SSSG Notes December 12,  2019

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Hello all,

Please see the photo links to the Snowflake Concert below. generously taken by Gabriel Ting & David Mulholland:
Password: Snowflake2019
*Video links of the concert will be available in January.

Please note: that December 16 is the last week for private lessons & that private lessons commence again on January 6.

Have a great holiday & celebration!


Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant
Suzuki Early Childhood Education FREE Demo Classfree

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Grocery Cards as Holiday gifts or donations?cards
Grocery Cards as Holiday gifts or donations?
  • We have cards from Loblaws that will work at any Loblaws store. This includes No Frills, Zehrs, and Superstore to name a few
  • Cards are worth their exact value, i.e. if you buy one for $50, you now have $50 that you can spend at the store
  • The SSSG receives %5 of the cost of the card, and that money goes into our operating budget
  • You can buy cards (available in $25, $50, $100, and $250) with cash or cheques
  • You all paid a fundraising fee of $75 to the school, and you can offset that cost by purchasing cards-for every $100 card you buy you will be refunded $5, up to the full amount of your fundraising fee. The card sellers will record your purchases and the bookkeeper, Tracy Jewell, will refund you at the end of the year
  • If you pre-purchased cards, they are available from the card seller at the first group class of each month
  • You can buy cards on behalf of friends, coworkers, and family if you wish
  • Grocery cards will be available at all SSSG Group Class Saturdays
 Please let Janet know if you would like to order some holiday Grocery cards:
Guelph Musicfest fest
On Sunday December 15 at 2:30 pm, the FESTIVAL TRIO reunites for an encore performance of the Debussy Cello Sonata, Ravel's Violin Sonata no. 2 and the popular Dumky Trio by Dvorak. It's a live recorded concert for the trio's first CD. Violinist Sadie Fields returns from Brussels, and cellist Paul Pulford from New Brunswick, to join Ken Gee and record music from their sold-out Musicfest June! Come to the concert-you'll love the music plus help with the cost of the recording and travel. Ticket holders will get a free digital download of the concert when available!

For more information: 
To buy tickets online:

Upcoming Cambridge Symphony Orchestra concerts  Cam
 CSO: Announces that the Cambridge Youth Orchestra is also performing! Joy Schuster is the Concertmaster and conductor of the CYO! The GYMC Junior and Intermediate Orchestras should attend!!