February 17, 2021
Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent which is the 40-day season of prayer and preparation that will lead us once again to Holy Week and Easter. As we begin the Lenten Season, I want to invite you to join us in worship for a special sermon series we are calling “Ancestry DNA: Knowing Where We Come From.” Each Sunday for the next seven weeks, we will spend time tracing the DNA of our faith through the stories of some of the best (and least) known characters in the scriptures. At times, the people we meet and lessons we learn while climbing through the family tree of our faith will surprise us. But in exploring our biblical and theological ancestry we will also be inspired as we (re)discover who and whose we are. 

And please do not forget that our outdoor worship location changes this Sunday, February 21 from Frederica Academy to the Ashantilly Lawn here at the church (205 Kings Way). We will have lots of signs up and ushers on-site to help welcome and direct you when you arrive. Our outdoor worship service begins at 10:30A and masks are still required for all attendees. If you are able, be sure to bring your own chair!

Finally, even as we are thrilled to be resuming worship back on our church campus for the first time in nearly a year, we also want to pause and express our deep gratitude to Frederica Academy for allowing us to gather on their campus every week for these past five months. The session has approved making a financial gift to the “Ellen Fleming Memorial Fund” at FA as a small sign of our appreciation for their gracious hospitality.* You can also help us say “thank you” by signing a congregational card that we will be delivering to FA later next week or by writing and mailing a personal note directly to the school. More information on both of these opportunities to say thanks is provided below.

Blessings to you on the Lenten journey.

Rev. Alan Dyer

*Ellen Fleming was a beloved church member, leader in our congregation and community, and former long-time headmaster of FA.
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February 14, 2021
Musical Notes
Moving to the church campus after a long absence is yet another change in our worship plans.  If anything, these times have tested our creativity and flexibility. This is a good thing. Our ability to adapt in the face of anything is an important skill to foster particularly in these unpredictable days. Worshipping outside is something that I got used to in the summers before I came to SSPC.  The camp in North Carolina that I worked for at that time had a very special place on the side of the mountain. We would hike up there silently on Sunday mornings in our “whites (shorts and shirt) and ties” with our portable seating to an area that we called “The Green Cathedral.” The tall trees arched over the area that was a clearing and had a permanent stone altar and cross. The choir sat on fallen logs in the front. There, we would have church. The acoustics were very good despite being outside.  It’s still cold and misty on mornings in the mountains in the summer, but that never deterred us.   It did rain at times and we opted for the outdoor gym.   At SSPC, the space in front of one of our beautiful, giant magnolia trees on the Ashantilly side of the church has a canopy and provides lots of room for you to sit. Perhaps this is our “Green Sanctuary.” The choir will not have to sit on fallen logs, though. I’m sure that they are relieved to know that.   

The completion of our fifth octave of bells is well on its way with the purchase of another large bell - D3.   We are all so grateful to Ellen Kuehm and her sister Jane Kuehm Rolfes, daughters of the late Mary Lou Kuehm, who gave this bell and its case in memory of dear family friends and church members John and Jo Ann Eichner.  Bells that are needed to complete the fifth octave include C#3, D#3, E3, and F#3 and another case to house them.  Give either Suzanne or myself a call to purchase them in memory or honor of someone. For rehearsal, ringers are gathering (masked) in the social hall and ring from individual tables spread out in the room.  This Sunday, our Chancel Ringers under the direction of Suzanne Morrison will play two pieces that will comfort us at the start of the Lenten season.  Beside Still Waters by Howard F. Starks and Quiet Waters by Susan E. Geschke will be featured as Introit and Anthem. The hymn for Sunday is 12 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise.
The organ installation looks like it slows down at this point due to lots of electrical work as some of the pipes are installed with the controls to each one connected to the console by an ethernet cord. Don’t be fooled by that – a lot is going on behind the scenes.  It’s a fascinating process of wiring, allowing the wind to be produced to be blown through each pipe on demand by pressing the keys on the console. It is evident to anyone that has been to see the process that this is quality workmanship.   

The Island Concert Association’s February Festival is now coming to a close as of Tuesday, February 23.  I’m happy to report that this year’s programming was fully funded by our patrons, many of them from this congregation.  We go on faith each year that this will happen and are grateful that our goal has been met, allowing many more to enjoy the music that is provided.  The last concert is the Arkai Duo with Percussion. “ARKAI channels the diversity of the world through genre-bending music, forging new possibilities for what a violin and cello can be.  Graduates of the The Juilliard School, their past engagements have included performances at The MET Breuer, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School, and the 92nd Street Y. Their electronic debut composition, “Letters from COVID”, was recently featured at TEC@PMI for a global audience of over 30,000 people from 182 countries. ARKAI creates programs in pursuit of a world in which the arts are inseparable from community. Their newest initiative, SupportNYC, is designed to revitalize small businesses and organizations that have been adversely impacted by COVID-19 through fundraising performances across NYC. Beyond the proceeds raised through these events, SupportNYC amplifies the diverse stories of their partners, spreading hope and healing to communities through the power of the arts.”   

Don’t miss this exciting concert.  You didn’t miss anything from the series because all of the concerts will be online by next Tuesday and will stay online through March.   Thanks for supporting the arts at SSPC! 
Love & Gratitude,  
Island Concert Assoc.
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Sunday, February 21
8:30 am Live Stream Worship - Online
9:00 am Combined Sunday School - Zoom
9:00 am Britt Class - Online
10:30 am Outdoor Worship - Ashantilly Lawn at SSPRES
6:30 pm Youth Gathering - Location Varies

Monday, February 22
10:00 am Chancel Ensemble - Location Varies
3:00 pm  Congregational Life Meeting - Zoom

Tuesday, February 23
9:30 am Staff Meeting - Zoom
2:00 pm Ladies Bible Study - Veranda
7:00 pm Island Concert - Online

Wednesday, February 24
10:00am Men's Bible Study - Zoom
4:00pm Kids Crew - Veranda
5:00pm Waking Up White Book Study - Zoom
7:00 pm Chancel Ringers - Social Hall

Thursday, February 25
10:00am Grief Group - Upper Room

Friday, February 26
No activities Scheduled for This Day
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One way to offer our Christian love and care is by providing a warm meal to our family and friends in Christ during their time of need.

Members of our congregation who could use a meal this week include: Dick & Betty Egeland.

If you or someone you know could use some help with meals, don't hesitate to reach out! We're here for you. Contact Molly Macaulay for assistance: mmmpr@bellsouth.net 
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