May 2016


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Remember "Ban The Box" and the fair chance employment bill from earlier in the session? Well, it passed. Sort of. An amendment to the original bill essentially wiped the prior version clean...

The US Department of Education at a news conference urged colleges and universities to remove questions about criminal history from applications. The recommendations, described in the new...

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States have taken the idea of the sex-offender registry and applied it to everything from kidnapping to animal abuse. Utah is expanding it into new territory: Financial Crime...

It's safe to say Donald Trump's longtime butler wont be hired for sensitive government position. That's because Anthony Senecal wrote on his Facebook page that President Barack Obama "needs to be hung for treason!!!" Under a new policy, the federal government will look at social media dring their background checks of...
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In early April 2016 the Department of Housing and Urban Development released a new guidance covering the fair and legal use of criminal background records as part of the tenant vetting process, affecting thousands of landlords and property...

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