SSSG Notes June 4,  2020

In This Issue:
Bursary application deadline extended
Solo recitals applauded 
Rembember to upgrade Zoom 
Share your creative summer self! 
Enjoy free online events from around the world 

Dear SSSG families, 
It's hard to believe, but this is the last issue of Notes until the fall! That seems a long way off, but I'm sure it will be here before we know it.  
I have had so much fun writing these intro pieces. Since I was unable to meet with you in person, they were my way of letting you get to know me.  
Thank you to all of you who have reached out to touch base and let me know you were reading. It has made me feel connected and very welcome.  
I will try and take note of all the bizarrely amusing and interesting things that happen over the summer so I can fill you in when the newsletter resumes in September.  
In the meantime, we are all here working hard behind the scenes to keep up with the latest developments, and design ways to get back to teaching in the best, safest, most productive way possible.     
If you need anything at all over the break, don't hesitate to let me know. And have a wonderful, enjoyable and safe summer! 

Lynda Hester
Suzuki String School of Guelph
Sunday was the deadline for registrations. Did you miss it? Not to worry. Send it in as soon as you can.  
Normally, there would be a late fee attached. But, since these are far from normal times, we are waiving that fee this year.  
But that doesn't mean we don't need your information as soon as possible.   
We need to begin scheduling and we need all registrations in before we start. It's a complex process every year. But this year will be even more so, as we try and plan for different scenarios.  
So if you haven't registered, please do. If you have questions, just let me know let me know at  

Once again, we give our heartfelt gratitude to our donors whose generosity makes it possible for us to offer $10,000 a year in bursaries to assist students in financial need.
We are able to offer bursaries to new families, opening our doors every child who dreams of playing a string instrument.  
In addition to these funds, Martin & Dayna Weiler annually donate full tuition to two students, one junior and one senior student, through the Iris Tryon Memorial Fund.
Thank you all for your generosity. Your investment shows your commitment to Dr. Suzuki's vision for the future of all children. 
Applications for both the SSSG and Iris Tryon bursaries are usually required by the end of May.  
But, due to the exceptional circumstances this year, we have extended the deadline until June 30.  
Bursary assistance is dependent on the availability of bursary money and on the family's financial need and the level of commitment of the student.  
Applications for assistance are reviewed by a committee that is independent of the school.  
Donations to the Bursary Funds and projects in support of the fund are welcome. Of course, all contributions are tax-deductible.
The first three solo recitals were held on May 30 and were a hit!
Check out some photos of each recital on FB.
It was a undertaking for everyone to figure out how to do it virtually in such a short time.  
There were challenges for sure. But our performers really came through! Thank you to all of you for your patience and your flexibility.  
And thank you to all the audience members who joined and applauded with their jazz hands! It was inspiring to see everyone come together.  
And a special shout out to Ken for all his behind-the-scenes work and expertise.   
The next three recitals are this Saturday, June 6. Performers will get a link to send to friends and family.
If you would like to join the audience, just let me know and I will send you the link to attend.   
On May 30, Zoom is updated its GCM Encryption, and all clients will be required to upgrade before joining a meeting - or a recital!
Having to update at the last minute will use up valuable time. Please do this update as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 
Here is the link to the Zoom download. 
Notes may be on a summer break, but we still encourage you to share your creative efforts! 
Send your pics to 
Send your content for posting on FaceBook  
Visit us on Facebook . Like our page, and you will see our posts in your newsfeed.   
Submit a performance for YouTube 
Submit performances to be posted on the SSSG YouTube Channel.  
How to record your video: No need for fancy equipment! Just use your phone or your camera. Record at a lower resolution to ensure the file isn't too big: 1080p HD 30fps is a good video setting for this purpose.
How to submit your video:
  1. Fill out our submission form
  2. Upload your video to ourCOVID-19 Performance Dropbox
Organizations around the world are being wonderfully creative in offering new ways to enjoy all types of events online.
On Friday, the Royal Opera House will make the full production of the ballet The Cellist free for streaming.   

The Orchestre classique de Montréal and I Musici de Montréal have  
collaborated on a video performance of a duet by 
Charles-August de Bériot, performed by their two concertmasters.
T he Georgian Bay Symphony have adapted and moved the last two concerts of their season online.