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Dear Students and Parents,

On behalf of our entire faculty and staff, we are all very excited to launch SSEDS Remote Learning tomorrow morning! I cannot say enough about our faculty and staff and their level of commitment and dedication in this unprecedented planning process! Their genuine love for what they do and your children is invaluable and remarkable, and my hope is that as we navigate this process together, we express to them our deepest appreciation.

Schooling, as we know it, is taking a different format and has been redefined for the moment. SSEDS Remote Learning will as always, provide the same Standards-Based education. Students, you will need to remain focused, on task, and give your best.  Uniforms are not required. However, appropriate attire is. Your teachers are giving it their best, I know we can expect the same from you. It is important that learning continues. Remember, teachers will be available during certain times for assistance and to answer your questions. Parents, more than ever, we need you to offer us your trust, faith, and patience. Again, flexibility and adaptability will be required from all of us.

Attendance will be taken on a daily basis during Morning Meetings, with no exceptions. Your child must be present to be counted. Flag Salute will be on SEESAW at 8:00 am on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Birthdays will be recognized during Morning Meetings. Pastor Jorge and Mr. E. will offer a Chapel Service every Thursday morning at 9:00 am. This will happen live on YouTube on Mr. E's YouTube Channel:  Music with Mr. E. The school calendar for the year will remain the same.

Last, your feedback will be important. We recognize that this is new to everyone and we value your input as we continue to navigate unchartered waters and iterate. Give us your feedback in three important areas: workload, technology, communication. A survey will go out the week of April 6.

Again, in advance, I deeply appreciate your flexibility, your adaptability, and patience as we redefine schooling at SSEDS. I have no doubt that our collective community will join hands and work together to ensure that, YOU, our students continue learning, thriving, and making strides.  

A big hug to all, we miss you!


Mrs. Larrauri