JULY 2017


Did you know SSC has recently completed another service upgrade for our clients? We are excited to announce a revamp of our verification services including education, employment and reference verifications. Now leveraging scalable call technology, you will get consistent results with more visibility of the process than ever before.
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As fake degrees continue to rise, Clearinghouse's verification services combat threatening trends with the help of the internet, academic fraud has persisted at an alarming rate within the workforce. Diploma mills...

Nationwide, over 150 cities and counties have adopted what is widely known as "Ban the Box" so that employers consider a job candidate's qualifications first, without the stigma of a criminal record. Born out of the work for all of us or none, these initiatives provide...

USCIS Released a revised version of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification on July 17th. Instructions for how to download Form I-9 are available on the Form I-9 Page. Employers can use this revised version or continue using form...

As students and young professionals pour into NYC this summer for internship opportunites, it's importnatn for them to know they are protected againts secual harrassmnet and discrimination in the workplace under the City's Human Rights Law, even if they are...

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