May 2017

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When Michele Petry found out that she woulnd't be hired for a nursing job last march, she was shocked to find out why. The background report, conducted by IDE Management, revealed that Petry had multiple felony convictions for...

An Equal Opportunities Commission (EEOC) charge filed on May 15, 2017 against Macy's Inc., alleging that the retailer's criminal background check policies and practices used to screen job applicants results in discrimination in violation of federal and local laws. The charges state that Macy's terminated and rejected otherwise qualified job applicants and employees because...

For job seekers and employers alike, one of the most confusing (and tricky) areas of the hiring process is pre-employment screening. From not knowing if background checks are really necessary to being unclear what employers actually look for during...

Not checking the past employment of potential new hires is one of the biggest mistakes employers can make, said Les Rosen, speaking at the SHRM 2017 Talent Management Conference & Exposition. Rosen, an attorney and CEO said that an employer has a vested interest in finding out how successful the applicant was...

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