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Teamwork Is Truly Saving Lives!
What happens when an underfunded, under-resourced shelter is staffed by passionate and dedicated people and groups committed to better outcomes? Just look at Stockton Animal Shelter!

The incredibly hardworking and caring Stockton shelter staff, Animal Protection League (APL), SSPA and rescue partners go the extra mile to save shelter pets' lives. Everyone involved truly values what each group brings to the table, uplifts each other's work and is in it for the animals 100%.

In July, the Stockton shelter took in 426 dogs and achieved a 98% live release rate! Amazing!!!

The same month, the shelter took in 369 cats and had an 82% live release rate.

That's a 90% live release rate overall at a severely under-resourced shelter!!!

In a single day, the Stockton shelter staff-APL-SSPA team dedicates time to: getting each dog out multiple times a day; rehabbing dogs; socializing cats; caring for sick and injured shelter pets; vaccinating animals for the public; ensuring all long-stay dogs get stuffed Kongs; coordinating adoptions, fostering and rescue; reuniting lost animals with owners; transporting animals; running communications to get more animals placed; and much, much more.

Without the passion for and dedication to saving lives, and the willingness to work together to achieve that goal, this shelter's incredible outcomes couldn't be possible.
In the end, for this Stockton shelter staff-APL-SSPA team, it's all about saving the lives of our communities' pets most in need. That is what truly matters.
Meet August Dog of the Month for SSPA: Tuck! His adoption is sponsored!

This handsome gentleman is a wonderful boy looking for a loving home. Tuck loves to be with his people. He can be a bit shy at first with movement over his head, but ultimately loves to snuggle up with you! He participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and light-play female dogs. He's potty-trained already and would thrive in a home environment.

Learn more about him and apply to adopt or foster this wonderful boy today!
Kittens and Baby Rabbits Available!
In case you missed it: You can now foster or adopt kittens and rabbits through SSPA, including the ones pictured above!!!

These four baby buns need homes!!! These beyond-adorable goobers need to be adopted in pairs! Adoption fee is $50 for two! They aren’t fixed yet as they’re still too young, so it’ll be foster to adopt. We’ll provide guidance and information about rabbits for all adopters!
The girls (both gray) of the "Lilo and Stitch" litter of kittens are spayed and now adoptable! Orange tabby boy Stitch is finishing his recovery after being sick and will soon be available for adoption as well! Read more about them.

Ready to adopt? Fill out our adoption questionnaire today.
We Need Fosters!
Join our life-saving foster team!

Fostering not only saves shelter pets’ lives; it also brings you so much joy as you watch the pets start to thrive in your care!

A foster can also bring happiness and love into your home that you never knew was missing!

And when they leave for their forever home, it’s one of the most rewarding and wonderful feelings around!

Bud (pictured) is back at the shelter after being in a temporary foster home. He adored the kids, as you can see, and is crate-trained!
SSPA can match you with a dog that will fit into your home - and there are so many amazing pups to choose from! We can also set you up with kitten or rabbit fosters! Fill out our questionnaire today!
Help get 14 more shelter dogs to rescue up north!
Help save 14 Stockton shelter dogs and clear kennels by funding our transport to get them to rescue up north in Canada! Every dollar helps!
Happy Tails
Adopter Elizabeth recently sent us a wonderful update on shepherd Nessie (formerly Elsa), who was adopted in May 2020!

"In February, I adopted a 7-week-old Jack Russell terrier (JRT)/collie mix, Badger. (SSPA alum) Nessie took to him immediately. Badger is now 7 months old and obnoxious as only a JRT can be. Nessie plays with him and lets him drag her around by her collar. She reprimands him when necessary. When they play, Badger growls and talks and Nessie moans and whines. It's very loud and weird.
"Since he came home, Nessie has really started relaxing. She will hang out in the backyard - even if the neighbor dogs are in theirs. She no longer hides under the bed - she still sleeps there, but will often sleep halfway under. She spends more time in the living room, whereas before she refused.

"The past few weeks, we started a 'pack walk.' A group of us walk our dogs as a group - no dog-to-dog interactions. Nessie is doing great. Last week she even attempted to initiate play with one of the other dogs (at a safe distance). It's the first time she has had a positive reaction to an adult dog. She is still very stressed when walking around houses, but she does great at parks and on trails.

"Next month, she and Badger are going on their first camping trip. ‎I hope to have some photos of them at the campground. (These photos) are their portraits when we went to the river. Nessie loved it - she found a nice spot and laid down in the water. I never saw her more relaxed.

"Thank you again for bringing Nessie to me. She is such a great dog and she is doing her best to raise Badger to be good (it's not an easy job but she does great).‎"

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, and enjoy the good life, Nessie!
Don’t forget: If you adopted through SSPA, we offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Adoptable Dogs in Foster

This girl is as soft and gentle as they come.

She was absolutely terrified in the shelter environment – as many dogs are – but is already starting to thrive in her foster home!

Her foster Lissa reports: “Bean is just the sweetest dog. She doesn’t seem scared at all! She is so comfortable at our house ready, just wanted to let you know she’s doing well so far.”

