September 10, 2020
This Sunday is a big one. For the first time in over six months, we will shift to a new Sunday schedule that includes both an opportunity for online and in-person worship outdoors. All the details are provided in this week’s newsletter. Be sure to also check out the brief video below that we put together so you can see exactly where we’ll be worshipping outside. And a very BIG thank you to Frederica Academy for so graciously making their event tent available for our use on Sundays. 

Regardless of whether you worship online or in-person, I also want you to know that this week marks the beginning of what we are calling A Season of Blessing. In our times, the word “blessing” or “blessed” is most often used to describe some achievement or comfort or high point in our day (e.g., that beautiful sunset photo from your high school buddy’s summer vacation on social media tagged #blessed). But throughout the scriptures we find that the word blessing is often turned on its head. Jesus in particular seems to take a much different tack than we are accustomed to. “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” he says. “Blessed are those who mourn… the meek… the hungry…” and on and on. 

And so the sermon series we begin this Sunday will invite us to adjust our own vision for how we understand blessing as followers of Jesus Christ. To help in that work, Kate Buckley (Parish Associate for Congregational Care and Visitation) has created a set of twenty-eight beautiful “blessing cards.” These cards will be available at the in-person worship this Sunday and/or for pickup from the church office anytime beginning next week. Our hope is that you will each take these cards home with you, read one each day, consider the name of the person in your life who you think needs that particular blessing, pray for that individual, perhaps write a brief note to them on the back, and then mail or give the blessing card to them. A big thank you to Kate Buckley, Teresa Lacks, and Ada Owens for helping bring what began as a simple idea into a beautiful reality!

Last but not least, the Officer Nominating Committee is hard at work discerning nominees to serve as elders, deacons, and trustee. Click here to learn more about the different officer roles and to submit name(s) of individuals you believe the nominating committee should consider in their discernment process.*

Enjoy your newsletter. See you Sunday. Bring a mask. Casual is fine. 

Rev. Alan Dyer

*Please remember that nominating an individual does not mean that they will automatically become a church officer. The officer nominating committee will include all submitted names in their discernment process as they go about selecting the final slate of nominees who will be presented for congregational approval.
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Meal Delivery

One way to offer our Christian love and care is by providing a warm meal to our family and friends in Christ during their time of need.

Members of our congregation who could use a meal this week include:

If you or someone you know could use some help with meals, don't hesitate to reach out! We're here for you. 
Contact Molly Macaulay for assistance: 
Sunday Worship
September 6, 2020
Christian Education
Musical Notes

Where there is a will, there is a way! This proverb dates back to the 1600’s and is as true as ever in the present age. The human race has found very creative ways to do the things that they really want to do. I am so glad that baseball season started with their foam-core poster fans. My mom is an avid Braves fan and plans to send in a picture of her huge cat, Sunshine, to be displayed. Choirs and singers are no strangers or exception to this creativity. My friends that work in a cabaret bar in New York City have been online for months sharing their talents. Some have tried the virtual choir. We are just family and need to be together. I’m sure that we all know how that feels because in many cases, families have been separated for six months. Since our worship plan for 10:30 am is changing to an outdoor setting, the choir can form small groups and sing for the services. Like the past six months, there will be all kinds of different musical offerings. Don’t ask me what - I’m going week by week right now as we transition into this different, but exciting time to be together yet physically distanced.

For this Sunday, six ladies from the choir will be joining me and Amy on the piano singing Laura Story’s “Blessings.” The Chancel Choir sang this last fall in the social hall. This is a three-part version arranged by Heather Sorenson.

We will be singing a hymn!! Yes, wear a breathable mask and quietly participate in this outdoor activity. 475 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing seems very appropriate to our sermon series.
In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells us that we are blessed through the Beatitudes. In this beloved hymn, we are asking for every blessing to come. Click here to read about the author of this hymn and his conversion.

“Prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love………”
Another piece of service music that we have not been singing is the Doxology – Praise God from whom all blessings flow! This should be a daily prayer and praise song. Prepare your hearts this week by singing this chorus of praise around the house and while stuck in traffic on the island!
Next week, tenors and basses from the choir will be singing. Stay tuned and safe!
Love & Gratitude,
The Week Ahead
Sunday, September 13th
8:30 am Live Stream Worship - Online
9:00 am Combined Sunday School - Zoom
9:00 am Britt Class - Online
10:30 am Outdoor Worship - Frederica Academy
6:30 pm Trivia Night - Zoom
6:30 pm Middle School Youth - 2208 Bruce Dr

Monday, September 14th
9:00 am Chancel Ensemble - location TBD
6:30 pm High School Youth - 509 Palm Harbor Rd

Tuesday, September 15th
9:30 am Staff Meeting - Upper Room

Wednesday, September 16th
10:00 am Men’s Bible Study - Zoom
4:00 pm  KidZ Crew - Veranda
5:00 pm Chancel Choir - Zoom

Thursday, September 17th
No Activities Scheduled for this Day

Friday, September 18th
No Activities Scheduled for this Day
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