Did you know SSC's Training and Consulting Department is available for customized on-site presentations? Two of our most requested topics are Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Active Shooter Response Training. The Active Shooter Response Training educates employees on the federally approved guidelines of the "Run, Hide, Fight" strategy. SSC even offers an optional simulation-based exercise. Attendees confirm these hands-on programs have meaningful impact and help build awareness on how to respond to these tragic events. Check out some of our course flyers below, more presentations available upon request.

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Several news reports over the past year have surfaced, exposing candidates in high profile positions across the public and private sectors for misrepresenting their qualifications. With the economy - and as a result the job market - under pressure to perform, market demand for criminal and educational background checks remains...

Enacted through the 2017-2018 New York State Budget , and effective October 7, 2017, a new law in New York State makes it possible for individuals convicted of certain criminal offenses to have up to two convictions...

The underlying case concerned a pre-employment background check disclosure form that included a waiver to discharge and release M-I from any potential liability related to the background check process. The district court dismissed the claims, finding...

An Indiana company is facing a federal class-action lawsuit for failing to comply with a complex law related to hiring. Yet they could have avoided that lawsuit by following three remarkably simple steps. How do you keep your company from being the next target?

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