She’ll make such a wonderful pet! She will curl up on your lap and give you kisses to thank you for taking her home, we promise!

Ready to bring this awesome girl home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This gorgeous nugget is very sweet and gentle with the most soulful eyes!

She melts into you and simply wants to be loved!

We suspect she’d do OK in a home with mannerly children.

She participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and dainty male dogs.

She just needs a super loving home to build her confidence and show her love!!!

Ready to make her part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.

This senior boy is absolute perfection!

He’s 100% fabulous mannerly, gentle – just lovely in every way.

He participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and dainty dogs.

We suspect he’d do well with children.

He’s an absolute love who deserves to be a pampered family member!

Now, who wants an incredible senior rock star?!

Ready to bring this fabulous boy home?! Fill out an adoption application.

Rock star alert!

This stunning guy is fabulous! He’s all sorts of fun and seems like a huge, adorable puppy!

He participates in shelter playgroups with playful dogs!

If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous, all-around awesome boy, Whisky’s your guy!

Ready to bring this awesome boy home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This boy is not only gorgeous, he’s also very gentle and sweet.

He approaches people in a very gentle and mannerly way – it’s so wonderful!

We suspect he’d do well with mannerly children.

He’d prefer to be the only dog in a home.

He’s an all-around lovely guy who would be a great partner to Netflix and chill with! He’d thrive in a calm, loving home!

Ready to make this rock star part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.

Toby is one very sweet and fabulous dog.

He’s so mannerly, gentle and all-around lovely.

He enjoys the company of gentle and dainty dogs.

We also suspect he’d do well with children.

He deserves a wonderful home that will give him plenty of love and TLC.

Ready to make him part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.

This is one very sweet and soft boy.

He seems to gain confidence and feel most comfortable with other gentle and dainty dogs.

We suspect he’d do ok with mannerly children as he is a gentle soul looking for a nurturing home.

We can’t understand how anyone could pass up on that squishy and fabulous face.

Ready to bring this wonderful boy home?! Fill out an adoption application.

Pebble is one very gentle, very sweet and lovely girl.

Foster Sari said, "I wanted to let you know that Pebble is doing great..... You can tell that she has been in a home but she was probably confined to the garage. Every time I say 'let's go to bed' she goes to the garage door, or after we've been in the backyard she'll go to my side garage door. She knows that a dog bed is for her; she loves sprawling out wherever she lays. She was resistant to the crate but now she goes in like a dream."

She’s wonderful!

Ready to make her part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.

This girl is a dream!

We truly can’t say enough about her – she’s that wonderful!

She’s super-sweet, amazing and gentle in every way!

Layla enjoys the company of gentle and dainty pups in playgroups!

She's been a huge hit on dog day out with everyone falling in-love with this rock star.

She has mammary tumors and we are looking for an adopter who is willing to adopt her and allow her to live her best life.

Ready to bring this wonderful girl home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This wonderful girl has captured all of our hearts, including her new foster's!

Foster Anthony says of this girl: "She's pretty great with no major issues. You guys did a great job training her up! She's super sweet and is a great dog! I'm amazed by how great her temperament is!"

Roxy is house trained, good with children and loves playing in the water!

She’s truly an amazing girl!

Ready to make her part of your family?! Fill out an adoption application.

This boy is fun, sweet, affectionate and mannerly – just all-around wonderful!

He loves when you baby talk to him and will do the cutest thing: climb in your lap and give multiple face kisses!

He enjoys playful female dogs.

He would likely do OK with mannerly children.

Remi is a fun guy looking for a fun home, and a family would be so lucky to adopt this boy.

Ready to bring this fab dude home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This handsome dude is sweet, silly and puppy-like.

This guy is all sorts of energy, can be a tad jumpy and mouthy, and plays with gentle and light-play dogs.

He lacks some spatial awareness – like many pups – but due to his size, we’d recommend a home without young kids.

Zeus loves the water and is always up for water play. He’s ready to brighten up your life!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This handsome dude is a volunteer favorite!

He takes a little time to warm up to people, so he’s looking for a patient and understanding family.

He could be paired with a well-matched female dog in his new home.

Once you gain his trust, he does zoomies and flops over for belly rubs!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This adorable boy is a dream dog!

He's a rock star in every way. We think he may not be able to hear but that doesn’t stop him from being all-around wonderful!

His favorite thing is to roll over for belly rubs and we think he’d be a great fit for a family with children.

Ready to take in this adorable dude? Fill out an adoption application today!

This little one is finally safe in foster after living on the streets for a while.

She's very sweet and is OK with other dogs.

She's looking for a special adopter who will continue to help her build confidence and work on her fear issues. Her person will need to be patient as she takes some time to acclimate to new people and handling.

A quiet home without young children would be best for her.

Ready to open your heart and home to this girl?! Fill out an adoption application.

Zach is a cutie patootie who's living it up with his foster family and filling their lives with so much joy!

He's a sweet boy who loves to be with people.

He's a medium to lower energy, easy-breezy guy.

Ready to take in this awesome dude? Fill out an adoption application today!
Want to see all adoptable dogs? Visit or!
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