
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Electronic Form I-9 

Employers that maintain records of their employees and customers and allow employees have access to confidential information have long needed policies that not only secure the information, but ensure that...
A Colorado man who was denied a job based on a Starbucks background check is suing the coffeehouse chain for violations of the FCRA. The plaintiff says defendant...
The D.C. City Council recently passed a Fair Credit in Employment Amendment Act which now strictly limits an employer's ability to inquire into an applicant's credit history as a basis for a hiring decision. The legislation was prompted...

A nationwide provider of janitorial and facilities management services, will adopt significant changes to its record-keeping practices relating to its use of criminal background checks to settle a record-keeping suit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced today. According to EEOC's lawsuit...

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