October 15, 2020
Last month, our Community Mission Ministry Team launched a “Season of Service” with an outdoor cleanup day along the causeway. This season of loving our neighbor continues in October with an opportunity that all can participate in. Specifically, we are soliciting donations to support the food pantry at Sparrow’s Nest. This important ministry provides assistance to those neighbors in Glynn County who are experiencing emergency food and housing needs. A list of items that can be brought to worship or dropped off at the church is provided below. They are especially in of green beans and Chef Boyardee Ravioli right now. 

As you will see in this week’s newsletter, there are a number of worship, fellowship, and music opportunities coming up. For starters, be sure to mark your calendar for Zoom Trivia which is happening this Sunday. This is a fun way for members and friends of all ages to spend an hour together in a bit of friendly competition. Word on the street is that our youth have even been doing some special training ahead of time in hopes of reigning victorious this time – sign on this Sunday to see if you can beat them! I also hope you will join us next week for an Evening of Music with Ann and Bud. This casual outdoor concert will happen next Wednesday under the portico in the back parking lot and feature the musical gifts of church members Ann Nermoe and Bud Longley.

Finally, Sunday, October 25 will be a big day for our church. That morning at both our livestream and outdoor service, the children of St. Simons Presbyterian will help to lead us in worship as part of Children’s Sunday. Their theme this year is “Who Is My Neighbor?” The liturgy and worship leadership will build upon our ongoing beatitudes sermon series. Later that afternoon, you are invited to the online ordination service of our Parish Associate for Visitation and Congregational Care, Kate Buckley. This service was originally slated to happen in March but has been delayed ever since due to COVID. We hope you will join us via livestream for this joyous occasion as Kate is ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

See you Sunday. 

Rev. Alan Dyer
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October 11, 2020
Christian Education
Musical Notes

It was surreal as a small group from the choir filed out on to the lawn at Frederica Academy. Outdoor acoustics are always a challenge for singers, so staying together with the music while spread apart was an extra test for all of us. Alan said that perhaps we were the most affected by the pandemic.  All of us have experienced loss during the last 7 months, but musicians in general have taken a huge hit. Choir is about togetherness – blending our voices while hearing the nuances of loud and soft, subtle effects of tempo and word emphasis, the creation of tone color, and feeling the energy of one another while standing closely. These are all things that are necessary to create a beautiful, cohesive sound. We are one of the many “families” in the larger church family and we have really missed our fellowship. Weekly ZOOM meetings can’t ever really take the place of a great rehearsal or a choir party. We also feel the loss of leading worship week after week. Voices were getting a little rusty from lack of use.  Patience is a hallmark of music preparation because it takes much rehearsal, effort, and time to get a piece or a concert ready for performance especially when it involves lots of people. Although there have been many platforms invented to present music, we are longing patiently for the day that we can be together again as a whole. Thank you to those that contributed to our worship service last Sunday. This Sunday, we will offer “The Good Life” from Lightshine, the musical by Buryl Red that I mentioned in a previous newsletter. This song tells about what we have in terms of material goods and opportunities but that we still hunger and thirst for something more out of life. “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” – Matthew 5:6 The hymn selected for this Sunday is 757 Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples – (“This text placing stewardship in the context of faithful witness was written by [Kenn Carmichael] a retired Presbyterian minister to be part of the 1986 stewardship campaign titled “Called to Be Disciples.” The tune name KINGSFOLD recalls the Sussex village where the arranger first heard the melody.”) – from Glory to God hymnal, 2013 
Work stoppage for musicians has been happening all over the world to choruses and symphonies and concert series.  However, music is one of the things that people have been turning to for comfort during these difficult times.  My colleagues and friends around the world are presenting their work on social media and online using technology that they never considered appropriate to their art.  Any time that someone thinks of a new, creative way to present music it is very exciting. We will end up with more options in the long run and the ability to share more worldwide.  I am excited about a conversation that I had with Reggie Bahl, our Island Concert Association agent in New York. We are planning a “different” kind of season for our February Festival that is just in the talking stages at this point but has a real possibility of happening. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. I hope that you will support the Island Concert Association as we hope to continue to offer world class performances, just a little different.   
Look for the ad about An Evening with Ann Nermoe and Bud Longley on October 21 from 6:15 to 7:00 pm under the porte cochere in the back of the church (preschool entrance). Don’t miss it! Bring your own chair, mask, drink, snack, etc. to enjoy two of our entertaining choir members.   
Love & Gratitude,  
The Week Ahead
Sunday, October 18th
8:30 am Live Stream Worship - Online
9:00 am Combined Sunday School - Zoom
9:00 am Britt Class - Online
10:30 am Outdoor Worship - Frederica Academy 
6:30 pm Youth Gathering - 2208 Bruce Dr , SSI
6:30 pm Trivia Night - Zoom

Monday, October 19th
10:00 am Chancel Ensemble - Location Varies 
5:30 pm Diaconate Meeting - Zoom

Tuesday, October 20th
9:30 am Staff Meeting - Upper Room
4:30 pm  Session Meeting - Zoom

Wednesday, October 21st
10:00 am Men’s Bible Study - Zoom
4:00 pm KidZ Crew - Veranda
6:15 pm  Evening with Anne & Bud - Portico
7:00 pm Chancel Ringers - Social Hall

Thursday, October 22nd
10:00 am Ladies Bible Study - 218 Kings Way

Friday, October 23rd
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