Psalms of lament are written by individuals or communities sharing their grief, anger, or sadness either with or directly to God. However, even in their suffering, the authors of the Psalms often end their laments with trust and praise for God. This Ash Wednesday, we lament the loss of our regular service and the treasured moment of imposing ashes on our foreheads as we remember that we are dust and to dust we shall return. However, as with the writers of the lament Psalms, we also give thanks and praise to God for new opportunities for worship and remembrance.

Today we ask you to gather some dirt prior to watching the pre-recorded service using the button above. This soil will be used to help us in worship and remembrance not just for Ash Wednesday, but for the entire season of Lent. We hope you will take the time to honor what today means for the Christian community as we enter the important season of Lent. There will be several other opportunities throughout these forty days, but it all begins today. Simply click the button above and with your soil remember that we are all dust and to dust we shall return.