SSSG Notes February 20, 2020

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Hello all,

Please know that there are Group classes this Saturday, February 22.  This Saturday is also the annual SSSG Music Fair.  If you have any used cd or book donations for this Fair kindly leave them by the folders at the GYMC by Saturday morning.  We also ask to limit your vehicles at the GYMC to allow for greater parking possibilities for the Music Fair guests.  Thank you.  
Please invite your friends with young children. Don't forget to mention the instrument petting zoo! Help us make everyone feel welcome.
This weekend you might run into our future cello teacher for Fall 2020. Carey Cheney is in Guelph this week, to give lessons to her future students. If you run into her in the hallway, please say hello and make her feel welcome! 
Safety at the GYMC : Parents should be aware that the GYMC and the surrounding park have getting the visit of people with mental health and addiction issues. For this reason, we ask parents to be vigilant and not leave children outside the building alone in the parking lot or the park. Also, please avoid sharing or saying the passcode to enter the building out loud outside or by the keypad. It is important that we keep the building safe for everyone.


Janet Johnson
Suzuki String School of Guelph
administrative assistant
SSSG Music Fair MF

Please invite your friends with young children to our Annual Music Fair! Be a Suzuki advocate, together we can change the world through music!
SSSG presents Friendship Across Borders bor

This weekend, the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra - Youth Orchestra is visiting us from Ithaca, NY. They will be rehearsing with Concorde members, socializing with our senior students and performing in a joint concert at E.L. Fox Auditorium at John F. Ross High School. It's going to be an electrifying concert. You don't want to miss this! Here is the link to buy tickets on Eventbrite: . 

Tickets will also be available at the door.

Spotlight on the GYMC! spot
In the next few weeks, we want to talk to you about our home, the Guelph Youth Music Centre. We will be publishing a series of articles and interviews about the centre. Here is the first instalment in this series:
The Centre for Youth Music 
By Daphne Hughes, founding artistic director of the Suzuki String School of Guelph
As you walk through the door of the GYMC for your weekly
lesson or group class it probably doesn't  seem at all special:  this is just where you see your teacher, where you share music with your friends, where you feel at home.  We all take it for granted and perhaps don't really think about the importance of this space, its influence on our musical experience, its impact on our lives.
      In the early days of Suzuki teaching in Guelph, lessons were held       in church basements - Dublin Street, St. James, and, later,                 Norfolk Street United and the Reorganized Church of the Latter         Day Saints and perhaps some others that I've forgotten.   We will       be forever grateful to the ministers and members of those                   churches for opening their doors and ears to our young                       musicians.  But what an incredible difference the GYMC has               made, allowing us to build a truly special community, nurtured by       love. Our teachers have access to clean, bright rooms where            they can be assured of uninterrupted time to focus on each                precious student. There are spacious rooms for group classes,          and a wonderful recital hall with excellent acoustics. We owe an        enormous debt of gratitude to the Suzuki parents who many years      ago spent hours searching the city for a suitable space, and then        quietly and efficiently and without fanfare helped to make it into a        place where love and music can flourish. They have indeed                changed the world for our Suzuki families and allowed us to build      a special community where our children and their parents can            share the challenges and the joys of music-making, where, as its        name implies, youth and music are indeed central.

If you would like to know more about the history of the Guelph Youth Music Centre click on this link: . Can you find Daphne Hughes on the picture on that page? Daphne and her husband Bill Hughes are on one of the portraits on the Wall of Fame at the GYMC. See if you can find them!