July 2016


Did you know SSC has a commitment to support our local communitiesThis past month, SSC's background screening department  volunteered at a local shelter called "Spooner House". Spooner House provid es food, shelter and support services to people in need.Our company purchased, prepared and served dinner to their residents. Click HERE to learn more about their mission and find out how you can help too!
We were recently asked if it was safe to conduct background checks on a particular applicant before making an offer of employment. The employer typically conducts background checks only after making a conditional offer of employment. While the practice of doing spot...

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Efforts to "Ban-the-Box"(BTB), a term for removing questions about criminal history from job applications, have recently gained traction, with 23 states passing such policies. The adoption of BTB policies have largely...

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The major credit reporting agencies have a big change in the works that could bolster a lot of people's credit scores. As part of its National Consumer Assistance Plan...

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Think what companies know about you because you provided the info. Combine that with government records, and there's a data picture that some say might predict behavior. At least one credit bureau, TransUnion, sees a way to help...

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