March 2016

Facts @ SSC

Did you know SSC has a versatile customer service team? You can count on us to handle all the following items and more!

- Status updates
- Setting up order packages
- Technical support for clients and candidates
- Editing orders
- Basic compliance questions
- Drug test scheduling
- Discussion of report results
- Updating account settings and user access 
- System training and troubleshooting 
Get to know our support team one-on-one by calling 203-925-6186 or emailing 

CT "Ban the Box" Advocates Seek To Aid Ex-Felons

With tears in his eyes, Sen. Ed Gomes reached into his past Wednesday in a bid to build support for a measure that would ban private employers from...

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Should National Tracking System and Background Checks Be Mandated Following USA Today Investigation?

A shocking number of disciplined teachers are crossing state lines to find new work in schools- some despite being disciplined for offenses of...

Dave & Buster's has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit that accuses the restaurant and arcade chain of deliberately disregarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act when it comes to ...

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Colleges That Ask Applicants About Brushes With the Law Draw Scrutiny

The online admissions application for Auburn University appears simple, until you get to this question "Have you ever been charged with or convicted of or pled guilty or nolo contendere to a crime other than a minor traffic offense, or are there any criminal charges now pending against you?" Those who check "yes"... 

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