Summer Academic Skills Workshops Continue in SSFP Newsrooms
Every year Simpson Street Free Press expands its schedule of programs during the summer semester. Our South Towne location opens at 8:30 in the morning and stays open until 9:30 in the evening. We’re also open on weekends. Free Press graduates Enjoyiana Nururdin and Brandon Alvarez supervise the 2018 morning sessions. Volunteers from UW Madison’s School of Education offer one-on-one reading, math, and writing support for students in grades 2-12.
Free Press Student Journalist
Publishes Book And It’s Not Her First
James Wright Middle School student and Simpson Street Free Press reporter Zaria Glover recently published her second full-length novel. “Sailing on Celestia Maple Wild: Two Worlds Divided…” tells the tale of Blossom Travel, an orphan who is on a mission to uncover her family’s timeline. Blossom’s parents are missing but, when she begins her mission to find out what happened to them, she stumbles on an even bigger family secret.

And stay tuned for Zaria’s third novel, which she plans to publish soon!

Meet Poetry, Christy, and Ja'Niya,
Our Newest Teen Editors
Three experienced staff writers were recently promoted to teen editor positions at Simpson Street Free Press. Poetry Evans, Je’Niya Adams, and Christy Zheng begin their new roles this summer at our Capital Newspapers and South Towne Mall locations. SSFP teen editors assist younger, less experienced SSFP writers with close reading, research, and preparing articles for publication.
SSFP Expands its Media and
Journalism Department
Ever-expanding use of social media and multiple-platform publishing is driving Free Press readership to new heights. The Free Press, of course, isn’t free. And SSFP operates on a limited budget. One advantage we have is a talented, creative, and dedicated staff. Our media and journalism department is young, very effective, and growing. Our innovative group of youth journalists publish on many platforms and reach diverse audiences.
Two SSFP Student Reporters
Win Prestigious Awards
SSFP staff and volunteers are proud of all the students who work hard to make our published products popular and successful. All SSFP newsrooms are on full buzz this summer. New and exciting content is published every week on various platforms. In this month's e-newsletter we spotlight two young and aspiring journalists--Josepha Da Costa and Amanda Welch. Both writers are fascinated by the field of journalism and are building resumes with prestigious awards.
Free Press Series Update:
“Science of Wisconsin’s Environment”
SSFP student reporters continue to focus on the “Science of Wisconsin’s Environment.” Our writers produce a range of stories that examine environmental issues in Wisconsin and the explore the intersection of race and the environment in 21st century America. SSFP students have recently published articles and columns about solar panels at MATC, lead pipes in Milwaukee, and several invasive Asian Carp updates.
Scientists Probe the Sub-Atomic World

by Moises Hernandez, age 13

A particle accelerator is a big machine used by physicists to smash an atom into pieces to learn what it contains inside. Since the invention of the particle accelerator in the 1930’s, scientists have found that the internal structure of the atom is more complex than they imagined.
“Scholars of Promise” Program Expands

by Kadjata Bah, age 13

Thanks to the new “Scholars of Promise” program, 150 students at Madison Area Technical College have access to new opportunities. Created by Madison College along with University of Wisconsin-Madison, qualifying students who complete their associate degree will be admitted to UW-Madison, free of cost, to continue pursuing their education.
Early Wisconsin Civilizations Built Effigy Mounds

by Yoanna Hoskins, age 12, Sennett Free Press

The Midwest harbors many fascinating many mounds, burial sites, and historical landmarks - some are even located in Wisconsin. One mound site in Wisconsin is located in the small town of Aztalan.
Soon Astronauts May
Garden In Space

by Levi Burris, age 13, Wright Free Press

The Martian, a movie that came out in 2015, tells a story of a group of astronauts that are visiting Mars and had to leave in a hurry. One crew member was isolated after his crew thought he was dead. He returned to base and he made sustainable air, recycled water, and regrew his potato portions, all while trying to contact NASA to bring him home.
Life Thrives in the Hottest Place on
the Planet

by Kara Nichols,
age 13

Death Valley is a desert located between California and Nevada. It is the hottest place on planet Earth, the highest temperatures in Death Valley can reach up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit.