Happy Holidays from SSFP!
Diamond Washington Named Editor-In-Chief of La Follette Newspaper 
Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) staff writer and teen editor, Diamond Washington, was recently named Editor-In-Chief of La Follette High School’s student newspaper, The Lance. Washington will lead the paper during the 2017-18 academic year and take over from current Editor-In-Chief, Enjoyiana Nururdin, who will graduate this spring. Nururdin is also a writer and editor at SSFP and plans to study journalism in college. [Read More]
Michelle Chi Named Co-Editor
at New Middleton Paper
Another SSFP teen editor, Michelle Chi, recently took over as co-Editor-In-Chief at a new student paper in Middleton. Michelle will help lead Middleton High School’s The Global Gazette for the remainder of this academic year. Part of SSFP’s youth leadership group, Michelle helps middle school students write and publish articles for several SSFP publications. [Read More]

Simpson Street Free Press to Celebrate 25 Years of Academic Achievement  

From humble roots in 1992 as a literacy program based in a challenged neighborhood, Simpson Street Free Press has carefully honed its craft. Our focus is academics. Relatively small in terms of budget, our results are stellar and consistent. SSFP curriculum continues to attract state and national attention. The 2017-18 academic year will mark our 25th anniversary. We plan to celebrate our anniversary by continuing to do what we do best—sending positive messages of academic achievement throughout Dane County and Wisconsin. In the process, we will foster emerging young leaders. [Read More]

Beloit Free Press Set to Launch in 2017

Simpson Street Free Press is pleased that our curriculum and model continues to expand throughout the state—now in Beloit! Working with staff at the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), SSFP staff continues to build relationships with after-school and summer learning sites in other cities and schools districts. [Read More]
La Prensa Student Reporters Practice Translating Articles to Improve Writing, Reading, and Academic Skills

Our La Prensa programs continue to branch out and include more opportunities for young people to work across languages. Experts in the field of language acquisition say translating text from Spanish to English (or vice versa) is an excellent way to improve writing and reading proficiency. And this is particularly true for ELL students or students enrolled in school-based dual language immersion programs. La Prensa student reporters now translate each other’s work and republish these articles. [Read More]
SSFP Students Participate in
All-Girls Coding Workshop at Madison Public Library

Young, female SSFP students recently had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a computer coding workshop, run by the start-up Maydm, at Madison Public Library’s central branch. [Read More]
Reading Scores Up Across the
Board for SSFP Students

Considering how much research, close reading, and fact checking go in to publishing an article in SSFP, it’s really no surprise that reading scores are up for students at all SSFP sites. But now there is even more evidence that working at SSFP helps students improve reading comprehension.
[Read More]
College Planning Events Continue for Students and Families at SSFP

Financial literacy and college planning are core curriculum at SSFP. Helping students and parents plan for higher education is central to our overall approach. During the fall semester financial aid representatives from Edgewood College, Summit Credit Union, Madison College, Associated Bank, and UW-Madison were guest speakers in SSFP newsrooms. [Read More]

SSFP to Expand Menu of
Winter Programming

Simpson Street Free Press newsrooms operate three semesters (fall, spring, and summer) and 52 weeks a year. This winter break, we will expand our menu of programming at all newsroom sites. [Read More]

Teen Brains Wired Differently

by Je’Niya Adams, age 13, Simpson Street Free Press

Teenagers today are known for their irritable, impulsive behavior and constant craving of gratification. Teen minds are wired to be impatient. But why? [Read More]

FAA Releases New Rules for Commercial Use of Drones

by Joseph Newbury, age 12, James C. Wright Free Press

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released rules about commercial use of drones. According to these new guidelines drones can now be used by journalists. [Read More]

Agujeros negros supermasivos

por Gabriel Díaz, 9 años, La Prensa

Hace dos millones de años, después del Big Bang, un agujero negro creció más que su galaxia y los astrónomos no saben como este evento pasó. Generalmente, los agujeros negros crecen en igual proporción que la galaxia a la que pertenecen.  [Leer más]

3D Printing Could Re-Write the Future

by Kelsey McGuire, age 11, Sennett Free Press

The idea of 3D printing technology started in 1993 with a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The first object they ever printed was pretty boring; it was just a tiny cup. [Read More]

Komodo Dragons Top Reptile Scales

by Kelly Nguyen, age 10 Simpson Street Free Press

Did you know that the largest and heaviest reptile is the Komodo dragon? The only place you can find this wild beast is on Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands. [Read More]

New Morton Forest Takes Root in Dane County

by Shreya Shrestha, age 16, Simpson Street Free Press

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced recently that local benefactor Stephen Morton donated 114 acres of forestland to Dane County Parks. Located in the Black Earth/Mazomanie area, the newly-unveiled Morton Forest illuminates many scenic views including the Blue Mound, which is the biggest hill in southern Wisconsin.  [Read More]
Uncovering the Unknown: Process of Scientific Discovery Varies from Person to Person

by Vanessa Shell, age 12, Simpson Street Free Press

In 1901, astronomer A. E. Douglas had an idea about how to study the effect of sunspot cycles on the Earth. Little did he know that this very idea would ultimately lead to some important discoveries. [Read More]