“Doing” Church has certainly changed these last couple of months. I emphasize “doing” here, rather than “being,” because what we are remains the same. Our practices, on the other hand, have had to evolve, almost overnight.

Take one of the most common ways we have measured ministry, for instance: worship attendance. One of the questions my colleagues are asking these days is, “If we are not counting people in the pews, how do we calculate worship attendance?”

As of the writing of this article, last week’s worship service on our YouTube page had 268 views. Assuming many of those views have multiple people in the room at one time, we might say that each view represents two to three people. Even if we assume each view, conservatively, represents two people, that’s approximately 536 people who engaged with our online worship experience since Sunday. It doesn’t mean they watched worship in its entirety. It does mean they were interested or curious enough to click on the link.

In times of crisis, the Church has always risen to meet the needs of the people. Obviously, this is a unique time and meeting those needs presents some logistical challenges in order to ensure the health and safety of all. There is a need, though, we do seem to be meeting: the basic human need to worship God.

Which means that perhaps one of the most important things we can do these days is invite others to worship. Obviously, because everything has changed, so too does the way we extend the invitation. For example, the congregants are no longer just those who gather in our building on Sunday mornings, but rather anyone in the world who might be looking for a church to which they can connect during this time. You can literally invite your family in Dallas, your friends in London or your co-workers in Tokyo. The Church Universal has a real opportunity to keep people connected to one another and to God, even while we must physically be apart.

So, share our worship service on your Facebook Page with friends (the more you share, the further our reach), email or text our newsletter and other electronic communications to your family, invite those who follow you through Instagram and Twitter.

One thing remains the same. We are called to share God’s love with the world. How we do that has the potential to reach more people than ever before, during a time when it’s needed most.

In an effort to continue keeping one another safe at this time, Leadership has decided to extend online worship only through the end of May. We will reevaluate circumstances for June. The building is closed during this time and all in-person activities are cancelled. The staff is working primarily from home. If you need something, you can contact a staff member directly by email or call the church office, as voicemails are being checked regularly. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. Continue to look to the newsletter for ways to stay connected to SSCC.
Easter Sermon Series

Being Easter People in a Good Friday World

The apostles did not live during a pandemic. They did, however, fear for their lives
every day. Despite the challenges they faced, they found ways to live and practice
their faith. Today we are doing the same. During the Easter season, we will reflect
on how to be Church, from the earliest Church, through the Acts of the Apostles. Resurrection may have come and gone, but the risen Christ’s body lives on through
his followers, no matter the circumstances.

Sunday, May 17, 2020
Acts 17:22-31
Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Brown

Sunday, May 24, 2020
Keep it Simple
Acts 1:6-14
Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Brown
We pray for our SSCC family members who serve as first responders and SSCC's own serving in the military: Jamie Price Smith, Rachel Robeck, Michelle Brown, Tyler Brown, Derrick Brown, Kevin Mooney, Jared Mills and Dalton Brown. (If we are missing someone, please let us know so that we can include their name in our weekly prayers).

You can join SSCC by a simple affirmation of faith anytime! If you want to join during this virtual time, just let Pastor Nathan know and we will make that happen. He can announce it during the livestream on Sunday morning! Simply e-mail Pastor Nathan  to let him know you would like to join!
We want to congratulate SSCC's 2020 graduates and recognize them in next week's virtual worship service.

We know Amos Bolay will be graduating high school, along with Bailey Mooney and Evan Bensch from college.

If you know of any other graduates please send an email to amy@sandyspringscc.org . We want to include them as well. Thanks in advance!
Each Tuesday we send out a "Bright Spots" email. We want to encourage folks to participate by sharing pictures, videos, or submitting positive and uplifting messages with the SSCC community. Be creative!

Let us know what you and your families are doing these days, how you're coping with being cooped up, and do we even dare to ask how home schooling is going?

You can email your submissions or any questions you may have to amy@sandyspringscc.org .
We know you are missing the social aspect of interacting over a warm, wonderful cup of "church coffee". So we are introducing Virtual Coffee Hour after service the FIRST Sunday of each month from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (stay as long as you wish). Our next coffee hour will be held on June 7, 2020.

We are creating Zoom chat rooms where you can visit with other members, guests and visitors and see their faces and hear their voices. To join, simp ly  CLICK HEREIf you have not previously dowloaded zoom on your computer, you may be prompted to do so. Once you join the meeting, Nathan will randomly assign folks to small groups to catch up with one another. If you don't have a web cam or a smart phone, you can simply use one of the telephone numbers and call in. Those numbers will be included in Friday's blast about worship. Look forward to seeing and hearing from you then!
SSCC Outreach realizes that the Covid-19 crisis is directly impacting many families in our church community. If you or someone you know in our church community are facing food insecurity because of a decrease or loss in income, we want to offer some support. This program is offered for members and regular visitors of SSCC. Please privately contact Jenna Hicks so that we can provide assistance to keep your pantry full. 

For assistance please reach out to Jenna by email  jennakhicks@gmail.com  or call 404-441-1668. 
In the wake of Covid-19, Tim and Breijanna Dyke have offered to pick up groceries or run small errands for those among us who can't get out. If you need some assistance, but do not feel comfortable leaving your home, or would like to help Tim and Breijanna with this ministry, you may contact them at  breijney@gmail.com , 360-632-9455 or  tim.dyke@icloud.com , 513-615-4609.
Due to the fact that we are holding "virtual" church service, and are not able to submit prayer requests, please use the following emails and/or phone numbers to submit your requests:
SSCC has subscribed to zoom for anyone who might need it to virtually meet using a video conference method. Only one group can use our account at a time. If you would like your group to use zoom to virtually meet, please contact Amy Frost via em ail (amy@sandyspringscc.org) t o schedule your group on the calendar. We can help you learn how to send an invite to your group.
Sandy Springs Christian Church is helping an effort to assist local area families who are most vulnerable during this time. In partnership with Community Assistance Center (CAC) which is located in Sandy Springs and houses one of the largest Food Pantry programs in the Metro Atlanta area, we can help families and individuals who face financial hardships due to lost income and medical expenses. The CAC is currently doing financial assistance interviews via phone & online.

CAC is in need of online cash donations to purchase food gift cards and most needed items not currently stocked in their pantry as well as funds to help with rent. Online donations reduce the number of human interactions as we all do our part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. To donate to Sandy Springs Christian Church Relief Fund for CAC  CLICK HERE . For updates on volunteer opportunities and services visit CAC at  www.ourcac.org .

Food Pantry Needs:
Canned Meat, Tuna, Chicken, Beef Stew, Chili, Rice, Dried Beans, Canned Fruit, Cereal, Mixed Vegetables, Baking Mixes, Milk and Juice Boxes for kids and Plastic Bags.

You may bring donations to the CAC Food Pantry at 8607 Roswell Rd. Sandy Springs, GA 30350. Food Donation Times:
  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
  • No Saturday hours.
Sandy Springs Christian Church has a long standing relationship with MUST Ministries.

Food donations (see list below) are very much needed and can be delivered in the following manners…
1. Drop off at the MUST Donation at 1280 Field Parkway in Marietta, 30066, Tuesday through Saturday, 9 to 5pm or
2. Drop off at MUST Cherokee at 111 Brown Industrial Parkway, Marietta.
3. Order food through Amazon and have it delivered to the addresses above.

Monetary donations are very much needed and can be delivered in two manners…
1. Online via their website, or for those who are reluctant to give online
2. Send a check in the mail to MUST Ministries, P.O. Box 1717, Marietta, GA 30061.

Please CLICK HERE o r on the picture to the right to access a flyer for more information and how you can help.
Bruce Lady   05/01
Bryan Strickland 05/01
Jordan Helton  05/02
Phil McCollough 05/02
Campbell Torbert 05/03
Rachel Robeck  05/04
Joyce Edwards  05/04
Jo Ann Baright 05/05
Nancy McDaniel 05/06
Darby Peterson 05/07
James Godfrey  05/07
Frances Grant  05/08
Andrew Michels 05/09
Ryleigh McGahee 5/10
Lawrence Steinmetz 05/10
Stacie Booker   05/10
Lauren Jones   05/10
Garrett Michels  05/12
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Casey Evans    05/16
Steve Butz    05/17
Jim Armstrong   05/17
Anslie Worley   05/21
Owen Janeway   05/22
Ruth Michels   05/23
Susan McCluskey  05/25
Maisie Worley   05/26
Delane Bickelhaupt 05/27
Michelle Brown  05/30
Josie Worley   05/31