One of the most important documents the school issues each year is its Annual Report. It is an opportunity for the principal to share with the public the institution's various accomplishments and successes as well as those of its student body.

The recap of the 2017-18 school year, the 165th in our school's history, gives insight as to why Saints Peter and Paul remains the school of choice for Naperville families seeking a Catholic education for their children.

The formula for success is pretty straightforward and has sustained our school's reputation for decades.

First, we have a talented and knowledgeable faculty that works tirelessly so each child can reach his or her full potential. Next, we have parents who understand the importance of a strong education and thus ensure their children have the necessary tools to succeed. The school, in turn, creates policies and procedures and offers the necessary resources to creates a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning.

Finally, there are the students themselves. "I can't say enough about our students," offered school principal, Karen Meskill. "They are very goal oriented, want to succeed, and by graduation have developed strong organizational skills that help them budget their time which enables them to be successful in the classroom and in extra-curricular pursuits."

In addition to remarks from our principal, the report also contains a letter from Advancement Board president, Mike Bracken. "Those who serve on the Advancement Board realize their mission is to provide the school with the short and long-term resources necessary to offer a quality Catholic education to the children of Naperville," he shared.

"Thus it was with great pride" Mike noted, "that our Advancement Board is pleased to have authorized, for the fifth consecutive year, nearly half a million dollars from endowment earnings to our current operational budget." This represents an annual cost savings of $1,800 for each family which is only possible because of the ongoing and tireless efforts of our current membership, and all who served before them, who built our endowments.

Lastly, the Annual Report is another opportunity to recognize our current school parents, former school families, alumni, grandparents, parishioners, and friends who generously support our mission.  "I am so grateful for the generosity shared with our school each year and the tremendous love and pride that people in the community exhibit about Saints Peter and Paul School," Mrs. Meskill concluded.

    Volume 6, No. 6
   November 20 , 2018


If you are age 70 ½, or older, it is time for you to take your minimum distribution requirement.  

Did you know you could transfer up to $100,000 from a traditional IRA, tax-free, to charity each year?

Have you remembered Saints Peter and Paul School in your will?

To date we have sixty-five members in our 21st Century Heritage Endowment Society. These are benefactors who have informed us they made a gift to Saints Peter and Paul School in their estate plans by way of a will, charitable remainder trust, gift annuity, life insurance policy, or other means.

By remembering our school this way, alumni, current or former parents, and friends are able to become perpetual partners with school.


When our school was founded in 1853....

....there was no such thing as Black Friday to kick off the Christmas shopping season.  Back then, most people did their shopping on December 23 or 24.